Dyas Triangle

Mayor of Fairhope Sherry


Fairhope you made the biggest mistake voters could make, you let the bees eat the honey. Only 15% of the registered voters decided who would become Mayor of Fairhope. Well Fairhope โ€œI told ya soโ€,…

Backstory Podcast

Backstory Podcast 9/11, 2001 Remembered

28,268,970 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 911,282 deaths; 6,417,146 in the USA with 192,381 deaths; 136,703 cases in Alabama with 2,333 deaths. September 11, 2001 remembered: a tragic day for our Country….

Howell Gibbens Fairhope


Where we should beโ€ฆ The explosive growth that Fairhope has been experiencing has not just overloaded our infrastructure it has put strains on our community in other ways that need to be addressed. We have…

Fairhope City Council


DOG AND PONY SHOW DOG AND PONY SHOW | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Get ready Fairhope! The Catalyst Council has called a special meeting at a special time, that they hope…