Of 150,104 registered voters, in Baldwin County, only 36,073 voted, that is only 24% of the voters.

Election Results

Election Results


Catalyst felt the pain of the People’s Choice. The Ripp Report was following 8 Catalyst Candidates that were well funded, however they only secured one race by a significant margin. Judge Scully received 60% in the District Court Judge, Baldwin County, Place no. 2.

Catalyst won County Commission District No. 1, With Jeb Ball inching out Frank Burt by only 1000 votes. Congratulations to Mr. Ball. Ball will face conflicts of interest in holding down the County Commission seat and Baldwin County Substance Abuse.

Catalyst won place 2 again by only 1% approximately 1000 votes. Joe Davis beat John lake who was the People’s Choice. People’s Choice wishes John Lake the best.

Skip Gruber, District 4 beat Jerry Johnson by 700 votes. Since Burt lost in District 1, Skip, an incumbent, can become an asset to the new County Commission.

Catalyst lost the Probate Judge race which will be one of 5 races in the run off. State Senate Seat 32 will have Catalyst Elliott facing David Northcutt the People’s Choice. Elliott needs to go.




County Commission District 3 will have Billie Joe Underwood the People’s Choice facing down the infamous Tucker Dorsey who trails by 10%.

Circuit Clerk, people’s choice Jody Wise Campbell, will face Catalyst Candidate Mark Stejskal. Campbell leads by 16%.

Catalyst Queen Judge Thomason will run off against People’s Choice, Christy Edwards who had a 10% advantage. Alabama Court of Appeals does not need the Catalyst Queen.

The top three Catalyst players that should be voted out first are Thomason, Elliott and Dorsey. Catalyst failed to secure anyone of the three with an out right victory.

The People’s Choice will be working hard in all 5 run off races. It just goes to show you money is not the main factor in elections. Catalyst had over 500,000 thousand dollars behind their candidates and yet they only won three races. The people’s Choice had the coconut wireless, social media and less than 10,000 dollars.