The (Law Enforcement) Narrative

With the death of a beloved member of the Bay Minette Community shot dead after a 10am traffic stop one month ago, the people of this small southern town in Alabama have created the Bay Minette Justice League. Scott Johnson’s article in the Lagniappe Newspaper is all about the narrative fed to the press by the Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit, a fiction of Sheriff Huey Mack’s imagination that has a long history of cover-ups and disinformation.

What do: 1) Uvalde Texas 2) the death of Jonathan Victor along I-10, 3) Robert Yates losing his life over an eviction at Key Largo Villas mobile home park south of Fairhope 4) North Baldwin County and the death of Peyton Little (19) who was a confidential drug informant for the Baldwin County Drug Task Force (a detail never disclosed to the BCSO Deputy investigating his death) 5) the death of five people in a wrong way pursuit on I-10 6) the malicious prosecution of Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine, and 7) the conviction of Forest Bullin of the attempted murder of Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Walker all have in common? Watch and find out.

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  1. Hoss is Catalyst | September 20, 2022 at 10:55 pm |

    Hoss Mack is the most single powerful politician in Baldwin County, Ripp
    Do you really want to take him on?
    Can you say โ€œshoot off my foot?โ€

  2. Hoss is a fraud.
    A short, fat, bald one.

  3. Iโ€™m only familiar (very familiar that is) about the Steve Nodine subject matter, therefore Iโ€™ll limit my post to only that subject. Steve Nodine deserves everything he got just simply the way he treated other people each and every day. He was a menace and acted in horrible ways which included breaking the law along with constantly acting out with what he thought was his POWER over individuals each and everyday. I can assure you that he got off lightly compared to the crimes he committed while bullying each and every person he could on a daily basis. Rotten to the core! Upset people everyday he was breathing. Now you go ahead and post about how YOU think he was mistreated but I can assure you that he should never be allowed in a public position for his remaining days on this earth and should never have a position in any company where he has any authority whatsoever. This is not just my opinion but the true opinion of many others. One day Iโ€™ll just have to share about the way we all feel after being treated like crap by no other than โ€œSteven Nodineโ€! Did not proof this. It was all I could do to get it down without puking.

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