Jack Burell and Robert Brown City Council Fairhope Alabama

Please vote today. JERRY CARL. Mr. Carl’s opposition is CATALYST and CATALYST home base is Fairhope.

JERRY CARL for the First Congressional District.

The Fairhope three B’s are rooting for the CATALYST candidate “Lowtower” Don’t get stung Baldwin County.


Fairhope municipal election qualifications has 7 days left, July 21. Two very important seats have yet to be challenged, Jack Burrell and Robert Brown.

There are people that are considering running against them, however, they have not committed as yet. In the best interest of Fairhope the 3 B’s need to go.

Kevin Boone, grandfather CATALYST is being challenged by Joshua Gammon.


Freaky Fairhope never ceases to amaze me when it comes to Karma and stupidity. I would not wish the slightest case of Covid on anyone.

Councilman Brown has been very vocal about not wearing a mask and he and Captain Jack both wanted to “take a chance with Arts and Crafts”. Have you ever noticed how stupidity and Karma go together?

Well guess which B got stung with Covid?

Guess which B does not wear a mask and claims to be a rocket scientist?

Guess which one has hidden his police report?

None Other:


Fairhope City Council president Jack Burrell acknowledged tonight that he and two other members of his household have tested positive for COVID-19, leading him to quarantine for the past two weeks.

But at the council work session prior to the meeting, the council at large expressed no interest in passing a mask mandate.

Fairhope council president in quarantine after positive COVID-19 test

Mr Brown has gone out of his was to discredit the seriousness of Covid. The Jester has been critical of anyone wearing a mask now it is rumored he to has been exposed to Covid.

A vote for Councilman Brown is a vote for corruption. Mr. Brown has used his office for personal gain and he is asking voters for their vote so he can continue using his office to personally enrich himself.


If NO candidates challenge Brown or Burrell, Fairhope will be stung again by the B’s.

Beware of the B-STING

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14 Comments on "Sting"

  1. Jack and Robert are god-fearing, Christian men.

    • Screw you and your god fearing bull. They are lackeys for Satan you Catalyst shrill

    • Hey Honest Abe, Jack and Robert are hypocrites
      They may have you fooled but not the rest of us
      You are easily fooled

  2. They need to fear Ripp.
    He just killed catalyst’s congressional candidate.

  3. Carl beat Hightower
    Another loss for Boone and Catalyst.
    Hey politicians, Do you really want Catalyst running your campaign? Ha ha ha ha
    Baby Boone is a loser. May the Catalysts all lose and may the developers waste their money on Catalyst
    Ha ha

  4. Lowtower is done. That is what you get for doing a deal
    with the devil. Now Catalysts May the rest of you meet your fate with your cohorts

  5. Burrell wins easily. Sympathy for no mask.

  6. We need new people to run.

  7. Is John Manilow related to Barry?
    I heard Barry had a house in Point Clear.
    How long did he work for BP?
    Enquiring minds.

  8. So, the people of Fairhope have to decide.
    The council has to go. Sorry. Why? The land deal. The insurance.
    They opposed going to districts.
    Why? Remember that fiasco? I don’t trust these guys.
    They seem self-serving to me. 2.7 million for rec land only
    to rent to a farmer pal? Man we can’t afford that kind of
    corruption in Fairhope. If we allow this we will be up a creek
    without a paddle before we know it. I hear of some good men
    and women running for council. I am holding my breath under
    water in hopes that it happens.

  9. Political view. Regarding the race between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville and Donald Trump. Yes, with not one negative thing towards Tommy Tuberville, the truth behind the results are as follows. 1. Tuberville won and congratulations goes out to him. 2. Jeff Sessions lost because the people of Alabama have become so uneducated and so stupid that they would allow Donald Trump sway their opinion about Sessions and not support him. 3. Donald Trump said “ my biggest political mistake was that I chose Jeff Sessions to be my Attorney General and 4. This is what is so true. Jeff Sessions biggest political mistake was to supporting and actually being responsible for Trump being elected President of the US.
    The stupid brainwashing and immoral tactics by Donald Trump towards Jeff Sessions is so terrible and worst, people bought into Trump’s evil tactics.

    It’s a shame that a person like Trump can persuade the People of Alabama to vote Tuberville over Sessions. It shows just how incompetent so many people of Alabama have become. I proudly served our country in the Military and always had high respect for the President at the time because he is considered to be our boss, our Commander in Chief. I can’t honestly lay my head on my pillow each night and go to sleep, respecting Trump, who has not gone one day before or after he was elected, showed all of us including my children that this is not the person that we can respect or that we want our children growing up to be like. In fact, just the opposite. Sure, some of you can say he did this and he did that and that no other President would have done it to help our county but you can accomplish things during a administration that may have some people going “he really cares about us or who else would stand up to China like he does” but the fact of the matter is….who really wants their kids to grow up lying everyday, disrespecting anyone who doesn’t disagrees with them, treats women like dogs (my dog gets treated much better), to be a pompous and narcissistic person or literally see or not try to do better to improve themselves with working with people on a daily
    basis. Do some of these elected officials seem to follow this pattern. Trump is not God and he’s not perfect as some people have admitted but they say it’s okay because he gets the job done. I have news for you, what a terrible person Trump
    Is and unfortunately he is the only one I can vote for (maybe not vote at all) . So you Alabama people who idolize Trump and think he’s such a wonderful respectful person, you certainly do not care about how you want your own children to act when they grow up. If you don’t agree with Trump about anything at all, then he automatically thinks you are wrong, a low life, calls you a name or two and just thinks you shouldn’t ever be allowed to have or be respectful for the rest of your life. I guess I’m a low life. Call me names, be mean towards me but I can tell you one thing. I’m pretty correct about Trump. He might can get things done but that alone doesn’t excuse him for being the person that he is. It’s not an opinion or name calling, it’s just a fact! I believe he can help save the Country from all this crap but it doesn’t mean he’s an honorable person. That is what I want our President and my Commander in Chief to be.

    • Francis Ripp | July 16, 2020 at 1:36 pm |

      I agree and I think Tuberville being elected to run against Doug Jones is going to backfire. Sessions has a record and would have been the more solid candidate, Trump gets credit for Tuberville and Alabama may be sorry in the end.

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