Two of 5 council seats had no opposition, Place 3, Jimmy Conyers, the best one of the last council will serve 4 more years. Place 2, Cory Martin, the first African American to be elected to council, he had no opposition. Congratulations to both. That leaves the infamous three B’s, Burrell, Boone and Brown trying to convince everyone that they are better than slice bread. Each one of them has used his office for personal gain.


Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault - Lagniappe Mobile Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault - Lagniappe Mobile A well known Fairhope businessman was found guilty of public intoxication and third-degree assault earlier this month after an incident at a bar late last year. Ronan McSharry, owner of McSharry’s Irish Pub, was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but credited for two months already served in a rehabilitation facility, according to municipal court …


The Fairhope City Council has bullied the Mayor at Council meetings and other public venues. The first council meetings of this council’s term, were disgraceful. The “leadership” of the bulling was headed by Council President Jack Burrell, who refuses to share the Council President chair, and is supported by Councilmen Boone and Brown. Councilmen Conyers and Robinson were mute, but complicit. Bulling, intimidation, and victimization are one in the same. Intimidation is a major weapon in the Baldwin County political and judicial arena and some “men” find women an easy target.


Kyle Whitmire of has written a series of articles that most people in Alabama will not read. The sad truth is corruption is inbred in Alabama and our elected officials are more interested in special interests than their constituents. Baldwin County leads the list of the most corrupt counties in Alabama, Elected officials in Baldwin County do not fear the Ethics Commission, Attorney General of even the FBI. EXPOSURE EXPOSURE | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE The Ripp Report is a non-profit organization, politically non-partisan.


Fairhope citizens need to watch the first 30 minutes of the Fairhope Work Session, March 27: The first 15 minutes involves the K-1 Center, the next 15 minutes is discussing a Conservation Easement on the Triangle property 109 acres. Hats off to Councilman Conyers for speaking up for the citizens and encouraging Community Engagement aka Public participation. Mr Conyers is also the Councilman who has encourage the Council, unsuccessfully, to establish a pay grade for the position of Mayor, which has been in limbo since the election of Mayor Wilson.


Fairhope entered the new year hoping there would be change and cooperation among the City Council and the Mayor. The City Council has wasted an entire year trying to obstruct the newly elected Mayor and her administration. They are now faced with the city council president being sued for preventing free speech. SEE YA IN COURT JACK PRESS RELEASE:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION December 29, 2017 CONTACT: Francis P. Ripp Local Political Activist, Consumer Advocate, & Blogger Files Federal Lawsuit Against Jack…


Today the phrase “to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching negative consequences. Once open all the evils fly out, only leaving the good. Fairhope has opened Pandora’s box thanks to the HR director and her $100,000 lawsuit against the city. Now the contents are slowly going to be public. The latest item out of the box is the claim of Sherry Sullivan and her wrongful termination.


The Fairhope City Council is using the Baldwin County Political Dictionary’s definition for “Fairness”. First, the council implements a hiring freeze to punish the mayor for firing two employees. Then they side with the developer and reject overwhelming objections from the public. This was done to be “Fair” and because of “the threat of a lawsuit.” Now the Council has moved to remove the Director of Economic and Community Development, Sherry-Lea Bloodworth-Botop, by reducing funds in the budget, thus killing the director’s job.


Dear Fairhope City Council: Recently several articles have been written in reference to Councilman Kevin Boone and the business connections he has through several LLC to individuals and engineering company Preble-Rish that are conflicts of interest. Mr. Boone has had these connections through the LLC’s for many years and has never acknowledged them or recuse himself from voting on any issues that came before him as a councilman or during his participation with planning and zoning.


Fairhope celebrated the election of the first woman Mayor of Fairhope with a fantastic swearing in ceremony. Hundreds attended and the atmosphere was positive. Mayor Wilson addressed the attendees and promised to represent them to the best of her abilities. She was humble and appreciated the trust the citizens had in her ability. Mayor Kant did not attend the ceremony. Also, he never cooperated with the transition of power or city information nor did he attend any pre-inauguration functions.