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Comment: Are You Surprised at all??????

FAIRNESS IS THE DEFINITION OF ANYBODY THAT WE GIVE ANY OF OUR TRUST TO!!!!!!! Let me simply explain to all of you that have actually shown an interest in and am proud to say that…

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The Fairhope City Council is using the Baldwin County Political Dictionary’s definition for “Fairness”. First, the council implements a hiring freeze to punish the mayor for firing two employees. Then they side with the developer…

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seem have to hit a nerve among our readership.

The bottom line is who is responsible?

Who is responsible? The city council, the mayor, the ethics commission, the attorneys? The citizens?

Many people, including me, have been critical of the Alabama Ethics Commission. Why do we even need to file complaints regarding city council members, when we have a city council? The council should look at any complaint made against any councilmen. If the complaint warrants a higher review then send it to the ethics commission.

Who’s responsible? The Fairhope City Council turns a blind eye to obvious conflicts of interest and puts the responsibility on the citizens to file complaints. Then they criticize the individual filing the complaint, or blame the Mayor. They are the council, should they not clean there own house?

Councilmen Boone and Burrell both have had allegations levied at them that should have awaken the other three members of the council to at least address the issues. Do the citizens deserve an explanation? Who’s responsible? Or do you kick the can to the ethics commission or just ignore it.

Mr. Boone’s business interests conflict with his voting on various issues. He never acknowledged those interests, then dissolved his llc’s when exposed. Further review shows some of those interests were never listed on his ethics election form of economic interests. He has been voting on these issues for five years?

Who’s responsible?

Mr Burrell has raised so many red flags over his handling of the airport that you would think someone on the council would ask for an investigation. Instead, their defense is that they know all the players and they are good people and friends. Who’s responsible? The airport authority then hires an attorney to investigate the complainant? Fairhope allocates more money to the airport than schools!

Who’s responsible?

The past council, Boone and Burrell, accepted a gift of wetlands, next to Fly Creek, under the pretense that it is land under a lift station, so instead of say 100 square feet we get four acres of prime wetlands. Never-mind that the deed of the land was filed three days prior to the acceptance of the gift and no one on the council even looked at a map or understood what the city was getting. Then duplicate, public, documents of resolution 2606-16 show Mayor Kant signing one in Oct. 2016 and the newly elected Mayor signing the same document weeks later.

Who’s Responsible?

Comment: Are You Surprised at all?????? – THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE

FAIRNESS IS THE DEFINITION OF ANYBODY THAT WE GIVE ANY OF OUR TRUST TO!!!!!!! Let me simply explain to all of you that have actually shown an interest in and am proud to say that…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/04/30/comment-are-you-surprised-at-all/

Who’s responsible? Think it is a rant? Or do ya think the individual is beyond disgusted because no one is responsible? Nothing will change if no one is responsible and no one asks questions. Read it again, it is not a rant it is disgust, with those who are not responsible.

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Fairhope is a joke. Jack Burrell is its king jester. The people will vote him and the other GOBs out in the next election cycle. Stay tuned.

If we can’t count on council to be “responsible” then we hold them accountable.
We can’t sit back and allow this to continue because we have a long time until the next election! You must call, email and go to council meetings. No more special interests dammit! It needs to stop now!!
Jack and Kevin are a lost cause and will be voted out next election unless forced to step down before this.

Jimmy, Jay and Robert? You need to show us you’re the change we voted you to be. Stop listening to the old regime.

I agree that Burrell & Boone are more interested in promoting their own agendas than doing what is in Fairhope’s best interests. However, Mayor Wilson has proven herself to be no better than they are. She is hiring her old friends at ridiculously inflated salaries rather than hiring people that would be best for the city. I had such high hopes for her but she is just a female Tim Kant. She will be voted out next time and we will have her to thank for ‘Mayor Burrell’. She has actually succeeded in making me feel sorry for the Council! I hope that she ditches her ‘advisors’ and gets rid of the friends that she has hired and actually begins working on the agenda that the promised voters before it is too late. Tuesday night when she presents her ‘State of the City’, she should announce that she has let these friends go and she is prepared to act with integrity and class. That is the only way to salvage anything left of her ‘reign’.

It is time for the mayor to apologize to the individuals she has accused of wrongdoing with any proof.

Jack couldnt win dog catcher

Just watch – Boone and Burrell will be re-elected. The good ole boy network will keep them in the Council as it has kept other politicians in their seats.

Nobody in this town still wants to admit the corruption. Kant rigged the election for years. You know it. I know it. The fence post knows it. Stop acting like Fairhope is a utopia. It is not. We have major growing problems because we took the impact fees an spent them on lawsuits. We have no infrastructure but the gravy train rolls on…at Fairhope’s peril.

How did Kant rig the election? I’m not saying that it would have been impossible but I don’t understand how, with proctors at the election site, it could have been done. The poll workers do a great job of checking voter ID cards against the registered voter rolls and we feed our ballots into an electronic counter. I don’t see how so many believe that there was anything that Kant could have done. Would love for someone to explain.

Kant’s father in law rigged it for years. Mr. Odom. It was in the ripp report man.

We, the voters, are responsible. We have voted for the government that we deserve! We have, once again, voted for ‘special interests’. Maybe there are no honest choices and we vote for the lowest common denominator of corruption (Mayor Wilson) but now she has proven her own corruption so swiftly and smoothly.
I hope that she will fix her ‘little red wagon’ on Tuesday night by admitting her mistakes, letting go of Botop and the Rock Creek lady, and working with the Council (no clean hands there, either, other than Conyers, but at least an effort to work FOR our community). Otherwise, she is surely toast as is our beautiful city.
Fairhope will survive, perhaps better, if any of the ‘players’ decide to resign if they can’t work together. Wilson won by a very narrow margin ( I voted for her, as did most of my friends……most wish that they could reclaim those votes and give them to someone else!) I still hope that she will wise up and work for the city that she claims to care about.

What a crappy post. Jack Burrell will never be mayor. Get it through your thick heads good ole boys. He will be lucky to stay out of the penitentiary.

I think the rigging of the election is done with the machines and possibly reversing totals. Ask Mr. Odom, Tim Kants father-in-law, he was there the whole time, all day and through pulling the totals on the machines.

Odom is the guy’s name. He disappeared this last election. He did not “count” the votes. LOL. It’s a new day in Fairhope. Ripp screwed it up bigtime.