I do not want the Ripp Report readers thinking I am getting soft for complimenting some of the Baldwin County Mayors, but they deserve it. Fairhope definitely is on the right track and may be debt free by 2020.



Congratulations to the Mayor, Department heads, employees and the production staff who produced the 2019 State of the City booklet. The State of the City was presented by the Mayor last night in the…

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The Ripp Report has been a harsh critic, over many issues, of Mayor Haygood in Daphne. However The Ripp Report agrees with the Mayor about getting a fair share of the gas tax.

Remember BP? Baldwin County got screwed, royally, out of millions of dollars. Our State Senator collected 750,000 of BP money for his personal company but was too busy to represent his constituents. The State Rep’s just stood, silently, in his shadow, while north Alabama soaked up millions.

The Mayors of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach fought harder for BP money. In the end millions of BP money went to projects that were not even related to the Oil Spill.

Daphne’s Haygood wants cities to get fair share of gas tax – Lagniappe Mobile

Daphne’s Haygood wants cities to get fair share of gas tax – Lagniappe Mobile

Daphne Mayor Dane Haywood knows the upcoming legislative session’s biggest discussion will center on raising or implementing a new tax on gasoline in Alabama. He just hopes the final product will be good for Daphne and other cities. “There are some things that I’m deeply concerned about and we just need our region to be …

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The Orange Beach Mayor, Tony Kennon is also trying to reach out to the state legislature as well as our neighbors to the north and educate them on just how much revenue, about 33%, Baldwin county provides the state. Kennon raised hell over the Oil Spill and BP money and he learned an important lesson, do not depend on others.

Orange Beach mayor’s tour seeks infrastructure help – Lagniappe Mobile

Orange Beach mayor’s tour seeks infrastructure help – Lagniappe Mobile

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon is planning to visit the major cities in Alabama in the coming weeks to promote how much the beach tourist economy contributes to state coffers. From this platform, he’ll also appeal for help with traffic issues caused by the millions of visitors to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Several transportation fixes …

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The citizens of Baldwin County would appreciate the Baldwin County Commission and the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance to follow the lead of the Mayors.

The newly elected State Senator, for District 32, is Chris Elliott, aka The Tax Man. Senator Elliott should be yelling louder than the Mayors. The Senator has been busy decorating his office and hopefully will be singing the same tune as the Mayors, as soon as the décor is in place. Senator Elliott has already said he would vote for the tax so let’s hope he can secure Baldwin County its share. Listen to the Mayors, Senator, all 14 of them.

Baldwin County cannot wait for a check to be mailed from Montgomery! They need to go to Montgomery and collect the check, or it will be lost in the mail.

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11 Comments on "STEPPING UP"

  1. Hey Ripp? When you talk about a State senator screwing is out of so much BP boom money. Please do not forget to mention the fact that it was no other than Past Alabama State Senator Trip Pittman. We want to make sure that Trip get the credit. After he ran for The U. S. Senate and barley got 7% of the votes. We don’t want anybody to get ole sorryass Trip Pittman mixed up with anyone else. Put his name in there next time. Are you going easy on thieves too!

  2. Baldwin watcher | January 30, 2019 at 11:39 pm |

    Baldwin County has been a payday for the rest of Alabama. Do many people down here just waiting to be governed and taxed
    The BP money balanced Medicaid for the state. Remember the folks in the “poorer” counties keep tabs on their legislators. Too many Baldwin Countians are too busy working and paying for their new homes to get involved in politics.

    • U B Trippin Pittman | January 30, 2019 at 11:51 pm |

      Elliott will vote like a Democrat. Baldwin nuckle heads will see.
      Tax man is right!

      • We lost Baldwin | January 31, 2019 at 7:15 am |

        Baldwin voters deserve what they voted for. So many people have moved here from areas that have high taxes. They say “People up north pay five times the taxes we pay.”
        I say, “That is THEIR problem.”
        If you want to pay more taxes go cut a check with your own money and give it to the government. However, don’t mske the rest of us do it. Absolve your own conscience – not ours. I don’t have a vague feeling of guilt for what I have earned.

  3. Lloyd London | January 30, 2019 at 11:50 pm |

    Pittman told me he got the green light from Ethics Committee.

    • Francis Ripp | January 31, 2019 at 1:00 pm |


    • So London. He’s a state Senator and you say the ethics committee said it was okay after Trip Pittman gave the BP Boom contract to his own company.
      TELLS us all about where you stand yourself. Y’all are all unethical and we seenit everyday. Ethics commission has no ethics.

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