The citizens of Fairhope must know that they are being sold out by developers, the city council and those with appointed positions, such as municipal judge. In the mist of the Fairhope budget process the CATALYST Council, Boone Burrell and Brown are proposing a 2.65 million dollar purchase, supported by a questionable appraisal, for recreation land that will not be used for years.

The purchase of the soccer fields was a corrupt from day one. The end result was Fairhope drained 5 accounts for the purchase, let it sit idle for years and then blew 5 plus million on a sub standard complex. They are now going to repeat the same reckless process all over again in the middle of the budget process. In four years the Catalyst Council has not approved one budget on a timely manner.

The council has had no public participation related to the recreation land purchase. Mr Cory Martin has pleaded for the council to listen to reason. His pleas have drawn dead silence. It is financially reckless of the council, and very suspicious, that they, the three B’s, are pushing so hard to close on the property.

Mr Martin is not alone, the council has ignored any advise from the Mayor or staff.

Mayor Wilson: “The purchase of 113 acres on 13/32 for future parkland will close in Nov. It will drain all capital improvement funds needed for urgent facility needs and prevent adding four ballparks to fill an immediate capacity need for up to ten years. No thought about re-purposing K-1 Center.

Council reduced revenue projections. We reworked with actual FY2019 revenue figures with very conservative estimates. Sales tax came in higher than projected.

Council questioned why City expenses higher. It is a combination of correcting expenses to appropriate departments, investing in a grossly understaffed PD and the cost of service in Public Works increasing.”

This is the same council that voted themselves full family insurance. The same council that tried to give away 105 acres, the Triangle, that cost taxpayers 13 million dollars as a result of a lost lawsuit. The same council that bought the k-1 center and has no money to spend on the project. This council is putting capital improvements, infrastructure and the sewer problems on the back burner while they purchase raw property that will sit idle for years.

Read the complete budget:

2020 Budget Waiting Approvial Fiscal Year 2020 (Archive)

Pay particular attention to the chart below.

Fairhope is being sold out to developers and those with the good ole boy connections. Follow the money. The Catalyst Council refuses to pay for a city administrator position for only one reason, to spite the Mayor, however their spite is costing us all.

On top of all the budget issues, Fairhope now has come to the crossroad of density. 566 apartments are coming, 300 to ? new homes, and commercial locations that will be key to draining downtown business.

Fairhope has been sold out.

Fairhope needs candidates, not related to Catalyst, for the 2020 municipal elections. The municipal judge and the city attorney need to be replaced. To do that you got to get rid of the absolute most corrupt city council ever to be elected to office in Fairhope.

One last point, the Fly Creek apartments will soon begin to offer apartments as the project is completed. Most apartments open when finished. Fly Creek Apartments is going to rent a building as it gets completed. Why? Because they want to disguise the traffic nightmare on Parker Road, another Corridor of Chaos.