Fairhope’s City Council started out, day one, as being obstructionist. They have stayed the course for over 3 years and the taxpayers have paid dearly.

The three new councilman aligned themselves with Council President Burrell, aka the negotiator, from day one.

The council votes as a block vote, 95% of the time.

Councilmen Brown has used his office for personal gain and has a complaint pending with the Alabama Attorney General.

Councilmen Robinson talks with his mouth full of marbles, teetering between truth and fiction.

Councilman Conyers is the nice guy who refuses to see anything clearly for fear of pissing someone off, even when the breath of corruption is in his face.

Read this article printed 11/11/16


Fairhope celebrated the election of the first woman Mayor of Fairhope with a fantastic swearing in ceremony. Hundreds attended and the atmosphere was positive. Mayor Wilson addressed the attendees and…


Council President Burrell has been Council President for over 7 years, and there lies the problem. The Council votes in opposition of the Mayor and staff regardless the issue.

The council represents a unit, CATALYST, and vote as a unit.

Burrell has been a horrible negotiator for the city, often causing problems that end up costing the city tax dollars or lawsuits.

The part time council approved themselves a raise, along with a FULL-FAMILY insurance package, valued at $17,000 a year.

Full time employees are not offered the same insurance.

The citizens pay the tab for council.

The council screwed up the Boutique Hotel so bad that they are paying $525,000 for less than 1000 sq feet of property, $5,250 dollars a SQUARE FOOT. Single tax will pay half.

That is like 15 million for an acre. What they are not telling you is that the owner of the property accused them of blackmail.

The owner, Mr Bowers, is fed up with the Council and their lies.

Fairhope City Council approves raises for elected officials, property purchase, boutique hotel - Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope City Council approves raises for elected officials, property purchase, boutique hotel - Lagniappe Mobile

Against Mayor Karin Willson’s request, the Fairhope City Council declined to table two contentious agenda items Monday night and voted to pass them instead. But neither vote was unanimous. For the first, a resolution to increase both the mayor’s and council’s salary for the next term, Wilson urged the council to wait until the city …


“I”, MARBLE MOUTH, “was told today from Mr. Bowers that he didn’t feel it was appropriate to hold up this purchase while he was forced to listen to the city discuss what was the best use of his property. And I don’t know any other way to say it than that.”

Jay Robinson’s quotes in the article sound just like a lawyer with his mouth full of marbles.

The Council is spinning their mistakes into fairy tails.

Mayor Wilson has, again, tried to get the attention of the citizens and explained:

“What the city has been doing, we buy property and we do nothing with it,” she said.

Other recent purchases have been 114 acres on the corner of County Roads 32 and 13 for future park facilities for $2.65 million; the Fairhope K-1 Center, an adjacent park and the Nix Center on Bayou Drive for $2.5 million; and the “Dyas Triangle” at the north entrance to the city as part as an $8.75 million legal settlement.

To me, that’s a cycle that can’t continue. I understand this is an important piece of property and has a lot of sentimental value, but have we ever used it for its highest purpose? Do we have a plan afterwards? Those are the things I like to think about … the whole picture.

You know that $2.65 Million they spent TWO weeks ago for property?

Guess what?

The great negotiator, Burrell, has declared the property “surplus and not needed for public or municipal use.”

$2.65 million for land that is now going to be leased for farmland at $9,000 thousand dollars a year. WTF

6. Ordinance – An Ordinance to declare that certain real property (105 Farmable Acres) of the City of Fairhope is temporarily designated surplus and not needed for public or municipal purposes in response to an offer to lease property yearly from January 1 through December 31 for one year with four one-year options.


Don’t forget how Burrell is controlling the Airport and refusing to allow the city title of the land that TAXPAYERS have paid for.


I have followed four Fairhope city councils and one thing I can tell you is with each new council several things became abundantly clear. The new members of the council are usually influenced by…


New Year Prediction: The City Council, Catalyst, and the status quo are now going to obstruct the use of the Triangle.

Get ready folks this is going to be so much BS you will need boots. Marble Mouth will be at his best.

They want to take municipal property, that taxpayers paid 8.75 million for, plus 3 million in attorney fees, and give control of the land to a third party.

Wake up Fairhope, Marble Mouth, the council and the great Negotiator, are costing taxpayers millions while ignoring infrastructure, sewers, and capital projects.

They have NO PLAN and they ALL need to be kicked out of office.