The two most photographed places in Fairhope, are the Pier and the Downtown Clock. The Clock and adjoining patio are subjects of photography by tourists and locals daily. It is not only an iconic location, it is the soul of downtown. Change it and you have changed Fairhope. It is a TOURIST ATTRACTION.

The City of Fairhope should be embarrassed that the patio portion was not purchased years ago.

City Passes On New Park

City Passes On New Park

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.

Please Read: www.thefairhopetimes.com/2008/12/city-passes-on-new-park.html

In the last part of the below article you will see the architectural concept of the proposed hotel. The patio effect, or common area, would be gone and the clock regulated to the corner, with limited exposure .

Councilman Proposes Lowering Maximum Building Height

Councilman Proposes Lowering Maximum Building Height

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.

Please Read: www.thefairhopetimes.com/2019/01/councilman-proposes-lowering-building.html

Councilman Conyers is correct go back to 35 feet height restriction. The reason it went to 40 feet was to accommodate the Publix project.

Developer pulls boutique hotel proposal from Fairhope zoning board agenda – Lagniappe Mobile

Developer pulls boutique hotel proposal from Fairhope zoning board agenda – Lagniappe Mobile

A property owner and developer interested in constructing a four-story boutique hotel at the corner of Fairhope Avenue and Section Street in the heart of downtown Fairhope has put the project on hold. Matt Bowers said he notified the city two weeks ago he would pull his application from the Jan. 24 Board of Zoning …

Please Read: lagniappemobile.com/developer-pulls-boutique-hotel-proposal-from-fairhope-zoning-board-agenda/

Property owner and developer Matt Bowers, a resident of Louisiana, is also the owner of Matt Bowers Nissan in Daphne. Mr. Bowers seems like a reasonable man and say’s “I’m going to get some feedback.” Trust me Matt you can count on that! Matt also admitted being “unfamiliar with local politics.” Well Matt all I can say is bend over, your in Baldwin County, ALABAMA. Number one in political corruption for the entire United States. The last damn thing the hardcore Fairhope locals, about 3500 want to see, is another out of state developer trying to develop the soul of Fairhope.

Matt needs to read The Ripp Report and research the controversy surrounding the Fly Creek Apartments, the K1 Center, or Turberville Gully, proposed change of government, or the entertainment district, and the social media frenzy that followed. These issues excited the base and thousands signed petitions and hundreds showed up at council meetings, protesting. Politicians, lawyers and city workers lost their jobs over the Fly Creek Apartments, and more will lose their jobs the next election.

Mr. Bowers you are a business man and make a living selling automobiles. You could not ask for worse advertising than pissing off thousands of potential customers. I encourage you to proceed with caution, do not be misled by Fairhope Flowers. “local politics” in Fairhope is a blood sport.

The City Council should step in and mitigated a resolution, that is fair to Mr. Bowers and the community. that saves the clock and patio. Remember it was the council that rejected the boutique Hotel concept at the K-1 location, that provided parking and many other amenities. Mr Bowers project depends on City parking and needs variances to proceed. His project would destroy a TOURIST LOCATION and the SOUL of downtown Fairhope.

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17 Comments on "TICK-TOCK"

  1. Destroy Fairhope? Fairhope is being gutted by the council that is owned by outside developers

  2. Catalyst is Evil | January 23, 2019 at 10:34 pm |

    So what if it destroys Fairhope? Money will be made. The citizens of Fairhope donot care. They just want to walk around town, sip wine, and tell themselves they live in Fairhope without having to think that the town will end up as a traffic-jammed, over-priced, over-taxed, over-crowded, and OVER-RATED place.
    This is because of the political machine named Catalyst and paid for by DR Horton, Belaton, and people named Stacey and Cox.

  3. Wew Lost Fairhope | January 24, 2019 at 9:19 am |

    I have lived in this town since 1968. I bought my house in the Fruit and Nuts for just over 15,000. It is now worth over $450,000. I am selling out and moving out of this town. I am going to the country out of the city limits and police jurisdiction of Fairhope.
    It is sad to see these people ruining this town – but I will cry all the way to the bank.

  4. Opioids in Fairhope.
    Only explanation.
    Nobody cares about the vultures descending.
    Brain narcosis.

  5. Burrell has been making bank off Fairhope. Him and rob Jester brown.

  6. Rutherford Mayes | January 24, 2019 at 2:25 pm |

    Nobody cares about a clock. Give me your money and your ambiance.

  7. I know the owner. He is putting a huge digital clock on the side of the hotel in lieu of clock blocking.

    • Francis Ripp | January 31, 2019 at 1:27 pm |

      The common area patio is as important as the clock. Lose the patio and build to the sidewalk and you lose a very important part of downtown Fairhope

  8. I am from Fairhope, lived here all my life – 70 plus years & it is more than ridiculous these “newcomers to Fairhope” who have moved here & think they are something special. How funny!!! Fairhope is NOTHING like it use to be – all these people that have moved in have totally DESTROYED Faiehopw!!
    It is more than sickening!! Those that have moved here that think they are now something special – believe you me – we know who you are & you are NOT !!!’

  9. Daphneoracle | January 25, 2019 at 12:41 am |

    Any reports on sewage spills? I hear that the pier has seen a few more lincoln logs.

  10. Was at Julwin’s the other day. Why do so many old geezer fairhopians blame mayor Karin for the city’s growth problems? This is the fault of the council, not the mayor!

    The leader of the council, “Mr. Diddy” Jack Burrell, is your problem. Him and that nasty catalyst council!!! Wake up our town is being overrun. Do you really think Fairhope will be the same in five years? It will be a mess.

    Stop the growth until new roads and schools are built. Please.

  11. Grizzly Adams | January 25, 2019 at 9:44 am |

    Do fairhope folks realize its better daze are behind it?

  12. I retired to Fairhope in 2010.
    It was a retirement community. Now it has bern overrun by kids in apartments and tickytack homes.

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