In Alabama politicians and elected officials will always go dark, rather than being transparent, when they have something to hide.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is the worst Alabama Attorney General appointed in the last 50 years. He has done little for the state of Alabama since his appointment by Love Gov, Bentley.

Complaints filed with the Attorney General fall into black holes, with little or no response from the A.G. The A.G. is commonly referred to as “Always Gone”.

In Montgomery the A.G is known as the hardest to find politician on goat hill. His promises of fighting white collar crime and political corruption are only election time bylines. He avoids any direct questioning from reporters, or anyone who may want to ask him questions about obvious corruption in Alabama, or his lack of any legal action against corrupt politicians.

The sad truth is he may be re-elected without any opposition. You get what you vote for and the Attorney General of Alabama is a good example of a very poor choice.

This article is a few months old but the facts are the same.

In Fairhope, Jack Burrell is the master of dark. The Fairhope Airport Authority, FAA, has been a thorn in the side of Fairhope taxpayers from day one. The Airport Authority has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, represents a tremendous debt and services less than 1% of Fairhope.

Mr. Burrell and Mayor Sullivan took down the on line meetings of the Authority last year. It is the only committee meeting in a blackout, why?

Get ready for the Jack Burrell scuffle. He has his own agenda when it comes to the development of the Airport. Jack is a front man for special interests that want total control of the airport. It looks like Jack’s new plan is to force the FBO, fixed base operator, via a lawsuit, out of the lease. This is an interesting since the FBO renewed a lease with the FAA in 2018. At that time Jack was defending the FBO.

Mr. Burrell has an infamous reputation for “extending the truth” so everything he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The question is did Jack use federal money for the Airport, to further his plans to evict the lease holding FBO, by creating a new FBO? One thing is for sure, the City of Fairhope does not want you to see the committee meetings of the Fairhope Airport Authority. The second thing, is if the meetings were on line then the FAA may not be in the situation they find them selves in today. The FAA is in violation of open meeting laws using executive sessions to avoid public scrunity.

Of course Captain Jack was a no show at the meeting where the authority started swimming backwards.

Fairhope citizens are in the dark and have no clue what the future plans are for the airport. Please remember the Burrell deal of purchasing 2.65 million dollars of farm land by the airport, for recreation??

This maybe the third or forth fiasco Jack has created through the Authority. Each incident required time, attorneys, energy and tax payer money to resolve.

The FAA now finds itself in a protracted negotiation to unwind the legal issues created by Councilman Burrell and Mayor Sullivan, who have gone dark.

“The construction of a new FBO will depend on whether the Authority can secure as much as $1.5 million in additional funds to match a $600,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation. Lagarde said bids for the project will be opened next week, but any financing will have to be approved by the Fairhope City Council. “

Judicial darkness:

Another example about keeping things in the dark, happened in the dark. A boating accident with 5 juveniles, January 22, 2021,around 2:45 am, it was covered briefly by several news agencies.

Fairhope Police were called to the scene by property owners reporting damage to their pier. The Fairhope Police handed the case over to the Marine patrol and ALEA, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. What makes this story more interesting is that the driver of the boat is, alleged , the son of a local Judge.

Their has been no followup by the media and a blogger in Florida, alleged, that the good Judge had interfered with the investigation. The accident occurred with critical injuries to one person who was hospitalized. The boat was moved from the accident site and no one knows when or where, the juveniles were interviewed.

The Ripp Report is focused on whether the judge interfered with a police investigation. We have requested a police report from ALEA.

We are following the story however it is hard to see in the dark.

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  1. Buttholes are always dsrk.

  2. 90 million votes gave us this nightmare. Bad enough without Baldwin County shinanigains. And then there’s goat hill. What can you say about that place? Ripp give us an update on the mega site scam.

    • Trump is a traitor | January 27, 2022 at 1:17 pm |

      Because bubbles form and pop in less than a year. Nothing to do with past Presidents of course. Nothing to do with the smoke and mirrors he/they used to heat the economy. By the way, they are splitting up the money the banks can’t pay and packaging them up. Also, Trump should be in prison. But you probably don’t believe in the constitution and the separation of powers. The weak but strong Democrats (Textbook facist tactic you fall for 24-7). I’m sure the weak but strong Democrats rewrote history to make Trump look bad. They put Hitler in prison too. So you’ll keep worshipping Orange Jesus until you get that tyrant you’ve been dreaming of. Because you only want a tyrant because it’s all about you’re rights. But, I say throw the traitor in prison. You’ll ignore the text messages and overwhelming evidence either way. You believe the morons on your favorite rage entertainment channel.

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    Biden botched the pullout.
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