If you live in Fairhope, BEWARE, your government is being hijacked by past employees that have been fired, quit or retired, since the election of Mayor Karin Wilson. Two employees sued the city with the help of the City Council and then sealed the cases so the general public never knew the truth behind their firings. It is the same damn crowd who have been crying in their milk ever since Fairhope had a “fair” election. They are supported by people that were loyal to Kant, including the Courier tabloid and the local AM station W.A.C.O.

The leader of this group is City Council President jack Burrell. Burrell chose not to run against Kant because Kant assured him he would step aside the next election, he has been pissed ever since. He began his crusade to terrorize the Mayor and obstruct city business, as soon as he was sworn in. His intention was to drive the duly elected Mayor out of office by bulling, harassment and obstruction. These are not allegations, they are factual and recorded on video tape. The Mayor’s response:


The City Council gave Burrell full rein to do as he wished and they ignored any allegations that were levied at them.

Last week’s “special” meeting was a prime example of yet another occasion to BUSHWHACK the Mayor. Mr. Burrell and the Council are very good at calling these meetings and being sure only the sour grape crowd be the ones invited.

The Police Chief made the decision to retire, not the Mayor. Sherry Sullivan, a fired disgruntled employee who sued the city and collected her bonus, orchestrated a dog and pony show that had everything but violins. Be sure to watch Mr. Burrell’s grandstanding around the 40 min mark.

The Chief retired after 36 years of service. The Chief had mentioned to many people, me included, that he probably would retire in a couple of years, this was around the time of the last election. Chief Pettis was recruited by the sour grape crowd to blame the Mayor for his retirement. The reasons given by the Chief, that he had been “bullied and intimidated” by the Mayor. Those X employees played the Chief like a fiddle for their own agenda. The Chief has recalled his original signed letter.

For the Chief to say he was “bullied and Intimidated” is the height of hypocrisy. For 18 month the council has been unrelenting with bulling, intimidating and obstructing the Mayor. After 36 years you would think the Chief of Police would have a little more bark on his ass then to let a “woman” pick on him, please.

The Chief is a damn good man and I am sorry that he was used this way for political purposes, but it was not the Mayor who used him. It was fired and retired employees, joined by employees who choose to follow Kant down the yellow brick road. Chief Pettis says he cannot work for the Mayor but could work for the Council, sorry Chief that is not your call, you do not pick your boss.

The Fairhope City Council has supported Mr Burrell in his effort to maintain control over the Fairhope Airport and secure it’s title in the name of the Airport Authority, not the city. The Council is now suggesting that the city budget be removed from the Mayor’s responsibility, against the law, to that of their hand picked financial committee. Here’s the icing on the cake, the Council now wants to take over the responsibility of the Police Dept. That is like putting the foxes in the hen house.


Mr. Burrell has a horrible record as a councilman and Council President. During his tenure the sewer infrastructure was ignored. Please do not forget the sweetheart deal Jack worked out for his friends, the same friends he was accepting free jet transportation from, while he served on the Airport Board. The soccer fields were a disaster and millions were wasted. He supported the developers of the Fly Creek Apartments by accepting as a gift, the wetlands and drainage from the development. Mr Burrell ran for office and never made public his police record. Maybe that is why he wants control of the police!

In an effort to silence any critics he used his position as an elected official to deny, yours truly, their Constitutional right to free speech. That case is now in a Federal Court. Guess what! the citizens of Fairhope are now paying for Jack’s Attorney fees, just as we did for his defense of the Airport.


PRESS RELEASE:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION December 29, 2017 CONTACT: Francis P. Ripp Local Political Activist, Consumer Advocate, & Blogger Files Federal Lawsuit Against Jack…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/12/29/see-ya-in-court-jack/

Only 24% voted in the mid term, 76% were asleep.

If 76% remain asleep in Fairhope they will lose their quality of life, property values will go down and corruption will be the new norm.