The Slap

From the Oscars in LA to the Streets of Mobile, Alabama to beaches of Panama City and Miami, violence is on the rise. All the while Alabama Republicans all seem to be running against Joe Biden. The US House of Representatives passed the MORE ACT (removing marijuana from the Federal Schedule of Controlled Substances, but โ€”spoiler alert- we wont get it without some social justice woven in) but it is expected to be submarined in the Senate.

Some good reporting from the Lagniappe Mobile Newspaper. And the Ladd Peebles Stadium Shooter was captured this week in St. Augustine, Florida bringing the amount of Justice Done at this point to ZERO.

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4 Comments on "The Slap"

  1. Trump is still in charge.
    Look uo devolution.

    • I googled it. You’ll find the fantasy he’s talking about much faster if you add “qanon” to your search.

  2. So why is Pompeo still meeting heads of state on Americans behalf?
    Why is Biden not living in White House?
    Always talking on a green screen.

    GROOMER!! You and Harri.
    Sick pedo people.

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