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4 Comments on "Medical Marijuana Bill"

  1. Great!

  2. The government took the pain medicine away so there has to be a replacement
    There have been many people who have died due to opioid overdoses. How many have died due to marijuana overdoses? ZERO
    It is either allow medical marijuana or the heroine that is coming in through the Gulf will increase
    Pass the bill to give relief to those in pain The war on drugs is a sick joke
    Notice how the government puts marijuana at schedule I and cocaine is II? What is this logic?

  3. Maybe we can get Catalyst to campaign gor medicL marijuana. The bill will pass
    Baby Boone, will you work for this bill? If you do we will take back everything we said about you

  4. Ha! Legal marijuana? In Alabama? Ha ha ha ha
    This is still Alabama…

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