Fairhope tossed out the Mayor of 16 years and ever since the sounds of rat traps are going off all over Fairhope. It is not uncommon for the new administration to discover past deeds of employees and elected officials that were unethical or criminal. The interesting thing is that it is usually the good employees who come forward with information once they do not have to fear retribution from a Mayor who covered and condoned such behavior.

Jack Burrell took the bait and drank the Mayorโ€™s cool-aid thinking Mayor Kant had his back. Now Jack is in serious trouble and Kant canโ€™t help. However Fairhope is in a pickle because Jack is the Council President and he has been using his authority to control the City Council Agenda and any presentation given in a work session. He has successfully prevented the resolution to repeal ordinance 1572, involving the Fly Creek Apartments. He has prevented individuals time at the work session and council to ask direct questions about his involvement in alleged โ€œbid riggingโ€. He has used every trick possible, including a power point presentation that said nothing, to insist that the Airport Authority Land remain in the name of the Authority, while the city paid the mortgage. Now we find out Jack has been yelling because he is caught. Why does Jack refuse to put these items on the agenda?

Mayor Wilson has from day one in office supported the repeal of ordinance 1572 and ownership of the airport land, she has never wavered in her support of either issue.

Mr. Burrell has resisted the Mayor at every turn. He has demeaned her to employees and called her crazy at every opportunity. He has boasted that he would run her out of office in a year by making her life as Mayor unbearable. Those of you who have watched him in council meetings and work sessions
have witnessed his actions and have every reason to believe his self proclaimed motivation.

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Wake up Fairhope,โ€ฆ… itโ€™s โ€ฆ.. Jack caught in a trap, of his making. The Ripp Report is filing an Ethics complaint against Mr. Burrell involving his participation in the Airport Authority and the alleged โ€œbid riggingโ€. Reliable sources have told us that as many as four complaints have been filed with the Ethics Commission.

Jack will tell you nothing, except that everyone is crazy! Iโ€™ll tell ya who is crazy, the citizens of Fairhope if you believe his B.S.

I am providing the complete 32 page complaint sent to all authorities as well as the Ethics Commission.

Read the complaint and tell me who is crazy?


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14 Comments on "CAUGHT IN A TRAP LIKE A RAT"

  1. Serious accusations from the village idiot!

  2. Dang Jack is in deep.
    What does that make Fairhope?

  3. You are a report filing fool….why don’t you run for office?

    • politicians stick together sometimes doing nothing while witness to corruption, as a non-profit we can expose political corruption regardless of political party. Our intent is to educate citizens as to what is going on under their noses.


  5. The mayor didn’t just support it getting the land back, she revealed the facts of the airport to us.

    • She has been harassed by Jack Burrell ever since, now we know Jack had something to hide,The Airport had become his own little club, soon it will be Jack Burrell Airport, if he is allowed to do what he wants, including fixing bids.

  6. My, my, my . . . Jack seems to protesteth too much . . . wonder why . . .

  7. The new mayor had the opportunity to attend informative training in Montgomery for those serving in public office but did not deem it necessary. She sought the council’s help prior to taking office & now is unwilling to do anything but cause a disturbance & is on front page of local paper with her “hell no” – that certainly does not show class!!

    • You better hope she says hell no, read the complaint Jack is lying through his teeth. How can you believe him in light of the FACTS AND DOCUMENTS provided. The Mayor is representing the citizens Jack represents the Airport Authority.

  8. Obviously, Boone & Burrell didn’t have ethics training!
    The city council president Jack Burrell has offered no help to the mayor. His unwillingness to work with the mayor is apparant at work sessions. He’s in it for himself.

  9. Longtime resident of Fairhope….have not heard much about this issue.
    The charges and denials seem very newsworthy.
    I would like to hear more about corruption in my little town

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