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Baldwin County has 14 municipalities, 14 Mayors, a County Commission and 15 different Planning and Zoning departments, throughout Baldwin County, all work independent of each other.



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For instance Daphne allows apartments to be built on Highway 98, within a mile Fairhope approves apartments also on 98. In between the approximately 500 apartments are three traffic lights and a school zone. Daphne and Fairhope never communicated with one another as to the traffic or other issues that were impacted by their independent decisions.

At least one person is paying attention, Miriam Boutwell. She has helped to establish, Plan Lower AL Now {PLAN}. Baldwin County desperately needs such an organization as , PLAN. Let’s hope the municipalities and county commission agree and participate.

Group formed to address South Baldwin growth – Lagniappe Mobile

Group formed to address South Baldwin growth – Lagniappe Mobile

In the past, if Miriam Boutwell was presented with a problem in her role as Foley’s community development director, she and her staff had to find a way to solve it. But with a new organization she helped establish, Plan Lower AL Now (PLAN), there might be another person within the group who has already …

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The need for PLAN becomes even more apparent when you consider the latest statistics involving residential growth within the county.

Some say Baldwin County is experiencing, “unprecedented growth”, a better description is a Runaway Train and there is no conductor.

Baldwin residential growth continues to soar – Lagniappe Mobile

Baldwin residential growth continues to soar – Lagniappe Mobile

PHOTO: State and local officials participate in the Dec. 10 groundbreaking on a new manufacturing facility in Bay Minette for Southern Visions, LLP, makers of Sweet Brew tea and lemonade. The numbers are staggering when it comes to residential growth in Baldwin County, with as many as 6,600 homes, apartment units or vacation rentals underway, …

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Foley: 545% Increase in the number of residential units, added in the last two years. In the final stages are 1276 lots I over 50 subdivisions.

Fairhope with 1200 residential lots in 17 different subdivisions.

Orange Beach “ 2018 the most single year development in the city’s history.”

Gulf Shores 1382 lots approved for 17 subdivisions.

Daphne 683 residential lots approved for 16 subdivisions.

Unincorporated Baldwin County has 693 single family permits issued with 4 multifamily housing.

The estimated population of Baldwin County was 212,000 in 2017. The Train is bring another 100,000 plus.

If you think traffic is bad now, just wait, there is a Runaway Train heading your way.

Somebody definitely needs a PLAN.

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  1. YingYangfoley | December 20, 2018 at 12:41 pm |

    I can smell the ca$h.
    Great time to be a catalist. And a realstate agent!!!

    • Work for Truland | December 20, 2018 at 8:57 pm |

      Oh yes. I work for a group that finds Catalyst candidates and we are running gangbusters
      When I make enough money I am moving to another area. I don’t want to stay in Baldwin County after they are through with it
      Sorry for you guys, but I have to make a living
      Nothing personal….

  2. Clinton Bakerfield | December 21, 2018 at 6:09 am |

    does this mean more turds in our jubilees? stop the sewage spills!!!!

    • Sausalito Gutchman | December 21, 2018 at 1:24 pm |

      I trawl the bay often. Catch plenty shrimp, crab and turds.

      And anchors…quite a few.

      • Do not like Carzlyst and thrir lackeys | December 21, 2018 at 4:28 pm |

        You will be catching less and less fish and more and more crap as the builders keep up the over building. The question is: How much more crap are you willing to take before you, I, and the others call the bribed- off commission and council members on their antics?

      • You can thank Trip Pittman for leaving the boom anchors in the bay even after being paid to remove them. Anyone that has anything to do with Trip Pittman is a worthless human being. We will continue to shove this in anything or anyone’s face as long as he is alive. He’s a turd and when are we going to stop smelling that fowl stench from Tucker Dorsey. Damn him too!!!!

    • Yep more turds until you taxpayers pay for the upgrades. Don’t ask Truland to pay for them, they bought the politicians off awhile ago

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