The current Fauxhope city council is not listening to anyone. A select few are making, and have been making, crucial decisions without any public participation. Sure you can go to the council meeting but your comments will fall on deaf ears.

The waterfront project was further along 18 months ago than now. The design changes and time delays have taken a substantial amount of money from the project. The Mayor has announced it may be another year before bids are accepted.

The end result is going to leave people wondering where the 6 million went. A select few people living near the park do not want to see any increase in pedestrian and tourist traffic. They are responsible for creating much confusion about the “famous bluff”. It is plain to see that the lower parks were developed by cutting the bank back. History books support the claim that the bank was used for fill.

Some people railed that the bank, was a famous bluff, and would be destroyed by building an ADA compliant walkway. The original plan, over 18 months ago, called for, the kudzu covered bank to be cleaned up and provide a walkway that would switchback to the bottom park. This would be ADA compliant and a simple solution.

Instead the council spent one year trying to avoid ADA compliance. They recently were informed that the city had to provide an ADA compliant path from the top park to the bottom park.

The council has now come up with a “plan”, to use an open car on rails to transport handicapped people down the grade instead of a walkway. Why not a slip and slide? What about liability, maintenance, weather and the employees to operate it? This will prove to be another financial and logistic mistake. The open car concept is the brainchild of someone in lala land.