Tomorrow a very few people in Baldwin County will vote in the primary election. Everyone is encouraged to vote. In the primary all party affiliations can vote. So don’t use the excuse that you are Independent or Democrat. VOTE.

Baldwin County has a history of a good ole boy mentality, which is “We were here first, you are not from here and we maintain control”. Corruption in Baldwin County’s Judiciary and 14 municipal governments is so common that the citizenry just shrugs it off. It is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Catalyst, aka Scott Boone Consulting, is the talking head for Catalyst. He is not the director, he is the front man for all the good ole boy “Christians” that hide in the shadows. A conflict of interest, is not in their vocabulary. Inside contracts, fixed bids, fraud lawsuits, fixed elections and judicial shenanigans have been the subject of countless news articles, for years.

Complaints are ignored or dismissed by the Ethics Commission. The Judiciary and Attorney General will refer you to the Ethics Commission. Get the picture?

The Ethics Commission is also corrupt:


A vote for Fidler is a vote for CATALYST. The Best choice is keeping Joe Faust.

In County Commission District two, you have three choices, Steve Carey, the Catalyst candidate, who is supported by Tucker Dorsey. This would be the worst choice.

The second candidate, Johnathan Armstrong, would be welcomed by Catalyst. Johnathan is the perfect example of elected officials ignoring any conflict of interest. He is at home with getting two checks from the county each month, plus benefits. Johnathan if elected, along with, Commissioner and business associate, Jeb Ball could form an alliance and block Vote on any issue. The Block VOTE would be counter-productive to citizens interests and quality of life in Baldwin County.

Matt McKenzie is the candidate that has no baggage, is not Catalyst, and will work full time, receiving only one check.