“HARD FACTS” Baldwin County Commissioner, Tucker Dorsey, along with fellow Mobile Area Boy Scout Board of Directors, has released that the Local Council again lost almost $200,000 for 2015. Making the average yearly loss since 2008— and for the past 9 years, of over $200,000 each year — along with even having one year topping the $311,000 mark.

When asked about the loss, Baldwin County Commission and Executive Board Member, could not give a reason other than stating it is even hard for him to understand how the Mobile Area Council could lose so much money every year (average of over $200,000) for that length (9 years in a row) without someone doing anything at all about it.

Board President Phil Webb stated that its the parents of today’s Scouts who are not doing their fair share and are the ones to blame for the shortfall that we have been experiencing over the past 8-10 years. Long time friend and Eagle Scout of the Mobile Area Council — who has helped with many fund raising projects since 1988, said its a crime to try and blame anyone else besides the Board of Directors for what Finch calls one of the most tragic criminal minded things he has ever seen happen in the city of Mobile.

Finch who has been the TV host of Gary Finch Outdoors for the past 28 years says that the money mismanagement, in his opinion, has been illegal and unethical — along with very shady things going on between some board members, spouses and executive director, Michael Hartigan, who took over the position back in Jan of 2009. Finch says you cannot allow any type of business to lose an average of $200,000 for really ANY period of time and stay in operation. Case in point. The Mobile Area Boy Scout Council had to sell a third of its Camp Maubila that has been owned for over 50 years and is located just above Jackson, Al — just to make it through 2015.

Other plans of possible selling more land in the future have already been discussed. Finch also stated that its very sad and also very dangerous. The land that is being sold off the main parcel is being used for hunting camps and leases. Mostly for deer hunters with high powered rifles hunt who hunt and practice their shooting skills with scouts in range — while these weapons are being used. We are going to have to dress them in all hunters’ orange clothing so they hopefully won’t get shot. Deer hunters in that area are also known to hunt coyotes during the summer months and there is always a chance of someone poaching at night and accidentally mistaking a scout for a deer and end the scout’s life. Poachers are everywhere and they cannot be controlled whatsoever.

The worst fact about the Mobile Area Boy Scout Council is that it was established in 1919 and everything that has been donated — from land, cars, boats, money, popcorn sales, etc, have all been depleted, lost or for a better fitting word — stolen. Most of that has taken place since the hiring and arrival of Michael Hartigan, who has been the Executive Director of the Mobile Council since January 2009. He has been paid an average salary and benefits of over $12,000 a month — over a million dollars since he was hired and has been responsible for losing close to a million and a half dollars — just since the beginning of 2009.

Its sad to think that the true and real Americans of Mobile and Baldwin county would allow this to happen even for 1 (one) year! The board should be ashamed of themselves. But after a six month investigation that started back in November 2015 proved that about one out of four board members had broken the law or lied or mismanaged funds during their time or term while serving on the board. Most of the one out of four who did lie or break the law are still sitting on the board.

Let’s not forget about Board President Phil Webb, who has broken state and federal laws while being the board president— according to the IRS. He has been the board president for the years 2014 and 2015 and yes you guessed it? He is board president for 2016 and maybe longer.

He also had a personal friend of his handle the Camp Maubila Land sale — cut just about every piece of timber he could cut off OUR LAND — mismanaged hundreds of thousands of dollars while supposedly being a professional personal finance planner. He will certainly go down in history as the worst Mobile Area Boy Scout board president since 1919 when the council was formed. If that’s what he and the board members want to be remembered for, then I guess the real fundraisers and volunteers like you and me will just keep looking on and letting it happen.

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