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Political campaigns are always dirty, however when the politician uses veterans or schools as a political tool, he reaches the bottom of the political barrel. Chris Elliott has pulled Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler into the Barrel. It is interesting that Jonathan Gray works for both. How can a school board consultant be drawing a pay check from the school system while he is lining his pockets with Elliott Campaign money?

Speaking of money, how about the Business Council of Alabama, has contributed 35,000 to Elliott, wonder how much Johnathan gets? Now we hear the BCA has collapsed, the mules of backroom politics. They picked Elliott as their Baldwin County mule, that should convince you who Elliott is indebted to.

How the Business Council of Alabama collapsed

How the Business Council of Alabama collapsed

It’s more than a fat cat spat.


Elliott is manipulating the schools and riding the mule Tyler, but he is not fooling everyone.

Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool?

Elliott is the epitome of the hypocritical politician that uses religion, guns, veterans and schools as his highway to office.



By now you have seen the slick ads of Elliott and Tucker. However, when you read them you do not recognize any similarity between the written fluff and the candidates. These guys are dumping tens of…


Chris Elliott is a political animal whose VALUES are rooted with Catalyst, the worst of the worst.


Elliott forced the penny tax down the throat of Baldwin County, without any one voting on it.

In Baldwin County, school tax issues remain hot politics

In Baldwin County, school tax issues remain hot politics

Four of the nine Republican candidates running for the Baldwin County Commission believe that future renewals of the penny sales tax ought to go before the voters for consideration. The commission, in January 2017, approved a deal that extended the tax to help pay for a much-needed school construction program.


Baldwin County School Superintendent Eddie Tyler says that revisiting the penny sales tax seems like a “waste of political oxygen.” But four candidates running for the Baldwin County Commission this year believe that it’s worth discussing, and that the public should get to vote for future extensions of the sales tax increase.

Translated that means screw you. Or how about Tyler and Elliott’s mule Johnathan Gray,

“The action taken by the county commission is final,” said political strategist Jonathan Gray, who has done work with the Baldwin County School System. “They have made permanent an extension of the penny tax for the Baldwin County School System. This requires no approval from the School Board or the Legislature.” Screw you again!

Eddie Tyler is working hard on being fired. First of all citizens should have the right to vote on these taxes. Second the School Superintendent should not be contributing money or endorsing candidates for his own political agenda.

This is a recent post on Face book that is consistent with many others posts on many different social media sites. Tyler better wake up and stop using the Schools and Teachers for his political agenda or he join the last superintendent in the hall of shame.

“The fact that they are Catalyst and not the People’s Choice is enough. If Tyler continues to work for Catalyst then his “Empire” known as the Baldwin County School System will continue to split off. Gulf Shores today, Daphne tomorrow, Fairhope the next day, and then all you will have left is Robertsdale, Bay Minette, Spanish Fort, and Foley. Already you are having home-schoolers nibble away at the current enrollment.

Dear Tyler, when are you going to get a clue that you are in with the wrong folks? Go ahead and keep hiring administrators to do your work, keep smothering the classroom teachers to the point of making them not caring anymore, and keep piling on 12 month employees to further kill the morale of the classroom teachers and your empire will continue to rot.
How is that for your so-called “Waste of ‘Political Oxygen’?”

Teachers please realize that David Northcutt is more trustworthy and he is the better candidate . Elliott has a lot of baggage to only have served three years and his priorities are his priorities.


It is sad that these candidates cannot feel safe enough to endorse David Northcutt, but the truth of the matter is that if Elliott was to win and they endorsed Northcutt, Elliott would retaliate against Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. You can rest assure Mr Tyler would follow suit.




If you cast your primary vote in the Democratic primary, you can only vote in the Democratic primary run-offs. The same is true if you voted in the Republican primary. You can only vote in the Republican run-offs. You cannot cross over and vote in the opposite primary run-off.

Races in Alabama’s July 17 primary run-off elections

Races in Alabama’s July 17 primary run-off elections

Alabamians headed to the polls on June 5 to fill out their choices in the state’s primaries. But some of those races aren’t a done deal. They’ll need citizens to head back to the ballot box on July 17


Read the latest 🎉 Terrific Tuesday 🎉!

15 Comments on "SNAKES IN THE SCHOOLS"

  1. Pontius Pilates | June 21, 2018 at 10:59 pm |

    Disgusting. Baldwin County is sliding downhill.

  2. This Ripp Report (Thursday Thunder June 21st) has got to be one of the best ones with the hammer hitting the nail square on the head of the nail with each and every swing!!!! I can share with you a few things that I know for a fact. DUI Chis Elliott is a drunk and a liar. You know how you can tell? Anytime you see his lips moving, he’s drinking or lying or both. Sorryass Baldwin County School Superintendent Eddie Tyler is about the same less the drinking to a point. Rob Stankoski, is such a dishonest and foolish attorney (by the way, might have a few himself, wink, wink) was certainly a perfect match when DUI Chris Elliott hired him in the first place. If Stankoski was on fire, I think most people that really know him would poor gasoline on him. This entire blog and the Lagniappe article by Rob Holbert both need to be published again so people will see just how crooked DUI Chris Elliott is and that Attorney Rob Stankoski, who by the way, represents a long list of croooked clients. All these people do not know how to tell the truth. One of many last things, Elliott and Dorsey both have to GO!!!!! Eddie Tyler, it will only take a few of us to have you replace. You might??? have enough sense to end your bullcrap you have been shoving up the butts of the principles and teachers in Baldwin County. With or without DUI Chris Elliott, we can get another School Superintendent and I can tell you that you could have a dozen Attorneys like Rob Stankoskis and it wouldn’t make one darn bit of difference. Get busy living right or living in another County.

    • For those of us who do not know….what has Tyler been shoving up the butt of teachers and principals?

      • Eddie Tyler has been engaged with the Catalyst and shoving promises that he can’t up the butts of principles and school teachers and promoting that DUI Chris Elliott as the right man for the job. News flash, keep it up Eddie Tyler, The Good Citizens of Baldwin County can get anybody in the Country to run this school system. I’d start respecting the parents a little more than you have been lately. When you a the School Superintendent starts telling all of us that we need to vote for a liar and a drunk such a Chris Elliott. You are skating on thin ice.

    • Hemiwolfgang7 | June 24, 2018 at 5:36 am |

      Stankoski is the guy that used to post the false Fairhope vote totals on the glass of the civic center for Kant’s father in law. He is a pawn.

      • Legal System | June 28, 2018 at 3:59 pm |

        Rob Stankoski is dogshit. Don’t have to get near him to smell how crooked he is! He will lie to his clients while lying to the Judge at the same time.

  3. Nobody cares about learnin in baldwin county. They elected jeb ball.

  4. dankor bean | June 22, 2018 at 6:07 am |

    Chris Elliott is a pawn of the machine. He will roll over his sister to get to his mother.
    God help Baldwin County from Catalyst.

  5. Anonymous | June 22, 2018 at 8:32 am |

    With all the money being thrown at Elliot and his campaign, I wonder if the voters will see through it. Elliott has made many powerful friends and has many beholding to him in the political connections he has built. I hope I am wrong but too many people have moved into Baldwin County, bought houses, and are paying big mortgages to his real estate buddies.
    Just look at the last primary election results. The number of the undervotes show that too many people don’t know and don’t care.
    I hope the runoffs on July 17 prove me wrong.

  6. Krazy Karen hater | June 22, 2018 at 9:16 am |

    Do you really believe what you are spewing. School safety is a big issue right now. This move allows us to have a certified sworn officer with a gun in each school instead of teachers with guns. Yes this may help with optics, But I would rather have this than doing nothing at all because of people worrying about how it might look to Paul Ripp and his acolytes

    • Pontius Pilates | June 23, 2018 at 5:26 am |

      Catalyst (the machine) is in bed with the School Board. This is BAD.
      We know Catalyst is corrupt and self-serving.
      This is why we have trailers for classrooms in Baldwin County.
      Eddie Tyler is stealing the money for Elliott and Catalyst.
      Prove me wrong. Eddie Tyler is with catalyst for a reason!!! and it ain’t good.

    • Angry Interpreter | June 24, 2018 at 11:58 am |

      Elliot is using this platform to sway people like you. Mayor Wilson threw her safety plan in first for the Fairhope Schools before Elliot or anyone made it a platform. He only came into the plan when he started campaigning- and he’s still not doing much if anything. He is a fake liar and the people who truly know what’s going on understands this.

  7. Incumbents: do something amazing right before re-election

    Citizens: fall for it every time

  8. People need to wake up and read all these articles including the Lagniappe article proving just how much Chris Elliott is a scammer and liar and also everything points towards Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler supporting and allowing Chris Elliott to shove a lot of bull crap up our principals and teachers rear ends. Eddie Tyler could easily find himself in a totally different State working let alone another County in Alabama. I don’t think Eddie Tuler knows that it doesn’t take an entire election to have him fired. It only takes a few of us to accomplish that. DUI Chris Elliott and Tucker Dorsey have got to go! Tyler, with or without Elliott, you can be replaced.

  9. Aimee Morris | June 23, 2018 at 5:28 am |

    So 3,000 people who voted “didn’t turn the ballot over.”
    This is such a lie. How stupid is everyone?
    My God this is scary as sh*t.

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