Tan Rested & Ready

Texas had a milestone this week with 50,000 deaths contributed to the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic.

Mr. Ripp has been out of the Country and gives us the 411 on travel out of the Country during Covid-19 and the Immunization Passport.

The Alabama Legislature is in session passing the largest General Fund Budget in history but you nor I can get into the State House to observe and interact with our Elected Officials. Meanwhile the pandemic is officially over in the minds of my fellow Alabamians (so I guess we are all playing along).

India is in crisis and has a shortage of oxygen of all things. One Billion people living on top of each other.

Fairhope pier plan details, Art Fest this weekend, Sheriff mayhem lawsuits, gaming flip-flop by the Taxman Elliott examined, coal ash apathy in the area of Mitigation on the part of State EMA, and a lot more so please sit back and enjoy.