Freaky Friday
Fairhope City Council President and Eastern Shore, MPO, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chairman Jack Burrell considers himself a genius. He is the only one, because he leaves a trail of poor decisions, confusion, and corruption that affects his own constituents in a negative way. Jack has been busy. He is the Pied Piper of Baldwin County representing the special interests of Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting. The Pied Piper is costing Fairhope millions.


Freaky Friday
Only in Fairhope can someone with a high school education become the utility director with absolutely no experience at the job. Mayor Sullivan gets a $25,000 utility salary as well as her second check as Mayor. No other job classification among Fairhope employees exists where “No Experience” is needed. Mayor Wilson refused the dual salary and position of utility director for the much more prudent decision to hire a qualified utility engineer, with education and experience.


Freaky Friday
One thing you can say about Fairhope City Council, is that they are consistent. Council President Jack Burrell, who has stained the seat as President of Fairhope Council for two terms, is now beginning his third term, as President. For 9 years Jack has monopolize a position that is normally shared by the whole council, but they do things different in Fairhope. Mr Burrell and Council was sued, in Federal court, for denying public speech:


Monday Madness
Fairhope are you distracted enough between Inciting Insurrection, and the championship football game today? How distracted and worried have you been over Covid-19 and your kids going back to school? IT IS A PERFECT TIME FOR A QUARTERBACK SNEAK! In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, Sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.


Freaky Friday
Get ready Fairhope, CATALYST is now working under the Scott Boone Consulting banner. CATALYST can be best described as: “Intricate web of multiple concentric layers of companies that are intermingled around and intended, among other things, to conceal the interrelationships among and between, and to insulate from liability” The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as “a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity.


Saturday Sunshine
Not only is Council Burrell a bald faced liar, he thinks a hard hat works better than a face mask. This is what you get with CATALYST. Jack Burrell was Council President under Mayor Cant for 4 years and did not do one damn thing about infrastructure repairs. He did approve sewer repairs to the main sewer plant, however allowed no money for transmission lines. That is like having a healthy heart but no arms or legs.


Freaky Friday
The Fairhope Airport Authority, under control of Fairhope Council President Jack Burrell, continues to raise eyebrows,”What the hell is really going on at the Airport.” Millions of development dollars from federal agencies have expanded the airport with additional runways. Hangers are being offered on long term leases and no specific long range plan has been presented to the public. You just may look up one day and see Southwest flying in, think about it!