Backstory Podcast No 79 'Ole Peg-gy

134,200,000 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 2,906,785 deaths; with 31,280,000 cases in the USA with 560,000 deaths.

Alabama Secretary of State and Senate hopeful John Merrill blew his political wad this week when he announced that he “did in fact have an affair” with the raunchiest texting woman since Raines had that embarrassing incident with…

The murder trial of the Police Officer charged with the death of George Floyd proceeds on live TV this week. President Biden this week has his hands full of Border Issues, 2nd Amendment Issues, criminal and untoward activities by his silver-spoon, self admitted, crackhead son.

Ron Desantis this week declared a State of Emergency in Florida over a disused phosphorus impoundment (sludge pond) that is leaking and could potentially cause an algae bloom that could kill a hell of a lot of the Gulf of Mexico. In the week he has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government and the CDC demanding that cruise ships be allowed to originate/sail from Florida Ports.

Scumbag Matt Gaetz (R-Pace, FL) seems to have the ground shrinking under his feet related to allegations that he paid to have sex with a trafficed minor. His co-conspirator is allegedly cooperating and trying to cut a deal.

Casi Calloway is leaving Mobile Baykeeper after a very long stint to work from Mayor Stinson at the City of Mobile. Good luck to you.

The Alabama mask order ends today (and just because she’s your steady side-piece, do you imagine ‘Ole Peg-gy (John Merrill) stopped using protection? Hell no and neither should you).

A lawsuit has been filed against the Sheriff of Baldwin County related to a fiery crash that killed 5, 3 suspects being pursued the wrong way down I-10 which killed a father and son traveling onTHEIR interstate system. This is another example of how poor training leads to poor outcomes.

The Fairhope pier project and the current state of the place.

And not only did Medical Cannabis die in the Senate, there is a bill afoot to make Delta 8 THC illegal in Alabama, even though it is not on the Federal Schedule. Explanation: “‘Cause it’s Alabama!” Yee-haw.