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DOUBLE RED FLAGS at the beach this weekend. Rip-currents rough seas and high water.

The same can be said about Faux-Hope. Red flags are going up faster than the American flag on July 4th.

The Fairhope City Council is following Jack Burrell down ever rabbit hole he can fit in. The taxpayers of Fairhope are clueless, when it comes to their tax dollars.

Fairhope has spent millions of dollars on the Airport and has never seen a dollar in return.

Over $300,000 a year, down from 500,000, is what Fairhope allocates to the Airport. The Airport is a red flag and Jack Burrell is raising the flag higher.

Fairhope paid for the Airport however the Airport holds the title, thanks to Jack.

The Airport Authority meetings are no longer video taped for the public, a Jack Burrell move.

Jack’s latest stunt involves the Fairhope Airport Authority, FAA, where he already has an infamous reputation for bid rigging.

The latest stunt is that there will be NO Airport Authority meetings on line for the public to see. Not since February has their been a recorded meeting, nor has there been any explanation or public notice.

Jack has now raised another red flag. He now wants to allow Airport board members from the feeder pattern of Fairhope instead of the corporate limits.

Pay attention Fairhope, Jack has plans for the Airport and the citizens are not part of the plan.


11. Resolution – That the proposed Certificate of Amendment is hereby approved for the Fairhope Airport Authority under the provisions of the Title 4, Chapter 3, Article 2, Code of Alabama, 197

Read the resolution and tell me if you can explain it? This is how Fairhope works, write resolutions no one can understand, hide the details and meaning. This is classic Jack and Catalyst.

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2.1 million in tax abatement for a company that is going to hire 5 employees? Does that sound like an economic development plan? Another point is that guess who used to have their office at the same location, allegedly, none other than Capt. Jack. This was another Baldwin County Economic Development plan Mr. Lawson came up with while holding Jack’s hand.

The pied piper spent 2.65 million on recreation land that Fairhope now leases for $9,000 dollars a year. Guess where the property is located? By the Airport, Who puts recreational facilities, with elevated lights, next to an Airport?

How about the K-1 purchase for 4 million? Just like any of the purchases the city has made lately, they bought it without a plan. Because they had no plan. The council then had to do about 100,000 worth of “temporary” roof repairs to prevent further damage. Since the purchase, the building has deteriorated to a point that only the front facade may be saved.

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Mayor Wilson:

“Rushing the city into real estate deals without public participation and input by stakeholders is an inappropriate way to conduct business. Fairhope citizens are unaware of the developments concerning these properties and alternate opportunities. If the rest of Council truly wants to be transparent and make proper decisions, they will cancel this meeting and make certain all facts are presented in a public forum before we move forward on spending millions of tax dollars.”

While the red flags fly Jack and his partner Lee Lawson of Baldwin County Economic Alliance have teamed up with the brain storm of chasing grants for the K-1 center. The first grant was denied, 7 million, now the red flag partners are seeking a 3.5 million dollar grant, supported by a 1 dollar a year lease. WTH

Read Full Article:,107342

Before having the grant or any development plan at all, the city has now leased the k-1 center for a dollar a year to FEEF, who will “maintain” the buildings. How much you want to make a bet that the K-1 will become like the airport, subsidized by the city taxpayers.

Read Full Article:,107486

“The council voted unanimously May 24 to approve a 25-year lease that would allow FEEF to operate the site at a cost of $1 a year. FEEF will maintain the buildings under the terms of the lease.” Where are they going to get the money if they fail to get the grant? they have already signed a lease.

These are examples of how just few people are making serious long term decisions, without any public input. The K-1 site may now be tied up for years on a dollar a year lease.

What about the hotel that was proposed for the site? That deal was never even considered. A hotel that would provide 175 public parking spaces, provide for the pelican nest and other amenities. The lease would be for 30 years where upon Fairhope would become the owners of the hotel and property. Financed by the developer. The new flag for the k-1 center will be red.

Another example of red flags flying is the way the city treated the residents of Hawthorn Glenn. Mayor Sullivan and acting Mayor Burrell showed up for the first meeting, then they took the exit door and left the residents high and dry. This is a classic example of the good ole Can’t days, Fauxhope is in reverse.

The subdivision, Hawthorne Glenn, was given less that a week’s notice that their neighborhood had been selected for an electric sub station. For years the electric sub station was proposed to be next next to the ABC store, a commercial location. Instead the city breaks it’s own comprehensive plan for political payback and puts it in a residential area. NO transparency, no ethics, but lots of BS. Think what you would do if this happened to you, your neighborhood.

Board approves electrical substation in Fairhope residential area

“Paul Ripp, a consumer advocate who does not live near the project area, alleged the city’s recent purchase of the property and plans to build the substation there was “political payback” for the seller, Kathy Hoffren, who Ripp claims once circulated a petition to ask former Mayor Karin Wilson to resign. Ripp pointed out that the city bought the 2.9-acre property for $40,000 under its $290,000 list price in April. Closing documents indicate Hoffren had a $200,000 mortgage on the property, and netted just $19,000 on the sale. “

Why would anyone reduce the sale 40,000 dollars in a red hot real estate market? The seller made 19,000 dollars and left 40,000 on the table, something stinks, as usual. Ask Jack or Kevin Boone or maybe the Mayor who did not show up for the meeting. She is getting paid as being head of utilities, so where is she?

This is political payback. The city ignored the residents and their own comprehensive plan. Show me a comprehensive plan that allows an electric sub station to be sandwiched in a single family neighborhood.

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  1. Anon fairhoper | June 18, 2021 at 7:19 pm |

    Fairhope was once a quaint place.

    No more. Thanks Jack. P.o.s.

  2. Ripp,
    Jack is going to make some BIG money off his deals. You know the saying, “Follow the money.” These guys are just making a long convoluted trail to try to throw off the regulars people too busy with their own affairs.
    Thank goodness we have you to track these crooked people.
    We MUST organize the next election to throw this filth out of office

  3. Hear Me Roar - Baby Boone - Snap that picture!! | June 19, 2021 at 12:57 am |

    It’s irritating to see a city council member, dressed in “regular” clothes at Walgreens at 5:50 pm on the night of a city council meeting. He did not show up for the work session or the city council meeting. How hard is it to schedule a years worth of city council meetings? Especially, when your getting paid and free insurance! Hope there’s a reason! FAIRHOPE!!

    • Eastern Shore Oracle | June 20, 2021 at 9:30 am |

      In this town there are two sets of rules: One set of rules for us and another set of rules for them.
      Now that you know this, lots of things will make better sense for you.

  4. Auricle at Daphne Jackson Oak | June 20, 2021 at 11:45 am |

    I have seen enough to realize the place is quickly becoming unlivable. It certainly is not a quaint retirement village nor a place to raise kids. I don’t know what it has become and I fear it is morphing into something even worse. God help us from ourselves. Jack and the council are mongrels. Greed s.ob.’s

    • Eastern Shore Oracle who works for Catalyst | June 20, 2021 at 10:19 pm |

      So what are you going to do about it? Catalyst owns this town. You are either in or you are out
      The voters here are stupid and we rely on their ignorance. The voters never fail at delivering….

      • Francis Paul Ripp | June 21, 2021 at 10:02 am |

        A clean sweep is highly possible in the next election. Jack will cook his own goose, at our expense.

        • Catalyst Member | June 22, 2021 at 10:13 pm |

          Don’t count on it Ripp
          We will only replace the council with more of us. Jack will earn his retirement and we will bring in the next generation. It was Kant then Nix then Sullivan then our next progeny
          You may have run off Tucker Dorsey but we just put in Ball

    • Eastern Shore Oracle | June 20, 2021 at 10:23 pm |

      By the way Jackson Oak, forty years ago
      Your neighborhood was a trailer park. Did you know that? Gentrification is great. It runs off the local riff raft, brings in higher incomes, and higher taxes that we can charge you. You are nothing but a tax farm
      Daphne has always been a bunch of people just waiting to be taxed and governed. So how much did your taxes go up this year? You call it taxes but it is actually RENT to us
      Bwahhh haaaa haaa

  5. Dorothy L. Rock Creek | June 21, 2021 at 2:18 pm |

    There are apparently many low lifes in catlyst. Sad but true.

    • Catalyst Member | June 22, 2021 at 10:09 pm |

      Dear Dorothy,
      We might be “low lifes” but we still own this place. This is our world and you are just in it. Welcome to OUR world. By the way, those higher taxes allow us to hire supporters in county positions for our agenda so that we can perpetuate our goals
      Thank you for your financial support

  6. The last election was rigged.

    • Anonymous | June 23, 2021 at 5:37 am |

      Your use of the word ‘rigged’ is a relative term.

      • I prefer the term “encouraged” over “rigged.” The term “encouraged” implies an evolving outcome.
        Catalysts don’t rig elections – they plan for the victory. Let me give you two examples:
        1. In order to get their candidates elected in the Daphne elections, they knew that minorities would not vote for their candidates. So what do they do? They “consolidate all the precincts to the Civic Center except one – Precinct 6 which is Timber Creek, a.k.a. Catalyst Central – North. In turn they close down two minority precincts.
        2. Catalyst hates district-wide elections and favors at-large elections because district level voting dilutes their candidates’ supporters and concentrates minorities’ support. When the election was held for this, a single voting booth was placed outside with a long line that would discourage the voters who wanted to vote for a change. Meanwhile, the “regular election was held in the Civic Center with multiple voting lines. Pretty clever, would you not say?
        This is why you will NEVER EVER see Twin Beech come into the city until the gentrification coming from Point Clear moves northward. By then the local minorities will be driven out. By then, the real estate people who support Catalyst will make bank, increase the housing prices, and then watch the Fairhope Catalyst Council finally take in Twin Beech Road.
        By the way, it is Twin Beech and NOT Twin Beach. As an old timer that road was named that for the trees and not for the nonexistent water line.

  7. East R Shore 4 Life | June 24, 2021 at 9:53 am |

    Mister Ripp I am sending condolences for the loss of your acquaintence, Mr. John Macafee. I am sure you raised a glass to him yesterday. Good grief Sir.

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