I do hope people are heeding the warnings related to COVD-19. May I suggest, Dr Sanjay Gupta’s

site. It has updates as well general information. Dr Gupta was actually ringing the bell before the Federal Government even admitted we had a problem.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta urges Americans to stay home: ‘We’re in this together’

Dr. Sanjay Gupta urges Americans to stay home: ‘We’re in this together’

President Trump tweeted on Tuesday, “The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!”


Another site with valuable information is:

It is simple folks, to kill the virus we need to quarantine ourselves, for at least 2 weeks, then re evaluate the situation. Seniors do not need to be babysitters. Stay informed, do not panic, and please comply with recommended health guidelines, such as social distancing.

The Alabama primary runoff elections, March 31, have been delayed to July 14 2020.

Alabama primary runoff election delayed as COVID-19 precaution

Alabama primary runoff election delayed as COVID-19 precaution

Gov. Kay Ivey is using powers granted to her under the Alabama Emergency Management Act of 1955 to postpone the state’s upcoming primary runoff elections.


This unexpected delay effects several political runoff races. The one, The Ripp Report is focused on is the First Congressional seat. Mr. Jerry Carl won the primary over Hightower, the CATALYST candidate. Mr. Carl has since gotten the support of his former opponents Chris Pringle and Wes Lambert who had garnered about 22% of the vote.

Carl actually won the counties of Mobile Escambia, Monroe and a portion of Clark. Carl won in northern Baldwin County. His only losses were in the CATALYST hometown of Fairhope.



The last Monday night Fairhope City Council meeting and the work session were unnecessary long. Many people have begun to watch the council meeting in their homes, on Youtube. It is convenient and you…


CATALYST hot spots like Daphne, where the Mayor is CATALYST, went for the CATALYST candidate. Then we have Gulf Shores and Orange beach going for CATALYST. That figures because they both gave us the TAX MAN Elliott, look how that has worked out!

CATALYST is the step child of Stacy, Elliott and Haygood. Stacy is deceased and Elliott became a commissioner and now is the TAX MAN, thanks Orange Beach. Haygood became Mayor of Daphne, and has run it like a development company.

CATALYST is born, the ultimate good ole boy club on 8/11/14. Mr Scott Boone is at the wheel of CATALYST and his father sits on the Fairhope City Council, that is what you call having a man on the inside. The entire Fairhope City Council has connections to CATALYST. That is the reason this council has been the worst Fairhope has ever seen.

Catalyst Associates, LLC – AlabamaCorporates – Company Profiles of Alabama

Catalyst Associates, LLC – AlabamaCorporates – Company Profiles of Alabama

Company Profile


The absolute one fact about CATALYST that you can count on is that anyone they support, gets elected or is appointed to public office, uses that position for personal gain.

Hightower and CATALYST are running negative ads and using swamp political action committees, like Club for Growth Action. This is swamp money and Washington insiders wanting to tell Alabamians how to vote.

What is Jerry Carl doing? He is President of the Mobile County Commission, he is on Mobile’s Health Board. Mr Carl has not been campaigning the last few days, he has been busy handling the COVD-19 crises. His responsibilities are to his constituents and they can rest assured his leadership, in such a stressful situation, is greatly appreciated.

Mr Carl will be dealing with COVD-19, for weeks, possibly risking his own health. This is what you call “stepping up to the plate”.

The First Congressional District needs Jerry Carl, the last thing we need is CATALYST in the swamp.

Baldwin County please agree with the rest of the First Congressional District and reject CATALYST candidates.

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33 Comments on "VIRUS vs. CATALYST"

  1. Catalyst Fact Checker | March 19, 2020 at 7:48 am |

    You continually state that all Catalyst candidates use their office for personal gain. Please give specifics. You can’t, so you don’t. You are the very definition of Fake News. You spread your conspiracy theory and lies. If there are so many Catalyst candidates and ALL are receiving personal gain, it should be easy.

    The fact is they are all the ones making the hard decisions in this crisis, while you sit back and gossip on the internet. Gossip is not informative or helpful to any cause. Gossip if for small minds, like yours.

    • I can be a fact checker too | March 19, 2020 at 11:50 am |

      Dear Catalyst Fact Checker
      You want examples?
      Haygood got elected and there is not a developer he will say no to because he works for the developers and is one himself
      Brown is a developer

      Conners is a banker who loans to developers
      Dorsey is a developer
      If you are a candidate and swear allegiance to the subdivision builders then Catalyst will take you as a client and get you elected
      I work in local elections and know for a fact what you refute
      I can go on and on but you as a “fact checker” know this and more
      You just asked this question to try to see how much we know
      Why don’t you directly refute the money Catalyst gets from the developers then funnel the money to the candidates?
      We see on expenditure reports what goes on. We also see how Catalyst candidates delayed payments until after the last election so they could hide their association with Catalyst
      We also see in uncontested races where payments were accelerated
      You delude yourself in thinking we are that naive
      Catalyst must be worried because they have you trying to refute Ripp’s claims

      • ILLUMINATI!!!!!

        • Typical Catalyst comeback
          Why don’t you find another rebuttal other than the tired “Illuminati?”
          Catalyst tried this during the last election on Facebook and STILL lost Dorsey’s race

    • Francis Ripp | March 19, 2020 at 3:59 pm |

      I am so glad you want names because I am working on that article now, soon come stay tuned, CATALYST PLAYERS

    • Hey fact checker- you do no service trying g to refute Ripp. Whenever you make a post you get shredded
      Why don’t you go post to the Catalyst site known as the Baldwin insider? Oh wait! It was stopped when it was discovered that Chuckie Cheese wrote for it and Catalyst had him hired to work for the legislature

      • Baldwin Insider | March 20, 2020 at 12:31 am |

        They had to get Chuckie hired so he could write their bills – they aren’t capable. And Chuckie ain’t no lawyer- he is in over his head and our district is paying for that nonsense.
        When are people going to wise up?

    • Dear Catalyst Fact Checker:
      A copy of a former mayors’ deposition will be coming to a theater near you…. a copy of a scam to defraud the City coming soon…
      It really is a felony to accept money or favors in return for personal favors from the city, state or federal government. Any individual who does so is committing a crime. And they should go to jail! Period! Especially when they hurt innocent people.
      – Get Thelma Lou on the phone, she was eavesdropping!
      As Ever,
      Aunt Bea

    • Illuminati | March 20, 2020 at 9:03 am |

      Catalyst candidates are “making hard decisions during this crisis.” Don’t make me gag.
      So you are admitting that Catalyst exists. AHA! So much for the “Illuminati” comeback. You just admitted you exist

    • Elvis Manager | March 22, 2020 at 10:18 am |

      Robert Brown worked as a contractor on the soccer fields (not level).
      He built the concession stand.
      He built the arts center addition.
      All public contracts.
      “Rob” then built his dream home.

      Rob is why Fairhope cannot have nice things.
      Fairhope is a haven for political theives.

  2. How about putting a moratorium on new subdivisions or assessing impact fees?

    • Francis Ripp | March 19, 2020 at 4:02 pm |

      That requires common sense

      • Catalyst is evil | March 19, 2020 at 8:16 pm |

        No Paul, no moratoriums and impact fees because the developers tell the politicians no
        Impact fees bite into the profit margins of Cox and Corte
        I knew a candidate that was vetted by Catalyst and the first question was over impact fees
        This is why I am so opposed to Catalyst.
        I wonder if the Catalyst fact checker has something to say about this

  3. Catalyst Fact Checker | March 19, 2020 at 8:18 pm |

    “Conner [Conyers] is a banker who loans to developers”. This is not a specific allegation. If he loans to developers, what connects any of his votes to personal gain by making loans? Nothing. Any loans he makes is not public and you are therefore making this allegation up, with nothing but a theory.

    Dorsey is no longer in office, so the fact that you are bringing this up is nonsense.

    “Haygood got elected and there is not a developer he won’t say no to”. Where is the vote he made or the yes he said to a developer that he personally gained from. It isn’t there and is a made up conspiracy theory.

    “Brown is a developer”. Not much to debunk here. The question is how they use public office for private gain. Stating what someone’s occupation is does not contribute to the conversation of public servants using their office for private gain.

    So, to be clear, ALL candidates who are associated with Catalyst are corrupt and breaking the law, but these are the only examples. Great job with more gossip.

    As for general accusations, they can’t be debunked because there is nothing to Fact Check.

    • Dorsey is no longer in office because he worked for Burke more than the people
      Let’s face it Fact Checker, you know that Catalyst is an instrument of the developers so stop asking for examples that you can refute. I know many of these Catalysts and I know their little moves
      You are banking that the people reading this do not know the details and will overlook your claims but we are working hard at educating the voters and connecting the dots for them. Elliot, Stacey, and Haygood to Catalyst to what ever they change their name to: we will be watching not just SOS finance reports but where certain developers put their money to those cheap PVC mass produced campaign signs you through up for your puppet candidates

    • But I read campaign finance reports on Jim Merrill’s Secretary of State web page and see “Catalyst and Assoc” that certain candidates pay for campaigning. What does that mean?

    • Ole Fairhoper | March 20, 2020 at 10:18 am |

      There is nothing to fact check because the good ole boys have used their political offices to allow homebuilders to build anything everywhere at the peril of the people who have been impacted
      We long timers have paid for city and county equipment and now see it being used for the new neighborhoods
      Why isn’t Horton and Truland being made to pay for the equipment?

    • Ha ha
      Catalyst politicians are either realestate developers or have been bought by realestate developers. They are the reason why sewers are overflowing and schools are crowded. Then they want to raise our taxes instead of making themselves pay impact fees
      I am looking forward to this election when the Catalysts have to answer for their doings. Right now all they can do is scream wing nut Illuminati but that is no longer working. Neither is phony religiousness and acting conservative
      Catalysts we are going to get you out of office. We started back in 2016 and will continue. You will join Dorsey in your defeat

    • you are so wrong I am working on an article for you

    • Plaindealinfh | March 22, 2020 at 10:20 am |

      Brown the clown from your shitbay town who steals contracts.

  4. How in the world can the Trump cult fail to connect the dots? He lied and made up the hoax shit so he and his buddies could sell their stocks. Guess there’s criminals on both sides! Just a senator or two! You “Christians” took a leap of faith straight up Trumps ass and STILL don’t want to come back out. In the time we delayed action, because mass producing tests would have tanked the market, Germany produced 12.5 million. And we are scrambling to buy some from whoever we can now. All you amateur data scientists that have popped up, the math isn’t hard. It’s not a fucking mystery. There’s plenty of data out there and you plain suck at this and should shut your fucking mouth because you have zero clue what you are talking about and it’s not even hard math. There’s bodies piling up in Italy and your basing your math on confirmed cases when there’s no tests out there to confirm anything. Shame on all of you.

    • Catalyst rides the Trump train and the Christian Conservative train
      I support Trump and consider myself a conservative but I also know that Catalyst has hijacked these labels for their candidates. Catalyst isn’t so much for Trump or Christian conservative. They just use these because they know Baldwin voters like these terms as per their polling data
      Catalyst just likes money and power

      • If train means scam, then I agree. Being conservative doesn’t mean you have to fall for scams.

        • Catalyst has scammed the voters into thinking they are Christian conservatives.
          In reality Catalyst doesn’t care about political philosophy or religion. Catalyst just uses it to get power and money
          If the fact checker needs evidence just look at all of the subdivisions Catalyst is slowing without thinking about schools roads sewers and infrastructure
          Catalyst could not care of the impact that out of control growth causes. It just makes money off of overbuilding

  5. I’m not sure Chris Pringle should endorse anybody. The man didn’t use the common sense that God gave him for free during the campaign that he dreadfully lost. What a loser that doesn’t even return phone calls from supporters with donations that he didn’t even realize. Loser, that is what he is.

    • Hightower is so desperate he is visiting black churches.

    • Thelma Blue fh | March 22, 2020 at 4:25 pm |

      Pringle is a fine christian. If he says to vote for jerry carl then by golly that’s who im votin for!

      Cat list be damned.

  6. Who actually cares about any Catalyst that says that they are a fact checker? We all know that they crawl with the snakes, they are hypocrites and they work harder than doing Chinese arithmetic, to line their own pockets with any dollar they can. It’s that simple and to hell with these clowns! Reminds me of the Joker we dealt with a while back on this blog. Who cares! Don’t want to see the word Catalyst fact checker again from those who really know that catalyst would climb 20 feet up to tell you a lie than stand on the ground face to face and tell you the truth! Piss on them!

  7. Teenybopper | March 22, 2020 at 4:23 pm |

    Damn mister ripp i heard you forced Hightower to go door to door during the coronavirus scare.
    Damn he skerred af.

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