The last session of the Alabama Legislature took tiny steps when it comes to accomplishing any real serious issues plaguing the state. Prisons, health care’ medicaid” and the gambling bill all wound up in the trash can. A plus was a bill that allowed alcohol to be delivered to your home, that was a top priority. Medical Marijuana gained some traction. It should be noted that Mexico and Canada have legalized recreation use.


Alabama needs a psychiatrist and a financial advisor. The lives lost, hospitals closed and billions of dollars, left on the table, is the result of despicable political motives of several Alabama Republican Governors. EXPAND MEDICAID, sounds simple, practical and in the best interest of all Alabama citizens. Only one obstacle Medicaid is part of the Affordable Care Act. Let’s go back to Love Gov. Bentley in 2015 when he left 3 BILLION DOLLARS, on the table and threw heath care, under the table.


Why is Alabama so corrupt? Because all the Alabama government agencies or elected officials refuse to do their jobs. Alabama has all the mechanisms to expose corruption and jails for those convicted. In Alabama we have Alabama Corruption Insurance. It is available to all elected officials. From Sheriff Dept. to City Council, Judges, Mayors, Circuit and District Courts. The Insurance is free and provided by the same parties that are suppose to protect it’s constituents, citizens of the State.


You’re stuck inside. How about doing a little reading? It may educate you on why Alabama is number one, in corruption and religion, in the United States. That combination labels us as hypocrites. You see religion is the tool of crooked politicians and they use the church to lure you into false narratives for their personal gain. My father told me once that if a politician tells you he is a christian and he wants to be your friend, run like hell.


In today’s National news, Alabama is capturing the headlines. First are the conditions of the Alabama Prison System. Alabama prison horrors show need for federal interventions to safeguard inmates Alabama prison horrors show need for federal interventions to safeguard inmates When local officials fail to protect constitutional rights, the federal government must. Barr needs to return to consent decrees Sessions avoided. Source: Second is Alabama’s National ranking in Education with the sad but not surprising results: DEAD LAST.


Alabama is the most political corrupt state in the United States. Why? because it is so easy for lobbyist to buy the needed politicians to keep it corrupt. Alabama is going to be the laughing stock of all the other states that have lotto’s. It is going to cost us billions, but what the hell Alabama is famous for turning down Billions. Medicaid expansion and Bentley’s $3 billion blunder - al.


When it comes to dirty hands, Baldwin County cannot be beat. Our new State Senator the TAX MAN, Elliott, hands are as dirty as they can get. The lottery and taxes Elliott supports does nothing for education. The “Education” Lottery has been dissolved into a lottery to pay past debts of the State, as far back as 2013. Be sure to read the comments for the article below. WHAT EDUCATION LOTTERY?