Stay tuned folks for some interesting stores that are in the works involving our corrupt Baldwin County family court system. We will share with you how Baldwin County Commissioners and their connections to local Mayors impact YOUR quality of life.

Why do you know who has changed their Name? Wait till you hear this one.

The sheer number of tips to the Rippster is a reflection of the disgust by the general public of its elected officials. Please keep them coming. Fairhope employees, thank you especially. Please keep the information coming and understand voting out Kant will improve your jobs. Live in Baldwin County? Know of corruption? Please message us.

How did Mayor Kant become Mayor? He was SELECTED by Fairhope’s former Mayor, Jim Nix, who was forced out of office for alleged criminal activity. Mayor Nix faced the threat of criminal prosecution if he did not step down from office. He SELECTED Tim Kant to replace him. Mr. Nix needed someone he could control and would take orders; he picked the right person.

Kant was hired in 1983 as the city’s first horticulturist and became Mayor in 2000. Mayor Kant is a paid Mayor and a pad utility director, double dipping on our taxes. Ironically, one of former Mayor Nix’s “problems” stemmed from him holding both job titles.

At this point, you should see red flags. Mayor Kant has served four terms and each time out infrastructure suffered. Corruption has become the norm. Mayor Kant still has to follow the directions of Nix. Further, Arthor Corte is a Jim Nix fan, a quintessential “good ole boy.” He is a real good mule.

Fairhope City Sketches, a city publication whose editor, Sherry Sullivan, aka SELECTED “Mayor in Training,” is a propaganda vehicle of the Mayor. A have been told more of these pamplets are thrown away than are read, and that its a waste of tax dollars. The publication basically is a glossy lie to perpetuate a corrupt regime.

Mayor Kant says he wants a performing arts center. What he does not tell you is our former Mayor is responsible for one NOT being built. A performing Arts Center was proposed by the Dyas family in the Triangle. However, Nix and Corte said no. Kant says he does not want Highway 98 to become an airport boulevard. But, he says he does want 250 apartments to dump 1500 cars into the most dangerous intersection in Fairhope, Parker road and 98.

Kant and “crying Diana Brewer” say the soccer field will be “state of the art.” I am not against any sport, I worked all my life in tourism and sports, but the soccer field is going to have a price tag between 5 and 6 million dollars, for one sport. From the dubious purchase of the land from Mike Ford’s realty company, to sketchy contractors associated with the “good ole boys.’ This deal stinks to high heaven and should be audited by an independent accounting firm. The city is now begging for money to finish the project which is already 8 months behind schedule:

The maintenance of the massive property is straining city resources and will require more employees. Water is also a problem and the bathrooms and infrastructure have yet to break ground. The Mayor and Fairhope City Sketches are lying through their teeth.

What follows is a tip from a supporter of the Ripp Report.

I just checked the travel expense reports you posted on FB & by golly it is one of the city-sponsored trips Sherry was returning home from April 21st. Why she needed to be a conference involving horticulture is beyond me… Or a conference involving Electric Cities… which is where she went in April. Does she claim to be a certified electrician now too? Seems that might be a more appropriate travel expense for the head of the Electric Dept”. Sounds like a Mayor in Training to me. Another tip said the Mayor was bragging about a convenience store to be built at the roundabout on Fairhope Avenue and Highway 13. Let’s hope that’s not true.


This may be the worst Municipal lease ever written. This was a Mayor Kant deal, he decided who got the lease. It was not offered for public bid. This lease is for an established business on a multimillion dollar pier with city services and guaranteed customers, parking and amenities, which included a Marina, for $5000 a year???? That’s about $400 a MONTH. This Councilmen Boone’s resolution and one sweet deal that will cost every tax payer in Fairhope. Mr. Boone should be voted out of office and never allowed to approve any Municipal leases. Look at the lease terms: 15 years and rent that is about half the rent of a 1 bedroom apartment. TOTALLY CORRUPT.

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Karin Wilson for Mayor

Fairhope will select the Mayor by ELECTION NOT SELECTION