All of us have read news articles that have driven us up the wall, but this article and story is insane and most likely a perfect example of someone with power who wants his own way. What the Ripp Report calls political corruption. That someone, is stepping on the feet of county commissioners and the Zoning department. The County Commissioners are now going to have to take a stand in a situation that should never have reached the controversy it has.


Everyone in Baldwin County should be aware of CATALYST. They are a powerful, mostly secret, political group that represent the Status Quo, the good ole boys. Good ole boys exist in many places however in Baldwin County they have been bold enough to adopt the title of CATALYST. In 2018, mid-term elections, CATALYST almost pulled off the perfect political coup. CATALYST ran candidates for almost every Baldwin County race. If it had not been for several social media sources and Lagniappe informing the public what was going on, CATALYST would have had control of Baldwin County Government.


Baldwin County is the piggy-Bank for Goat Hill supported by the same elected officials, we elected, to represent us. The Tax Man Chris Elliott, as a county commissioner, taxed the citizens of Baldwin County without any vote of his constituents. Mr Elliott then raided the 1% school tax to the tune of 200,000 dollars a year, for the county. He is living up to his reputation as the Tax Man by supporting the gas tax, again without any vote by the public.


Fairhope City Council has been pedaling backwards their whole term. They now have a chance to pedal forward, putting Fairhope on the map, when it comes to the city supporting education. PEDALING BACKWARDS PEDALING BACKWARDS The Fairhope City Council is in full re-election mode, for 2020, and are trying desperately to accomplish anything they can claim for a victory. So far, going on three years, they have yet to produce…