107,883,016 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 2,370,735 deaths; with 27,393,896 in the USA with 475,459 deaths; 477,570 cases in Alabama with 9,021 deaths; 1 M vaccine doses delivered, 550,000 administered. The Senate concluded arguments in the Impeachment of Former-President Donald John Trump today, for the second time. Brandenburg vs Ohio was the case on point and was mostly ignored- defining a 3 prong test for when speech is not protected.


The citizens of Baldwin County have 14 municipalities, with police departments and a sheriff’s department. For the most part they do a very good job of protecting the citizens of Baldwin County. One disturbing trend among the police and sheriff’s department is the acquisition of military weapons and the lack of any acquisition of non-lethal weapons. In the small and mostly rural community of Bay Minette the police chief, in a newsletter, outlined the latest grant and equipment purchases for the police department.


All of us have read news articles that have driven us up the wall, but this article and story is insane and most likely a perfect example of someone with power who wants his own way. What the Ripp Report calls political corruption. That someone, is stepping on the feet of county commissioners and the Zoning department. The County Commissioners are now going to have to take a stand in a situation that should never have reached the controversy it has.