1. Do something nice for someone you know or don’t know.

2. Do something nice for someone in your family.

3. Do something in your community to help a school.

4. Do something nice for someone who helps others โ€” a teacher, law enforcement, fireman, or military personnel.

5. Encourage people who create music, art or short stories and make the world a better place.

Pass this message on so others too can enjoy the joy of giving and caring!

This thoughtful message brought to you by Gilchrist of the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store.

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  1. Here is another random act of kindness: vote for non-catalyst candidates because they do not have the money that Catslyst candidates do. Voting for non-catalysts help in three ways:
    1. It brings hope to independent candidates
    2. The money spent by Catalyst still helps the economy by buying booze, campaign ads, and helps empty the pockets of overpaid subdivision makers.
    3. McSharryโ€™s bar gets to name another overpriced menu item after another goober. Maybe the Boone booger burger or the Jester hometown platter. Sounds yummy

  2. Baldwinwatcher | December 27, 2018 at 10:33 am |

    Mr. Joe is a good person. He helps many people like this here says to do. He helped my family and I know other families too, before. He has always been big on giving to charity through the years. God bless him and Pat.

  3. I keep hearing crap about the feds in fairhope.
    You people need to understand that the feds and fairhope got a deal.
    It’s called payoff.

  4. Joe the crook | December 30, 2018 at 3:11 pm |

    If you knew how much money Joe has cheated the IRS out of. Youโ€™d be very disappointed. Even you smartasses that will say that you are proud of the money he ripped off from all of us. Wonderful guy though.

    • Dont do Catalyst | December 30, 2018 at 7:10 pm |

      But Joe isnโ€™t Catalyst. Thatโ€™s all I care about Catalyst is an evil force and must be held accountable.

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