The recent US Senate primary statistics indicate 84% of Fairhope eligible voters decided NOT to participate or vote.


Only 17% of the registered voters in the state, voted in the senate primary. Fairhope had only 14% vote. Alabama Senate special election results: Who will succeed Jeff Sessions? Voting results from…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/08/18/look-in-the-mirror/

That explains why Fairhope is as political dysfunctional as it is. The present city council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor. The citizens are paying the price for this obstruction by major infrastructure projects that have been slowed down or have yet to begin.

Fairhope faces major problems with the sewer system and infrastructure. Mr. Burrell and Mr Boone were a part of the last administration and they have brought that baggage to the current council. The airport, soccer fields and the triangle lawsuit were all decided under Mr Burrell Mr Boone and Mayor Kant. The total dollar figure is around 50 million dollars.

This council has a new agenda and that is to ignore the past and concentrate on how to compensate those fired or have pending litigation against the city, Jennifer Fidler, Sherry Sullivan, and Pandora Heathcoat. That’s right you read that right the council is taking action that they hope will expose “potential evidence” that would assist the three in their litigation against the city. The wishful three have their fingers crossed for 100,000 dollars each. One of the three has been quoted as saying they were encouraged by council members to file the suits. They were promised that the council would settle the lawsuits and the public would not be entitled to see how much tax money they gave away. This scheme would discredit the Mayor and make the wishful three 100 thousand dollars richer and give the council the bully pulpit that they desire.

The council has now used subpoenas to further it’s quest for information.

Fairhope council subpoenas documents from Elias Technologies

Fairhope’s city council voted unanimously last week for a resolution that authorized the council to subpoena documents and records from Elias Technologies, following questions that have been …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/the-courier/stories/fairhope-council-subpoenas-documents-from-elias-technologies,52305

Remember the problems listed above? This self imposed investigation by the city council into Elias Technologies does not involve millions or thousands, in fact very little money is involved and is not the subject of the council’s interest. They want to know what the hell the Mayor knows and pass that information on to the wishful three, which is against the best interest of the city and should not be information the council hands out to those suing the city. It is current litigation and the council should leave the “investigation” to the attorneys and not inject themselves into potentially more litigation.

What makes the subject even more interesting is how the resolution was presented to council. The early printed version of the council agenda read:

However the final printed agenda condensed the first version to a much more generic version:

The Courier’s editor, Chuckee, chose to use the first unofficial version for his news story. So now it is official the Fairhope city council has launched an investigation. Go back and look at the resolution and you will see Chuckee not only use the unofficial resolution he also omitted that councilman Jay Robinson was charged with obtaining the information. In the official generic version Mr. Robinson was also omitted. This all happened after the Ripp Report started pointing out the conflicts of interest.
Mr. Robinson’s wife is best friends with one of the wishful three, Sherry Sullivan, and Mr. Robinson, who should recuse himself from any involvement with the investigation.

Chuckee also missed quoted me when I said that any “ information found could or could not be used in a court of law” Chuckee said “ could be used in court against us.”

The Mayor refused to sign the resolution so Jack Burrell exercised his right as council president to officially sign it. That seems only fitting since it was his idea.

The 84% in Fairhope better wake the F up, Burrell is the architect of the obstructionist behavior of the council and the efforts of the wishful three. Burrell is doing nothing but diverting attention away from himself and his airport misdeeds.


Jack, come fly with me, has more passengers. The Courier, editor “Chucky Cheese” is working hard for free flights. He has signed on with the pilot, “come fly with me” Jack to cover the most mundane of…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/07/19/airport-diversion/

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  1. Long Time Res | August 23, 2017 at 1:25 pm |

    Dirty town. Filthy politics. Poo in the bay. Stealing daily from us. Burrell must go!

  2. Our City Council is useless. None of them care about the infrastructure that Burrell, Boone & Kant allowed to deteriorate to the point that Fairhope is close to implosion. What a greedy self-serving group they are.

  3. I would also demand all business and personal cell phone records and emails on the 3 overpaid former employees that never cared less about the city of Fairhope as long as they got paid well and performed certain acts. Also, Jack Burrell, Boone and Robinson’s business and personal emails and cell phone records should be requested and shown to a person chosen by the Mayor to be able to look through at the same time to insure we all get a fair account of what exactly happened. These 3 employees would run for the hills if this were to take place. It’s the same as Jack Burrell saying that he is going to personally get rid of the the new mayor ( that’s putting it nicely) while “promising” to help in ANYWAY that he can to help the 3 employees receive anything and as much as Jack Burrell himself could get for them. Burrell, Boone and Robinson’s emails and cell phone records both personal and business should be looked at as well. These 3 men would leave the entire state of Alabama if this request should be granted. You wanna bet. I bet Trip Pittman wouldn’t get 10% of the votes of the entire state of Alabama when he ran for the US Senate seat just this month. How about another bet on the fact that Burrell, Boone and Robinson won’t agree or be forced to show their personal and business emails and all cell phone records. Heck. They are more guilty than the 3 former employees that were overpaid for years. Bet??? Choke on that Chuckie the dingle berry!!! GCN is all paid for by the Council. Wake up decent people of Fairhope! If any takers on the bet. Let me know. I couldn’t even get a bet regarding Pittman even when I tried to give 10-1!!!

  4. Georgia Orwell | August 23, 2017 at 9:52 pm |

    So….Fairhope’s City Council, as instructed by Burrell, is actively engaged in raping Fairhope taxpayers so that Burrell can destroy his political opponent, Mayor Karin Wilson (who, while not perfect, is doing her best to expose the corruption of our previous Mayor/administration).

    Am I an idiot because I believed that Conyers & Brown were honest and cared about Fairhope? Robinson has, predictably, been proven to be a complete moron (so sad but even his friends admit that Jay believes himself to be so cute and funny that he is just constantly carried away with himself…..and these are his ‘friends’.)

    I agree with ” Anonymous” poster that Fairhope needs to subpoena records from Burrell and Boone. I have been unhappy with a lot of Wilson’s actions (stupid staff/advisors), but I think that the Kant/Boone/Burrell thieves are becoming desperate now. Why would our own Council try to drag down the city if they did not have big things to hide. Burrell & Boone are desperate to get rid of Wilson in any way that they can; this is why I wish that Botop and Maser would resign so that Karin Wilson can have a decent administration with which to fight back. The ‘Citizens’, for whom Jack Burrell shows so much contempt, are finally (thanks to Wilson) catching a glimpse of what Kant, Boone & Burrell have done to our city. Please look that the facts and fight back!

    These are not good things for Fairhope……Burrell is pancreatic cancer, destroying the city!

    • Nobody gets involved! They are stealing from us. Go to meetings. Run for office. Defeat the goobs.

    • Georgia,
      You are so correct and have video and audio of 3 (three) now Fairhope Councilmen who agreed to vote NO on the Fly Creek Project. How stupid can people be by already forgetting these promises made by them when they were running for Fairhope council that said this with video cameras and tape recorders right in their faces and then “NOT VOTE NO” anytime that the city council has voted on the Fly Creek Project. Many times!!! Voting NO on this project were the strongest promises and platforms that these 3 men campaigned on or should I say “broken promises”. Then people kiss up to them and don’t even realize that they themselves have become tainted by voting for these liars in the first place. Stupid people. I thought we made more sense as Fairhopians. I’m sorry that we can’t seem to make the people of Fairhope wake up and realize that this alone should have woken everyone up that has any moral value at all. Well, I’m afraid that if they don’t attend the meetings or try to do something about it. It will be the citizens fault to let these creeps run Fairhope into the ground! Even more than it already has. I can also tell you one other thing for sure. There are many many people that if Jack Burrell ever talked to them on the street the way he does to some people during the Council meetings that he would get his ass whooped on a daily basis from 16 year olds to 86 year olds. Cowards is the best word I have for Burrell and the entire council. There have been other things that have been said that are recorded as well and these will come out too and soon. Wake up people. Y’all are being controlled by a narcissist and his merry men.

      • Burrell is a man of low character. Take a good look at his so called friends.

      • Well, to be fair, three of the council members did beat out incumbents, along with the Mayor…so maybe not including the majority in “y’all” and “wake up people” would be more accurate. Just because there are still loudmouths in Fairhope who complain and criticize and act like we’re all going to hell in a handbasket doesn’t mean that most of us feel that way. Yes, we’re facing some serious problems here, most notably with infrastructure. (And anyone who doesn’t put the blame for this exactly on the shoulders of this administration’s predecessors is a moron.) But all forward progress starts with new voices and new direction, and that’s where we’re headed…regardless of how Burrell and Boone want to pretend like they’re still in charge.

        • A liar is a liar. Don’t think we can count on things going on If we don’t control and get rid of Burrell and Boone. It won’t matter how you want to spin it. I’m encouraged by your words. But we need action and both Burrell and Boone are very dishonest and will do things and have done things that are unimaginable. Some things we won’t be able to stop. But we will get them in the end. I can promise you that. Don’t count on anything until you see it firsthand.

    • Georgia, why in the world do you think that SherryLea should resign? I am literally mystified by this. She is working incredibly hard for our city, securing grants, opening up resident participation comments about responsible growth, etc. In addition to her skillset, I like that she is calm, articulate and professional. What exactly has SherryLea done that you don’t agree with?

      • Georgia Orwell | August 24, 2017 at 8:16 pm |

        I agree that Botop is calm and I don’t believe that she is stupid; however, she lacks the education and relevant experience to be effective in her current position. Karin Wilson is fighting an uphill battle because of Burrell, Boone and the rest of the Council trying to relegate her to obscurity as soon as possible. I don’t blame her at all for firing those that she fired; however, she can’t state that she hired better qualified employees because she didn’t. The optics of the Botop and Maser hirings at such absurd salaries (for their education/experience) are not good for Karin. As far as securing grants, these applications are frequently filled out by high school interns. Anyone could do it; the fact that Kant didn’t bother to have someone do so does not mean that Fairhope needs to pay $150,000 per year plus benefits to a friend of Karin’s to do this.
        I just believe that, if the voters are going to believe that Karin is truly doing a good job, they need to see that she is not just repeating the ‘good old boy’ patterns of Kant, replacing the boys with girls. Botop and Maser just provide so much ammunition for those who want to revert back to the previous administration and there is a lot riding on Mayor Wilson being successful and winning over the voters that she has lost since her election. The Council has waged a very effective war on her.
        The recent sewage spills and the basic ‘non-reaction’ of the Council have been eye-openers for a lot of people on the fence. She finally has a chance for people to take a fresh look at the good that she is trying to do.
        I wish that we could put Boone & Burrell in the Bay and make them stay there until they promise to do what is right for the City of Fairhope (or, else, resign from Council immediately). Of course, a human probably couldn’t last a day in that cesspool now…….how long until the tourists stop coming?

  5. Fairhope City Council comprised of MENTAL MIDGETS

  6. so disappointed in Brown and Conyers. Robinson was already in the gully with Beavis and Butthead.

  7. Mr. Ripp, I have a question about this comment regarding Fidler, Sullivan and Heathcoe.

    “They were promised that the council would settle the lawsuits”

    How does this work exactly? I think I am correct in saying that the payment of lawsuits such as these will be determined by the City’s insurance carrier. Is this right? If I am right, how will the Council be involved – other than of course trying to talk the insurance company into doing what they want, which I obviously believe they are not above.

    Although I don’t think for a moment that this is a possibility (I’m actually just asking from a legal standpoint), what if one of the claims against the City turned into a lawsuit but the insurance company refused to pay for it? If there was not legitimate cause for the suit, the insurance company WOULD refuse to pay it, correct? Surely they won’t pay any damned thing that’s asked for regardless of merit. But, in that case, would it then mean that the claimant would not receive any money, or that the City would be responsible for paying the award?


    • Georgia Orwell | August 24, 2017 at 8:28 pm |

      Great question. Can’t wait to hear the reply. Could we possibly get Fairhope’s insurer to appear at the Council Meeting and discuss this? This sounds dangerously close to fraud if the Council members encourage past employees to sue so that they can discredit the current Mayor. Actually, it is probably prison-time worthy!

      Additionally, I found it interesting that, when Mayor Wilson discussed having employees pay part of their exponentially rising health insurance costs (as every employer on the planet has done), Burrell had a cow and insisted that this could not happen. Is he so out of touch that he does not see that rising benefit costs are bankrupting cities nationwide? Additionally, he was elected to represent the voters/aka taxpayers, but he has chosen to throw the taxpayers under the bus to secure support for his ‘to-the-death’ campaign against Mayor Wilson. This is also something that should probably be brought to the attention of more voters. Sad that so many people are so entrenched in the goober ways that they don’t even see the rug pulled right out beneath them.
      Something is truly twisted in Burrell’s head…..but what a great idea to have our insurer’s (Paid by our taxes) come to a meeting and discuss strategy! Please ask people to show up for Monday’s meetings!!!

      • “Twisted” about describes it. You mention the health insurance for employees (and families, all of which has been covered by the City before – seriously? I’ve never heard of another company doing that…these city employees are so freaking spoiled). A very nice plan was presented at one of the recent council meetings. What do you want to bet that Burrell will insist the city stay with the current insurer, regardless of whether or not the plan that was described is comparable (or better) in price and coverage. My guess is that Burrell will NOT accept the plan change for no reason other than HE CAN…and every single thing with that man is a power play.

  8. What’s the price tag on the Airport and all the money spent there
    Compared to
    The price of a great sewerage treatment plant

    • Georgia Orwell | August 25, 2017 at 9:38 pm |

      Wouldn’t that be great? We need to get national media involved here…….GCN is not doing the job!!! Great investigative reporters are Willy Stern, Nashville, Vanderbilt Law, T. Rees Shapiro, Washington Post, etc.

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