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The Ripp Report came about because of the blatant corruption in Fairhope by the previous Mayor of Fairhope. Mayor Can’t was in office 16 years where he enjoyed a double paycheck, one as Mayor and one as utility director.

Between the years of 2012 and 2016, Mayor Can’t, Councilman Boone and Councilman Burrell used the utility fund, as a slush fund, to balance the general fund and pay for lawsuits. The result was Fairhope lost it’s best senior utility supervisor to Daphne and 3 million to attorneys. The threesome drained the utility fund and NO infrastructure work was done on the sewer infrastructure, while the electric dept was working on a shoe string.

Then the unexpected happened, a woman who ran for Mayor, exposed the problem and promised, prior to being elected, to immediately tackle the sewer and infrastructure problem in Fairhope that had been ignored for a decade. That was her election platform promise, she has keep that promise.

Mayor Wilson defeated the good ole party of Catalyst. The problem was that the Catalyst Council was elected and now had a Mayor who was a public servant and had no intentions of drinking the Catalyst cool-aid.

The written and documented proof of what I am saying is listed below. The Ripp Report could care less about your personal feelings about the Mayor but do not deny the truth. The current Catalyst Council has obstructed the Mayor and the city employees, from day one, with one goal in site, 2020. Catalyst plans to resurrect itself in 2020, under another name, but with the same dark soul of the good ole boys.

So if you are, finally, so pissed off about the sewer problem on the Eastern Shore, now you know what Mayor Wilson, not the council, HAS, been doing about these issues, FOR YEARS, since the day she was elected.


From the Desk of Mayor Karin Wilson City of Fairhope

The Mayor has over 55 dates on her timeline. The Catalyst Council has NO timeline.

Timeline for Sewer System Upgrades & Water Quality Initiatives

Timeline for Sewer System Upgrades & Water Quality Initiatives

I decided to dedicate a page for a timeline to keep citizens up-to-date on the City’s progress in fully Updating & Rehabilitating our Sewer System and clean water initiatives. This timeli…

Source: mayorkarinwilson.com/timeline-for-sewer-system-upgrades-water-quality-initiatives/

While the entire Mobile Bay has been degraded year after year by municipal spills and environmental damage, https://www.mobilebaykeeper.org/ has done nothing but fundraisers in Fairhope. https://www.mobilebaykeeper.org/ has had complaints about sewer spills in Fairhope and the enormous damage done to Fly Creek for over 10 years and NEVER did a damn thing.

The Executive Director, Casi Callaway told me years ago that Baykeepers could do little in Fairhope because their two biggest fundraisers were in Fairhope and Mayor Can’t would surely cancel them if Baykeepers did their job.

Mayor Wilson has done more in Fairhope than Casi has in the entire bay, don’t throw stones in a glass house Casi.

P.S. The Ripp Report heard Casi may run for Mayor of Mobile so look for more fundraisers soon.

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  1. Candy Korn | August 7, 2019 at 6:13 pm |

    Have you no good news for Fairhope , Sir ?

    • Sure Candy Korn, Ripp does have good news. He reminds us all the time. Here is some good news:
      1. Karin is the Mayor
      2. Catalyst has been exposed
      3. Burrell knows not to EVER shut Ripp up in a council meeting
      4. Ripp has so many readers that he puts Gulf Coast Newspapers to shame
      5. Karin finally got the K-1 Center
      6. Karin is the mayor. Ok, I know I stated this one before but it should count double.
      Do there is your good news, Candy Korn.

      • Hopefully the Mayor will be successful in exposing the council members who are bad for the city and should not be re-elected

    • What the Hell! Good news? for the first time in 10 years Fairhope is fully engaged in repairing sewer infrastructure. The utility dept does not pay the Mayor, as they did with Can’t, and the utility fund is not used for lawsuits and balancing the budget. This is my 20th year “observing” Fairhope government and I you may not like this statement but it is a fact, Mayor Wilson has done more in 3 years than the previous administration did in 16 years. Oh let’s not forget the rampant corruption
      that existed. Mayor Wilson is not a good ole girl.

    • Good news is Burrell is cooked in the next election cycle when he runs to maintain council President.

  2. Ole Fairhoper | August 7, 2019 at 6:37 pm |

    You said it correctly. I personally know several people who work for the utilities here in Fairhope and I know how they literally cover up the sh*t. Several months ago a sewer pipe broke near the Grand Hotel Marina ans spewed raw sewage on a boat because it was under so much pressure.
    During a heavy rain, the operators at the plant are told to open the gates and flush the sewage into the bay. It is “only” a $10,000 fine.
    Ask any merchant downtown about the sewers in their stores.
    The City wants to build storage tanks throughout the city to keep the raw sewage from overwhelming the plant.
    Robert Brown and the rest of the council lie through their teeth when they say the sewage plant is only 80% capacity. With all the houses that the Council lets their Catalyst developer donors build, the sewage plant is only getting more overwhelmed.
    Eventually the Council will come out and say, “We need to expand the sewer plant and we have to go up on fees.” See? they will wait until Catalyst gets its houses built without having to pay impact fees and we, the residents, will have to pay for the growth. This is and was Catalyst’s main goal all along: TO BE ABLE TO BUILD ANYWHERE WITHOUT PAYING IMPACT FEES. The Council, who is owned by Catalyst, do NOT represent the people. They are puppets for the developers! They are liars and they must be voted out.

  3. Spanish Fort Oracle | August 7, 2019 at 6:47 pm |

    I see where the Mayor tried to implement a moratorium. HA HA! Do you think the Council would ever allow this? DR Horton, Corte, Bellaton, and Robert Brown ( a partner with Cliff Pittman – a developer) would never let a moratorium be enacted unless they get all their projects approved first before the moratorium kicked in.
    Karin may be a lot of things but she is not owned by any home builder or special interest. She is however owned by the people of Fairhope. She is also tough as nails considering how she has to stand up to the bullies on the Council.
    She is The Iron Lady of Fairhope.
    She is more mayor than what the people have in Daphne for a mayor or what we have to put up with here in Spanish Fort for a mayor.

  4. The Mobile Bay Keepers is a hypocritical organization. It just wants to be a social organization where people can socialize and feel good about themselves because they tell themselves they are saving the Bay. I have never seen them do really anything but get in the local news – whatever is left of local news…

  5. Director Peterson has been raising this issue in council meeting after council meeting and, despite what Robert Brown says about funding issues, both he and Director Johnson have asked this Council to streamline the process for funding of projects. The Council – particularly Council President Burrell – has dismissed the process that these Directors have begged to implement regarding such requests. There is a work session or council meeting +/- six months ago where Director Johnson requested that the Council reconsider the way in which all projects, including infrastructure projects, are funded because the process in place (where Council President Burrell gets to keep his thumb on everything) creates a system that requires too many steps to fully fund approved projects and does not give Directors enough discretion to immediately address emergency situations. I believe Director Johnson gave an example of the process in either Daphne or the County or both as how things should work. Ripp, please find the video of that session and post it every time the Council claims they are doing their part to quickly fund these infrastructure needs.

  6. Robert Sutherland | August 8, 2019 at 11:37 am |

    I don’t know if it’s a Freudian slip or a dig on our former mayor, it is mayor Kant and not can’t. ?

  7. More like crap story! Jack Burrell is a lying sack of crap! He did NOTHING but carry tims water…time for jack to go back to inbred ms.

  8. Is this a satirical news site?

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