Fairhope’s Triangle, is Fairhope’s most valuable land asset. This vacant piece of land has been the focus of litigation, on and off for over 25 years. Ultimately, Fairhope purchased the land as part of the legal settlement, for 11.25 Million which included the legal fees of approximately 3 million. Estimated land value today would be between 18 and 20 million.

The Restore Act Money, from BP, started a stampede of political entities, State, County and Municipal, to go for all the money they could grab.

Fairhope’s Mayor Kant and Council shot for the moon with a 49 million dollar request. Their plan included private property and the Fly Creek area. Kant’s pie in the sky was frowned on by other municipalities as too expensive, excessive and not complying with the intent of the funds, it was never seriously considered.

This is what the end result was for Fairhope.

From the desk of Mayor Karin Wilson, she explains how a comprehensive Land use Plan has been approved and funded. The key words are “Public-Driven vision.” Vision & Planning: $650,000 Fairhope Area Community-based Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Fairhope Council President Jack Burrell and Mr Kevin Boone want to have the Triangle property put into a conservation easement or “park” asap. The City Council should not have that authority. It should be the decision of the citizens, Public-Driven Vision, and the end result of the Comprehensive Plan should play a part in that decision.

Mr. Burrell and Mr Boone are advocating the policy of the past and that is to not develop the Triangle. The owners were denied the right to develop it for over 25 years, and we, the taxpayers, paid millions in attorney fees only to wind up having to buy the property. WHY now? after funding for a $650,000 Comprehensive Plan has been approved, are Mr Burrell and Boone pushing to eliminate Fairhope’s most valuable land asset from the Comprehensive Plan? They are supporting the policies of the past administrations, which resulted in millions lost in legal fees, The Mayor’s position is clear, she feels it is a decision of the people which can be achieved through the Comprehensive plan and moving forward not backwards.