All of us have experienced people that are narcissist or sociopaths. Maybe psychopaths and the very worst possible murderers.

John McAfee fits every one of those categories.

McAfee had two other attributes that made him even more dangerous.

High intelligence and money.

Those of you that know me, know that I have been following McAfee for years. I lived in Belize for 16 years and am a proud Belizian since the Independence of the country, September 21, 1981.

Belize is a magnet for people that think they can escape to an “ignorant third world country” and disappear.

They are so wrong.

The people of Belize are far more intellectual and educated than they appear. They are creative and have far more street sense than the “average“ American. Belize is a small country. You cannot hide.

I witnessed dozens of people arrested over the years by U.S. authorities and other countries and be whisked out of the country in 24 hours.

McAfee was running from a wrongful death lawsuit in the U.S. He picked Belize as a new home to avoid any accountability for the wrongful death charge in Arizona.

My best friend and sometimes business partner is Tom Mangar. Tom lived on the mainland in Belize City. Mariah Reef Resort was the location of the dive resort my family established in 1979 on the island of Ambergris Caye in San Pedro.

A trustworthy mainland connection was a must to operate on the island in those days.

EVERYTHING came from the mainland.

Tom ran a taxi and tour guide business that evolved into a courier of government documents, purchaser and liaison of goods shipped to the island.

Tom and I were often contracted by developers to process customs goods or actually purchase and ship goods like tile and lumber. We became very close friends and traveled every corner of Belize and Mexico.

In 2010, Tom told me about the latest of a never ending stream of eccentric and wealthy people who have run from authorities in the U.S — John McAfee.

The people, like McAfee, all have one common trait. They think they are smarter than anyone else and they are going to show Belizians how “its” done.

McAfee was throwing money around like a mad man. He donated a drug boat to the Belize government and tried his best to buy his way into the government.

He soon found out that the government would take your money but the door was shut to outsiders.

Tom’s business evaporated when he met McAfee. McAfee demanded Tom work for him exclusively. Something I warned Tom not to do.

The crazy money McAfee threw at him was too much for Tom to give up. His clients of many years were fading away.

In 2011, Tom contacted me and said he thought he was in a serious situation.

McAfee hired him to find some gang members in Belize City to “beat up and teach a lesson” to a Belizian man living in a village close to McAfee’s mainland home.

This incident originated because McAfee was paying under age girls for sex and dating girls whose boyfriends did not agree.

The short story is the man died due to his injuries from the beating. This was McAfee’s first murder that he orchestrated in Belize. McAfee became fearful of the locals shortly thereafter and fled his mainland compound for his San Pedro beach house.

Chaos followed. Everything McAfee touched caused problems.

He invested in businesses in San Pedro that ended up pitting relatives and friends against each other. He had no interest in the businesses, only the power and control over people.

He boasted about his sexually fueled life and his obsession for guns. The truth was McAfee sought out prostitutes and abused women.

He used his money in the most despicable ways. McAfee further abused the abused.

The guns were all show. McAfee was a coward.

He hired criminals as body guards for scare tactics and control.

It did not take McAfee long before his bodyguards and his 5 or 6 “street dogs” that he brought from the mainland to San Pedro started causing problems with locals and tourists.

The dogs were running people into the water or off the path everyone used, the island’s beach. The guards and guns were unnerving to everyone.

Gregory Faull was an innocent retiree living on the island not far from McAfee’s house. He tried in vain to talk with McAfee about the dogs and guns.

McAfee became belligerent and escalated incidents on the beach. Faull made the fatal error of threatening McAfee that he would poison the dogs.

The dogs were poisoned. No one knew who did it. It was common that someone would use poison to solve the issue if you did not contain your dogs around the public.

Greg Faull turned up dead. Shot and killed in his house — executed.

McAfee, the coward he was, committed his second murder in Belize.

The island police and community demanded answers. McAfee could not answer. True to his history, he used his money as a protective blanket and fled in the middle of the night.

Tom received a call in the middle of the night from McAfee who tells him he needs him to come and pick him up. McAfee had chartered a boat and made a night time trip from San Pedro to a small village outside Belize City.

Tom explained that McAfee was wild eyed and acting totally out of control.

He was scared “shitless”.

McAfee offered Tom $5,000 USD to get him out of the country. Tom called me in the states and told me what was going on.

My first advise was call the police immediately.

Tom explained that the police had not issued any warrant or any other legal document for McAfee and that he was going ahead with the deal.

I advised him to turn the S.O.B. in immediately if the police or Belize Government serve any indictment or warrant for McAfee.

Tom ultimately worked McAfee out of the country. He never got paid. The story itself would take a book.

After many years of contacting the American Embassy in Belize, a Florida Senator, U.S. Attorneys, the Belize police and the Guatemala Embassy — all refused to listen to Tom’s story, we finally found someone who was interested.

That was how Gringo The Dangerous Life of John McAfee came to be. Nanette Burnstein, director, producer and writer teamed up with Tom to produce Gringo.

Nanette represented everything McAfee hated about women. Independent, gutsy, smart and could not be bought.

He finally met his match.

Be sure to watch it.

The lawyers in the U.S. that were suppose to be helping us exposed Tom’s cooperation. McAfee then hired gang members to find Tom and shut him up.

A friend of mine and I financed Tom to get out of the country and move deeper into Central America.

We tried for months to alert authorities of Tom’s knowledge of the death of Greg Faull.

All our efforts failed. Authorities wanted nothing to do with McAfee. He was out of the country and not their concern.

Tom’s business was non existent and shortly after the documentary his health and memory began to fail.

McAfee was extricated from Guatemala to the U.S. on an illegal entry charge, escaping authorities in Belize.

Once in the U.S., he moved from city to city and even Canada. He then caused enough problems that he would end up running to a new location.

Just like Al Capone, the U.S. Government, the IRS, finally caught up with him. McAfee true to form, runs like the coward he is, ending up in Spain where he was caught and jailed, awaiting extrication to the U.S.

McAfee bragged that he would commit suicide before being jailed for any length of time. He explained his father committed suicide and he considered it the ultimate control.

Those of you that respect or idolize McAfee for his intelligence and money need to understand that he was a murderer and died as a coward.

I personally hope John McAfee NEVER rests in peace.

This is a synopsis of a long and horrible story. There are many chapters yet to be published.


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  1. Anonymous | June 25, 2021 at 3:51 pm |

    Wow, Ripp, this is one of the longest articles you have written. You seem really in tune with this story. As a compliment, it reads like a crime drama set in the sunny tropics.

  2. Great article | June 25, 2021 at 8:04 pm |

    Great documentary!

  3. Dad joke alert | June 25, 2021 at 10:41 pm |

    Dang, Ripp!
    I wish you could write about Catalyst with the energy you did with Belize!
    Dad joke alert: This is unBelizeable!
    Heh heh☺️

  4. Jack4fairhope | June 26, 2021 at 6:14 am |

    I am confused. everybody is saying he was killed like Epstein. unusual circumstances to say the least. I saw a video of his widow crying saying he said he would never kill himself. Did you know John better than his loving wife? Are you involved in John’s crimes? Sure is fishy that you know so much…

    • Ripp4fairhope | June 26, 2021 at 8:42 am |

      Hey Jackoff4fairhope,
      If you know more than Ripp tune state what you know. McAfee didn’t have a list of prostitute clients like Epstein. Since you have some inner truth, why don’t you tell us who is paying off the Fairhope council that allow them to change the place of the new station that was going behind Winn Dixie? Oh wait you don’t have to. That property is marked to be sold to some developers due to its location
      See? You cannot distract Ripp or throw him off his game
      You Catalysts think you are so sneaky and stealth but your greed makes you so obvious
      Now go and put your head back up Jack’s butt

      • Ouch! Somebody just got schooled

      • Francis Paul Ripp | June 27, 2021 at 8:17 am |

        Maybe you need to read the article again. A lot of what I am saying is a matter of record and first hand information. The asshole always bragged about killing himself, just like his father.

    • If McAfee had anything of value, it would have been released via a dead man switch. Google dead man switch. It’s the same concept as a physical one.

    • Jack it is fishy that you LOVE Jack so much. Are you in cahoots with him in stealing from fairhope and passing yourself off as a christian like him?

      • Catalyst is Evil | June 26, 2021 at 6:23 pm |

        That Jack4fairhope clown likes making those hit and run comments. When challenged they run and hide
        Catalyst cowards

  5. Dqmn Ripp you coulda died. Coukda been a victim!

  6. Fh proper | June 27, 2021 at 8:01 pm |

    McAfee was murdered. Knew too much

    • Anonymous | June 27, 2021 at 9:48 pm |

      These days you just can’t call out pedophiles without someone jumping in to defend them.

    • Francis Paul Ripp | June 28, 2021 at 9:02 am |

      Bullshit Live like a coward Die like a Coward

    • McAfee quote from 2019 | June 28, 2021 at 11:18 am |

      “I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics. I’ll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials. Coming today. If I’m arrested or disappear, 31+ terabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.”

      He claimed to have a dead man switch that would release this information.

      A dead man switch decrypts data when the owner does not “check in” with it. He had nothing. This data would be distributed throughout the etherium cryptocurrency blockchain which would prevent interference from anyone. It was a bluff.

  7. Scott Trestview | June 28, 2021 at 4:28 pm |

    The artwork for this post was McAfee in front of flames that resemble Hell’s fire.
    So, you putting McAfee in Hell? Whew!!!!
    I take it you did not have the highest opinion of him.

    • Anonymous | June 28, 2021 at 7:03 pm |

      You must not be a christian. You could be the least sinning person in the world let alone this psychopath. Suicide = Hell. Right?

      • Anonymous | June 29, 2021 at 4:05 pm |

        Not unless you are part of Catalyst. They may say they are christians but deep down they use christianity to poll well in the elections. Money is their real god.

  8. For Fairhope | June 29, 2021 at 3:41 am |

    Epstein didn’t kill himself either. Get a grip ripp.

  9. Anonymous | July 1, 2021 at 12:25 am |

    “Just like Al Capone, the U.S. Government, the IRS, finally caught up with him.”

    Trump too, soon.

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