This is another letter about election fraud in Fairhope. There are several filed with the Alabama Sec. of State, Election Division.

This letter would normally be easy to dismiss, as it comes from a candidate who ran for office. However, Dr. Warner’s letter came after the “observations of a poll watcher” and he was not aware of the polls watcher letter at the time he wrote his letter.

Dr. Warner’s letter is now supported by an actual witness, a poll watcher, to the Fairhope elections. It adds to the distrust of the election being fair and raises many red flags. Election fraud is COMMON in Alabama.

Many times it involves absentee ballots and lack of control of voting boxes, which is supported by the Poll Watcher. Complaints have been filed with the Sec. of State and poll watchers for this election WILL be more diligent.

No matter who wins, you decide. We DEMAND a fair DEMOCRATIC election.

July 24, 2014
510 West Chase Court North
Fairhope, AL 36532

Will Sutton
Elections Division
State Capitol Building
600 Dexter Avenue
Suite E-208
Montgomery, AL 36103

Dear Sir:

We spoke via phone on July 18, 2014. Upon my inquiry regarding reporting election fraud, you instructed me to file a formal complaint via written letter.  This is the manifestation of that call.

I live in Fairhope, AL.  I have been a resident here for nearly eleven years.  During that time I have witnessed many instances of what looks like election tampering.  All too often official results appear dubious based on candidate voting records, public opinion and competition.  Strangely, every time a political candidate hires political consultant Lynn Stacey, a business partner of recently elected Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliot, that candidate wins.  I have never seen a Lynn Stacey-backed candidate lose an election.  A track record of winning 100 percent of campaigns managed is unheard of, and frankly, defies statistics and good reason.

As reported a few months ago to FBI Agent Lisa Reiter in Mobile, Alabama, when I ran for Mayor of Fairhope in 2012, I ran a scientific poll that showed incumbent Mayor Kant’s administration had a 22 percent approval rating.  The sample size for this poll allowed for a margin of error of six percent (6%).  In the primary Mayor Kant received (allegedly) 55% of the vote, with the other challenger receiving 33% and me 12%.  I challenged the election forthwith, requesting a hand-counting of a sample of the ballots.  I was told that it would cost $4,500 to “run the ballots back through the voting machines…and that a hand count would not occur.”  At the urging of supporters, I declined.  Mayor Kant’s political consultant in this race was—Lynn Stacey, who is known throughout the county as “the fix-it guy.”

In the recent race for the Baldwin County Commission seat involving incumbent Bob James and challenger Chris Elliot, James and Elliott were separated in the primary by only 150 votes.  A third candidate, Cody Phillips, received 3,000 votes.  Mr. Phillips pledged his support to incumbent James in the runoff.  The result was that Elliott defeated James by 19% of the votes cast—which is oddly 3,000 votes!  Again–with the aid of “the fix-it guy,” Lynn Stacey.

I am writing again because the communities of Fairhope and Baldwin County are being run like an Italian crime family.  Intimidation, theft (BP Boom Scandal with Senator Trip Pittman—another Stacey client) and bid-rigging lucrative public contracts for friends and donors are the norm here, despite obvious ethical concerns.  The Alabama Ethics Commission is nothing but paid interference for the thugs in power.  As a result of years of totalitarian control via ballot box tampering, voter apathy is at an all-time high.  Only eleven percent voted in the recent county commission runoff race.  The voters are jaded, as they should be.

I urge you to please look seriously into this matter.  The Alabama law enforcement officials have done nothing to ensure fair and impartial elections.
In closing, I can think of no other non-violent crime that steals more from our American way of life.  Without fair and impartial elections there is no way for Alabama to ever improve its plight.
It is for this reason that I make this impassioned plea.
Help us for God’s sake!  We are being held captive by a corrupt, self-serving regime that will do whatever it takes to maintain their stranglehold on Baldwin County.

Chris Warner, Ph.D.
Fairhope, Alabama


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