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nathan d faust

the bluebloods are foaming

Klondike Heat

You will most certainly be sued again.


Have never been sued, truth is transparency what was false?


Why sue Ripp? He lives in his momma and/or sister’s house and is on “disability” …in other words judgment proof.


Ripp being sued again??? Heavens no! Ripp must be shaking in his boots!


Never been sued


More dribble …find a real issue.

Spanish Fort Oracle

These are all issues pointing out the everyday corruption that occurs here. This might be a tiny dot but all these dots, when connected, form a detailed picture of how the corruption is stealing our county from us one crooked deal and overdeveloped subdivision at a time

Uncle Remus

I heard hoss is in trouble


The only way Hoss could be in trouble is if he wasn’t towing the Machine’s (aka Catalyst’s) party line
Heck he got 95% of the vote so he is good


he rigged the vote


Explain how “He rigged the vote.” Otherwise don’t let your opinion of him distort your reality or other peoples’ reality. You may not like Hoss Mack but don’t slander or libel him.


The qualifications for sheriff, drawn up by then Sen Pittman, were different than any county in Alabama and those qualifications eliminated candidates and made it almost impossible to qualify What do you call that?




Storm Area 51 …the truth is out there.

fem fatale

Jack is running again. Kinda suprised, actually. He has not been a good council person.
Looks like the other four are also going to run for re-election. I am worried about candidates.
Is anyone going to sign up against them. I bet they think they can intimidate people from running so they all get a free ride back on the gravy train.