The last session of the Alabama Legislature took tiny steps when it comes to accomplishing any real serious issues plaguing the state. Prisons, health care’ medicaid” and the gambling bill all wound up in the trash can. A plus was a bill that allowed alcohol to be delivered to your home, that was a top priority. Medical Marijuana gained some traction. It should be noted that Mexico and Canada have legalized recreation use.


Alabama needs a psychiatrist and a financial advisor. The lives lost, hospitals closed and billions of dollars, left on the table, is the result of despicable political motives of several Alabama Republican Governors. EXPAND MEDICAID, sounds simple, practical and in the best interest of all Alabama citizens. Only one obstacle Medicaid is part of the Affordable Care Act. Let’s go back to Love Gov. Bentley in 2015 when he left 3 BILLION DOLLARS, on the table and threw heath care, under the table.