Divorce corp. has many videos related to divorce, custody, visitation and money. Baldwin County fits perfectly into the picture portrayed by Divorce Corp.

For months the Ripp Report has been following issues in Fairhope and has not covered topics elsewhere in the county. The mid term elections will certainly be one issue, however the biggest issue should be our courts.

Wonderful Wednesday will begin to focus in on our judicial system in particularly the family court system in Baldwin County. Judge Michelle Thomason, District Court Place 1, continues to roll in complaint after complaint while the other judges kick the can down the road and ignore citizens complaints. Her court is responsible for many children being jerked around by the legal system. Her court has developed a cottage industry in Baldwin County out of divorce, at the expense of children.


For years we have been critical of the family court, especially the rulings of District Judge Michelle Thomason. Complaints lit Facebook up like a Christmas tree. They were so plentiful and consistent…

Source: rippreport.com/2016/10/28/baldwin-county-family-court-a-cottage-industry/

The attorney who gets complained about the most hands down is Stephen “bottom feeder” Johnson. Avoid Judge Thomason, a good friend of Jack Burrell, and Steven Johnson at all costs.

In the last few weeks several people have come forward with the same complaints we visited last year. This site is going to make every effort to expose the incompetence displayed in Judge Thomason’s court each week. Again we will file complaints with the Judiciary and Bar Association and the District Attorney. Judge Thomason comes up for reelection in 2020, let’s unite now to begin getting the word out to vote her out of office.

Let’s not leave out the most infamous Judge in Baldwin County and mentor to Judge Thomson, Judge “buddy” Bracken of Orange Beach. He throws one person in jail for DUI while he lets the girlfriend of a lawyer buddy walk on three DUI’s. He is the law partner of Stephen Johnson, peas in a pod.

Please contact the Ripp Report if you have a complaint about the Baldwin County Family Court, Judge Thomason, Judge Bracken, Attorney Steven Johnson or any other Attorney you feel misrepresented you.

The Ripp Report is a non-profit consumer group, we are not attorneys nor do we give legal advice. We give consumer advice and on occasion provide financial assistance. Their are no fees attached to our services. Your name and information will remain anonymous, unless you wish to file formal complaint.