The Fairhope City Council has not approved a single Fairhope City Budget, on time, in the last 3 years. Their only accomplishment, so far, has been to pass an ordinance for sleeping in cars, a perfect example of a lack of compassion and leadership.

‘Sleeping in cars’ is Fairhope fake snooze; City Council is real problem

‘Sleeping in cars’ is Fairhope fake snooze; City Council is real problem

As far as I know, people sleeping in cars is not a problem in Fairhope. The people driving the City Council clown car? That’s another story.


Alabama’s homeless veterans: ‘I didn’t care about my life or anyone else’s’

Alabama’s homeless veterans: ‘I didn’t care about my life or anyone else’s’

Air Force veteran tells his story of struggles with PTSD, suicide attempt.


Please read the Mayor’s report and take special note on how the City Council address the issues within the report. The Council is comprised of representatives of the status quo, good ole boy politicians. They are not transparent, accountable or ethical. Ask Yourself where is the Council Report?

The Mayor of Fairhope is a PUBLIC SERVANT, Totally transparent. She and her staff should be commended for their hard work and dedication to the citizens of Fairhope. The Clown Car Passengers need to go in 2020.

From the Desk of Mayor Karin Wilson

City of Fairhope



For the first time in Fairhope history, the 2020 City Budget proposal requires zero dollars of utility profits to balance. The City is finally self-sustaining financially and can run independently from our Utility Department. There are ZERO dollars paying for government operating expenses. I’m not sure how many ways I can articulate it, but this is a very good thing and something to be celebrated!


“And in case anyone tries to tell you “it’s all City money”, know that is not true. The City operates with tax dollars. The Utility Department operates with rate fees. The money is not the same and going back to the old way of doing business should never happen again. “

“We have much more to cover during September and I have implored Council to take the time needed to meet and ensure the budget passes on time this year. All amendments to the proposed budget must take place with communication in open meetings for the benefit of citizens, employees and me. This is how all government budgets are developed. Council has avoided this open process the last three budget cycle and it is contrary to State Statute.”

This process before has enabled Council to sit on the budget for many months beyond the deadline without any accountability and prevented the ability of employees and I to do our job successfully. Please help us hold them accountable. With Council’s willingness to pass the budget by the 10/1 deadline, we can make 2020 a model year for our citizens.


Mayor Karin Wilson

City of Fairhope, Office: 251.990.0110, Cell: 251.422.0669, [email protected], 2019 State of the City, Future Fairhope: Moving Forward Together


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15 Comments on "TRANSPARENCY"

  1. Gosh this Council is so useless!!!!
    We cannot wait to vote these brainless and heartless idiots out!!!!!

  2. Mayor Karin Wilson really needs our support for her Greeno Road Corridor re-zoning plan .

  3. Who supports this council? I’m so sick of their obstruction. But I don’t see where people are paying attention.

    • Phony Christian Conservatives | September 4, 2019 at 9:03 pm |

      I keep up with the goings on in the meetings
      The Council members pull their corrupt crap then display themselves at church as Christian.
      More and more people see them as the drunks they are
      The Council members are beginning to feel the pressure. Most of the members are gaining weight and drinking more to cope with the pressure they have brought on themselves

  4. Ole Fairhoper | September 4, 2019 at 8:59 pm |

    The Mayor has proven to be tougher than the Council combined.
    They are not real men but just bullies who are insecure in their manhood and self worth
    By piling on the Mayor they hope to reassure themselves but have failed in even doing this
    Can’t wait to see them go the same way that Tucker Dorsey went -Kicked out of office!

  5. Everyone always tries to be the Christian Politician and brag about how many times they go to Church or a prayer breakfast or just can’t tell you enough times “what a huge Christian they are”! Well according to the King James Version of the Bible, Psalms 118 verse 8, it reads “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”. Watching all these men brag on their Christian values and how great they are really makes the quote from Psalms pretty neat and very and I mean very TRUE!
    You all want us to respect you as a Christian? Show us instead of shoving it in our faces everyday!
    True That! If all these people would act like Christians instead of trying to convince people that they are one, wow! wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air.

  6. Really tired of this council voting against the people they say they represent. They represent catalyst and the builders and developers and real estate crowd.

    • Georgia Orwell | September 6, 2019 at 9:04 pm |

      I agree; however, I would bet large that they will all be re-elected. Most voters in Fairhope appear to be really old and they don’t know what is going on because they don’t attend council meetings and they only read the Burrell blog, Gulf Coast News Today. They are terrified of Mayor Wilson because she is female and that upsets their view of the world…..if a woman can be Mayor, who or what might be next? Truly frightening.
      Today’s power outage will possibly energize some voters because no one wants to live without air conditioning here, and the current Council has done their best to delay any improvements to the infrastructure here (just as they and Kant diverted utility funds to their pet projects). I had a very enlightening conversation with a city employee yesterday; he informed me that the employees of the City love Mayor Wilson because she cares about their problems getting their jobs done and tries her best to deliver the resources that they need to do so, but that ‘they’ are determined to undermine anything that she does’, ‘they’ being the City Council. (I know……bad sentence, I have have let the grammar go unchecked tonight.). Watch the videos of the Council meetings and see how the head of utilities, Mr. Peterson, has pretty much begged the Council to release funds to upgrade the utilities to try to catch up with the mega developments that the CC has allowed to move forward when they have been repeatedly warned of system overloads!

      • The city council is well aware of the dire condition of the utilities. They are wIting for a complete failure then they will blame it on the mayor
        These guys on the council are useless scumbags pushing as family Christians. Lying drunks is what they are

        • Just as I suspected…….what can we do? The Council is destroying Fairhope.

          • Vote them out | September 9, 2019 at 8:44 pm |

            Vote them out. Spread the word!
            The council members are betting their Catalyst developer buddies will put them back in

  7. Just to confirm, the Council puts the purse strings in a death grip when it comes to City employee raises – giving what, a less than COLA, 2% annual raise – but does not take issue with giving itself a 25% raise, in addition to receiving full insurance benefits at no cost? Ridiculous.

    • Remember that when you vote

      • Catalyst still rules | September 12, 2019 at 8:08 pm |

        The voters will forget, Catalyst will fund the campaigns of its lap dog politicians, and the tumor-like growth will continue until the county becomes like Theodore
        The voters here Baldwin are too stupid or too busy to care about anything unles it is about what’s on TV

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