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Well folks you are going to have to get a Lagniappe paper or go on line to read this article, this is called investigative reporting. The article is a little long but tells a big story.

‘Straw man’ — Lawsuit reveals complex Baldwin business partnerships – Lagniappe Mobile

‘Straw man’ — Lawsuit reveals complex Baldwin business partnerships – Lagniappe Mobile

By Rob Holbert & Gabe Tynes If you were nosing through Baldwin County land sales records and happened across a particular sale of 247 acres of real estate near Magnolia Springs, you’d have reason to believe Oct. 28, 2005 was a very good day for Hopper Land Development South LLC.  On that day, a company …


If you ever had any doubt about just how low down and corrupt Baldwin County is then here is the

Proof. Businessman, lawyers, county commissioners, mortgage companies, real estate agents and developers pooled their greed to take advantage of an honest man who thought he was dealing with “friends.”

Justice in Baldwin County is an endangered species. Alabama is number one when it comes to corruption, Baldwin County is the worst county.

“IF they say they want to be your friends and that they are Christian, RUN LIKE HELL”

Remember years ago when “Christian” Tucker Dorsey, as a seating County Commissioner, denied any business relationship with Baldwin County Sewer or Clarence Burke? Dorsey was voted out of office by a huge margin of voters, now you see why, he smelled like a sewer.

Dorsey was also involved in the mega-site, let that sink in.

“Regardless of the evidence reviewed “in a light most favorable to the plaintiffs,” Norton granted summary judgment for the defendants on Sept. 11, 2017, a week before the case was set for trial. Ultimately, he accepted Alabama Capital’s argument that certain mortgages related to the transaction were valid and Bass failed to present “a genuine issue of material fact.”

Strange how the powerful and connected seem to catch a break when going to court in Baldwin County.

“So on that day near the end of October 2005, Bass provided more than $2.44 million for his half-share of the property. But the complaint contends Burke, without informing Bass, actually arranged to buy the property for a total of $2.44 million through the use of a “straw man,” Hopper Land Development South LLC. Therefore, the money Bass put up represented the total amount paid to the Nolte family, the sellers.”

Dorsey went on to say, “That was the only time we built a straw company like that.”

Straw buying is when an individual makes a purchase on behalf of someone, who otherwise would be unable to make the purchase, and this purchaser has no intention of using or controlling the purchased item. In many cases, straw buying is an illegal activity.



This is an endorsement not an advertisement. By that I mean no one is paying the Ripp Report to endorse Lagniappe. Lagniappe has become the only publication that is not considered a coupon paper.


This type of corruption is, unfortunately, common in Baldwin County. The Fairhope Airport Authority, Fairhope City Council, where three members have used their elected position for personal gain, The Mega-site and the Wharf in Orange Beach all have similar stories.

THANKS Lagniappe

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  1. Catalyst and Christian Hypocrites | August 21, 2019 at 7:35 pm |

    But Ripp, they are Christian Conservatives so that makes all thIs OK
    Seriously, if you keep exposing these crooks for what they really are then you may be putting yourself in danger. You are getting in between these greedy lying crooks and their money
    This is like putting your hand between a starving dog and red meat. You are the hand, Hopper Land is the starving dog and the money is the red meat

  2. Knows The Truth | August 21, 2019 at 9:28 pm |

    Ripp is the Resl Man to expose this Crap!! The Liers, Cheaters, Well Known Family Names in Baldwin County – this INCLUDES family members Who are also in State Politics – who are supposedly Very Christian – they try & do throw their Names around to Bully people & Organizations to get what THEY want!! It will catch up with them & their rewards will not be in Heaven!!!

    • Look none of these guys took an oath of poverty when they raised their hand. How else are these guys gonna make a living? No talent aholes that they are. Does Jesus come down hard on those who pretend to be Christian to steal?

      • Nobody expects them to take an oath of poverty. But if they ran for office to misuse the office for personal gain, then that is unethical.
        As far as to whether or not Jesus comes down on anybody who pretend to be Christian, that is what the word “hypocrite” means. But you will have to ask Jesus yourself to see what HE thinks.

  3. Mobile Predjudice Register | August 22, 2019 at 8:06 am |

    Once again, The Lagniappe, which was supposed to be a mere entertainment publication covering bands that were playing at local bars, is having to saddle the burden of covering the real news of the area because the of the sorry state of the Mobile Register.
    The Mobile Register has been reduced to being a shill for Shoe Station and has degenerated into an irrelevant coupon publication.
    If it were not for the Lagniappe and local blogs like Ripp, one would think by just reading the local “newspaper” is that the only thing happening in Mobile/Baldwin is that shoes sell for 40% off.

  4. Clarence B. | August 22, 2019 at 8:06 pm |

    You will be sued this time Ripp.

  5. Read article.
    Tucker is one dumb #ucker.

    • Spanish Fort Oracle | August 26, 2019 at 9:23 am |

      No, actually Tucker is smart. He came here from Georgia and made millions off Baldwin County. All he had to do was run with the right people and tell the voters he was a Christian Conservative.

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