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City Judge’s Project Up For Final Approval

City Judge’s Project Up For Final Approval

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.


On Monday, October 28th the city council will hold a public hearing and begin considering final approval of the application submitted by owner Gayfer Village Partners for a three part planned unit development on 76 acres of mostly farm land on the northwest corner of Fairhope Avenue and Hwy 181 consisting of:

Unit 1: 16 commercial lots (B-2).
Unit 2: 232 multi-family apartment units (R-5). (pink on the diagram)
Unit 3: 77 lots single family residential (R-3). (green on the diagram)

The property is currently outside of city limits in the un-zoned county; it will be concurrently annexed into the city on approval … and city impact fees will be collected accordingly.

Exact site plans for phases one and two will still need the city council’s approval before construction could begin.

Developer for the project is listed as Tom Mitchell.


According to probate court records, Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker is the sole member of Gayfer Village Partners, Llc; his law/business partner Ray Hix is its organizer. Hix served on the city’s Airport Authority until last year.

They also own Hix Snedeker Companies, a nationwide commercial development business.

The property was previously owned by the Klump family, where an unpaved airfield by that name operated for many years.

(Usually, the city council will introduce an ordinance then let it “lay over” until its next meeting where the final vote will be taken.)

CATALYST, The Good ole Boys and the Fairhope City Council are all one in the same. In 2020 Fly Creek Apartments will open with 240 units and 77 more planed. On the same street, impacting the same intersection, is another proposed 45 condos. Old Battles Place will have 94 units and now THE “CORRIDOR OF CHAOS”. 232 Apartments, 77 single family houses and 16 commercial units.

That is a total of 566 apartments, 77 homes and 16 commercial units. Just these three projects.

Watch podcast #6 today on backstory podcast.

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Spanish Fort Oracle

As anyone can see municipal officials are responsible for the overgrowth and the residents don’t care. In the end we will have nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing this


Scary times.
Trailer park school will suffer.


Greed motivates.
People are scared to speak up.
And they reap the whirl wind.
Time to move. Don’t know where but Fairhope is heading downhill.
Mr. Ripp you have tried hard but to no avail.


566 apartments!! The shitty judge bought his appointment…by the corrupt catalyst council…the gravy flows thick in fhope (no hope).
Meanwhile kiss Fairhope hi school goodbye. Terrible


Jack Burrell’s Judge


Ripp everyone is cool with it.
Impact fees are being paid.
All is good.
Time for you to retire.


Jack fan. You are a jackass. I hope you, Jack, and catalist end up in hell. No amount of your phony Christian crap will save you.
Evl is evl and even your god has condemned yiou
Developers need to expand hell so there will be enough room for you hypocrites


Impact fees on this property will come no where near covering the infrastructure needs and schools.

Georgia Orwell

I thought that Fairhope impact fees did not go to infrastructure or schools. Don’t they all go to parkland (that then the City Council tries to give away for free?


Robert Brown goes to my church. He is a good man. Mr. Ripp have you no shame?


Robert Brown has you fooled. He is a money grabber and you are an ignorant asshole. Both of you will burn in Hell. Your false god will answer to the true God
You complacent heathen


You are asking the wrong person Robert is who used his office for personal gain.


Jackfan77, so what? Obviously your opinion isn’t worth two cents. Throw the church thing out there. That’s how we know you have no character whatsoever. Thanks for opening showing us you hypocrisy. It was sooooo easy to see!

Bishop Knight

So the city judge is a blood sucker as well?
What else will you tell us Ripp?

Ripp Reader

The next thing Ripp needs to tell us is that the Catalysts are scared that Ripp is informing the public about them and in response the Catalysts are trying to make Ripp look crazy and to intimidate him
But Ripp has demonstrated that he isn’t crazy nor will he be intimidated
The bullies – nor you, Bishop Knight -can’t scare Ripp


Blood Sucker is what you called him. I think he setting a bad example by being the City Judge and contributing to the rampant development, it is all about money money money, the hell with your Quality of life.

Frank Being Frank

Impact fees, future property tax and sales tax paid by future residents will be inadequate to cover needed expansion of water treatment facilities, infrastructure improvements, and additional law enforcement and other government employees. Most important will be future costs of maintenance of infrastructure. The belief by small cities across the country that population growth via new apartments, condos, and homes will increase city coffers is mistaken, because the future revenue will be inadequate to cover future costs.

Developers lie and steal

And the developers know this as well. They don’t care either. They will make their money and move to another place to ruin
In the meantime they will infiltrate government and churches to exploit the people in the name of “Service” and “Christian Conservative.”

Robin B. Goode

Baldwin County is by far the fastest growing county in Alabama. The thing is we lack a planning department.

And there you go.


There is a de facto planning department It consists of developers acting as politicians who approve their own apartments.

Anus Sphincter Burrell

I see what you did there


We are spreading the word about Catalyst throughout Baldwin County. We are “outing” the politicians who use, have used, or will use Catalyst, or whatever they will call themselves next election.

truth teller

maybe you all missed the part where Ripp is actually telling the truth and not making it up. so let me show it to you, and I am typing this real slow so you can understand it. ITS IN THE COUNTY WHERE IT IS UNZONED BE GRATEFUL THEY DID NOT WANT TO BUILD A BIG ASS DEPARTMENT STORE AS THEY COULD HAVE AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT AS IT IS UNZONED UNZONED UNZONED GET IT UNZONED

truth teller is a hypocrite

Hey truth teller – it is unzoned and remains unzoned so that the developers can put anything they want WHEN they want. A department store brings in traffic of shoppers – not hundreds of people packed in shoe boxes that will overwhelm schools, and utilities like apartments. But you don’t care, you already have your home picked out somewhere nice and could care less if you junk up this area at our cost. Hypocrites.
You must be one of those “farmers” owning “forest land” or “planting crops” so you can pay little tax and speculate in the land and sell it to a developer. But then again you may be a developer. The Corte family were farmers until the greedy brothers took over. Now they are developers and to hell with the rest of the community. I am sure their father would not be proud.
I typed this real slow so that you could understand it. You Catalysts think that just because you fool some of the people you can fool ALL of the people.

Anus Sphincter Burrell

Catalyst dick