The Sheriff’s office of Baldwin County has a long history of leaking misleading information about cases or not releasing ANY information. The Steve Nodine case, Johanthan Victor and wrongfully convicted Murray Bubba Lawrence are prime examples.


Baldwin County MCU Lt. Andre Reid has said officer body camera footage of the incident will not be available during their investigation and the officer will not be named to “respect privacy.” Reid said Bay Minette Police can decide to release footage at the conclusion of the case. An Alabama Supreme Court ruling last summer, however, has effectively stripped the media and the public of any right to sue to see police body camera footage.

To name or not to name — Anything goes when releasing police officer information

The rationale for when or when not to identify officers is arbitrary and abused, argues Clark Neily, a senior vice president for legal studies at the Cato Institute, a public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Neily said policies on releasing officer names vary from agency to agency, and he believes decisions to withhold or release information can both be made in good faith. He said there can be genuine concerns about identifying an officer when certain facts remain unclear and releasing certain information can carry the potential to jeopardizing a criminal investigation.

On the other hand, Neily said there are departments that “play games” when determining how and when they disclose information to the public.

“They’ll use any prerogative they can to withhold this information and it’s very much a circle-the-wagons, Thin-Blue-Line mentality,” Neily said.


Deal with the Devil

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The Prosecutor was District Attorney David Whetstone, since retired. The lead investigator was Lt. Hoss Mack, currently Sheriff of Baldwin County. The Defense Attorney was Willy Huntley, who is still practicing law. The Judge was Robert Wilters, currently the District Attorney of Baldwin County.

How can someone be convicted of murder, based entirely on testimony of a single person who is bargaining on a reduced sentence?

No blood, no DNA, no witnesses?

5 alibi witnesses, no fingerprints, no fiber, no weapon, no ballistics— no justice.

This case is destined to be a feature documentary exposing an inept and corrupt judicial system.

No timeline, two medical examiner reports that dispute state’s cause of death.

Sheriff Hoss Mack and D.A. Wilters were involved in the Murray Lawrence case. The same people are now involved in the O.J. French case. Wrongfully convicted or wrongfully killed by police, the BCSO, Baldwin County Sheriff Office, has a long and horrible track record. Nine people have been killed and BCSO has never found an officer remotely responsible. Transparency, accountability and camera footage are hidden from the public by the so called, Major Crimes Division, who have little or no public support. Mr Lawrence has been in jail since 2005 for a crime he did not commit. Hoss Mack was the chief investigator who never produced one shred of evidence.


The Mayor of Bay Minette, who has a pending ethics charge, and his “yes sir” council have been following the lead of the county commission by refusing to answer any questions or show any compassion or sympathy. These same people profess to be Christians! Is this how Christians and neighbors act in their own community?

How many people need to be killed or wrongfully incarcerated before the U.S. Justice Dept. steps in?

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