Warner to Sign Copies of New “Tailgater’s Guide to SEC Football” at Page & Palette June 6th

“This is the book that will get SEC Football fans through the lockdowns! I call it the ‘Bible of SEC Football,’” said Dr. Warner, the “Professor of Tailgating,” and author of more than twenty tomes. “That’s because Southerner’s don’t think—they feel—and there’s nothing they feel more passionate about than SEC Football on Saturdays in the fall!”

Chris Warner will be signing his newest book on SEC Football (Father’s Day) along with several others he’s written…in Fairhope on Saturday June 6, 2020 in Fairhope, 1 to 4.

“Tailgating and traveling the nation’s toughest conference supporting their team is the pinnacle of the fall cultural phenomenon for SEC football fans. And what exactly is tailgating?

It’s a confluence of the reunion of friendships and family, good food, and of course, football: In the South, tailgating, in terms of seeing and being seen—is the sizzle that sells the steak.”

Building on previous successful versions, completely updated, this brand new book contains:

-A fascinating history of college football in the South, with links to the Civil War

-A history of the Southeastern Conference and its predecessors, the Southern Conference, SIAA

-Chapters on each member school (14) Western Division, Eastern Division:

a) histories

b) traditions

c) great players and coaches

d) where to shop and golf

e) where to eat and drink so you can take over when you get there

f) famous/noteworthy alumni

g) acquisition of mascots, colors and nicknames

h) bail bondsmen and hospitals

-A history of the cultural phenomenon, tailgating

-14 Cajun tailgating recipes, including “Crimson Tide Seafood Gumbo,” “Jordan-Hare Shrimp and Okra Stew,” “Starkville Shrimp and Corn Soup,” and “Death Valley Crawfish Etouffee’…’

Warner’s first version of the now, Volume 5, 320-page book ($15.95, paperback) landed him on the History Channel documentary, “Tailgating” with actors Tom Arnold and Jenny McCarthy, where he echoed the fascinating history of College Football in the South, its inextricable links to the Civil War and pontificated on the ever-growing, modern, cultural penchant: tailgating!

“This is the first book I wrote, back in 2000. It remains my most successful, to date as a practical guide to history, tradition, legacy and lore.” Warner said, having authored over 20 titles, including “The Wagon to Disaster,” the untold story of HealthSouth, (American Greed/Sixty Minutes) with the former CFO, Aaron Beam, and “Bushwhacked at the Flora-Bama” with the founder of the iconic beach haunt on the Alabama-Florida Line, Joe Gilchrist. The Professor of Tailgating has appeared on “CBS Sports Saturday,” “James Carville’s 60-20 with Luke Russert” and the “Paul Finebaum Radio Show.” A former radio and television host, high school teacher and college professor, Warner lives on the narrow, white sandy island strip known as Perdido Key, Florida. -30-


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    OK, Ripp, we will be there for Warner’s book signing. Now kindly post Freaky Friday so we can read what is going on in Fairhope.

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