What started out to be a “Fresh Start for Fairhope” has turned into a political PAC raising money and preparing for the 2020 Fairhope Municipal elections. All their talk and advertising promotes a change of Government for Fairhope, this part of the equation most agree on. A Council Mayor form of government also has a green light. The sticking point is the City Council being At Large or Districts

Here is where you got to be careful around skunk’s, they can take a good thing and make it smell.



I could smell the skunk through my computer, the first time that I read, Chuck Zunk, was agreeing with the Mayor of Fairhope, on the Council-manager form of government. Mr Zunk was appointed to the…


Fresh Start Fairhope started with the intention of having Districts rather than the tried and failed “at Large” status. That is the issue at hand. However that changed when 65 people, who happen to attend one of Fresh Start’s earlier meetings held a vote to support At Large over Districts. They didn’t smell the skunk in the room. Mr Chuck Zunk, supported by 39 people, then declared the City of Fairhope needed to remain with a council “at large.” Thirty Nine people decided for the entire City’s population to support the Skunk! Really.

For the last 20 years Fairhope has had, at large council’s, represent the City. This has failed because the Council acts as a whole and no one person represents directly any specific area of the city. It provides the Council with cover and no accountability. Council persons will kick the can down the road to the next council. The present day Council is a prime example, they are the worst Council in recent memory. They have accomplished only a few things, like the Fly Creek Apartments, isolating the Airport from the city and obstruction, they are damn good at obstruction.

So who wants to support at large over districts? a skunk, the City Council, disgruntled ex employees, antique City Council members and Board members as well as CATALYST. That’s right Catalyst, you see a lot of these people are more concerned with power and control than representation and accountability.



The Fairhope’s political Zoo is alive and well. Their is a full blown blast from the past party going on. The party goers are former City Council persons, Catalyst Council persons, three bees, fired…


Another interesting fact is that a lot of the organizers, led by the Skunk are for, at large representation, have ties to the Airport and Jack Burrell. They want to maintain control of the Airport and the only way to do that is have control over the Council and Mayor. Remember the Skunk was on the Airport Board before Jack. Think about that!

Beware of Skunk Mail and CATALYST, they are one in the same.



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34 Comments on "SKUNKED"

  1. Ole Fairhoper | August 24, 2018 at 8:31 pm |

    Fairhope does not want district elections because they donot want a minority on the council. Besides it insures Catalyst keeps control
    Fairhope has so many Black families that have lived and contributed to the town. The recent people moving in are stealing their birthright

    • Saw Burrell @ boone and burrell.
      Cast on throwing hand.

      Some poor wall.

    • Francis Ripp | August 27, 2018 at 9:57 am |

      People moving in, no way. Black families were sold out by Nix/Can’t and their Planning and Zoning practices.

  2. Rick Kingrea is an antique. Why are he and Zunk together?

  3. Laura Burton | August 25, 2018 at 4:49 am |

    Fairhope citizens need to go to districts.
    It will do more for the city than anything.
    Even more than you Ripp.

  4. Having individual districts would break up the control of Catalyst. Right now Catalyst can influence a total electorate but if one breaks it up into neighborhoods then Catalyst cannot influence certain neighborhoods like the Fruit and Nuts, woodlands and Rock Creek.
    Catalyst’s weakness is running grass roots campaigns. They are good at networking across real estate people, banks, and present government entities.
    That is why a district form of government would hamper the Catalysts.

  5. How much is the lawsuit gonna cost?

  6. Districts are the modern change we need!

    • Districts ain’t gonna happen. That would enable the folks on the “south” side of town to get on the council.
      Besides those in power won’t let it happen

      • Commodiusbay | August 26, 2018 at 5:47 am |

        They WILL DO what the people want. Not what Jim Nix tells the council prez!!!!

        • Nope. They will do what the machine aka Catalyst tells them what to do.
          I have seen this bunch in action and they much too smart, quick, and connected.

  7. Georgia Orwell | August 25, 2018 at 8:29 pm |

    I understand why you are fighting for district representation; however, I believe that it is a huge mistake to make the ‘district v at-large’ issue to cause voters to vote against the new Manager/Council form of government. We will wind up with the same thing we have now if voters for the new form split in half over this issue. The last thing that we need and can afford is for the serial liars (and we all know about the bees) to spin this their way and the voters refuse to endorse a necessary change. Once we get the City Manager, the Council rep change will come.

    • Francis Ripp | August 27, 2018 at 9:54 am |


      • Georgia Orwell | August 27, 2018 at 9:38 pm |

        So if the Council decides (because it appears that they will make the decision) to make representation ‘at-large’ in the upcoming election, you are advising the voters to vote AGAINST the Manager/Council form of government? That is surprising to me because we may never get this opportunity again to change the ‘form’ of government. The bees will be gone at some point and the city will vote for districts, but this is becoming a hot button issue and people are saying that they are voting against anything that does not instantly provide districts. Brown has a big following (for reasons I don’t understand) and he is apparently advising voters that ANY change is a bad idea. (I don’t think that Boone has reported him yet for undue influence). I understand that most of Fairhope is concentrated in a small area; however, that does not mean that elected members would not consider the entire city. We certainly can’t do worse than a few of our current Council members… the others, I apologize and applaud your attempt to calm the waters.

        • Brown’s followers are hard core “christians” who prayed over his theft of the art center. these are the sickos who voted for the pedo roy moore. this is fairhope. 3 of 4 voted for moore.

        • Leslie Hollingsworth | August 28, 2018 at 12:55 pm |

          I am for districts. Council should be. Watching.

  8. dankor bean | August 26, 2018 at 8:27 am |

    The Feds were in Fairhope for several days.
    I hear it’s all Kant and Burrell.

  9. Pontius Pilates | August 26, 2018 at 9:42 am |

    Jack Burrell has two juvenile charges against him. Why are the records sealed?

  10. Heard JACK is running for mayor yesterday.

    • So he can own both the airport as well as the whole town BWAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA
      To rule – to FIANLLY RULE!!!!!

  11. Heard that the city is being told that they have to settle with Ripp. I hope it goes to trial. Something has to give in Fairhope and Baldwin County. Too many crooks. Jack is crookeder than a roach leg. So is boone and the council. Jay Rob is a pawn. Just like the banker.

    • These guys thought they would get on the council, make connections, and get whatever they wanted. But they got themselves in the middle of one heck of a dog fight.
      Hey you newbies to the council: Did you think being on the council was just parties and sweet deal loans and sweet heart contracts? Well, welcome to reality.

      • Georgia Orwell | August 27, 2018 at 9:48 pm |

        I don’t think that Jay Robinson or Jimmy Connors were looking for anything other than working to make a better city for their families and the City. I would bet a lot that they had no inside knowledge of the bees and their pact with Corte to get the Fly Creek Apartments approved. I could be wrong, but (in my opinion) they played it like a master chess game with Burrell voting AGAINST the apartments so that he could get re-elected and then vote FOR the apartments AFTER election when he had more up votes. Then Brown ran on his ‘my hometown’ platform implying (or stating) that he would vote against the apartments; Boone never wavered on behalf of his benefactor (to his credit, he admits that he hates Fairhope). My point is that Connors and Robinson are not liars and thieves.

        • Robinson said repeatedly he “sees nothing wrong with the current trend of growth in fairhope.”

          Catalyst has his tongue.

          And his chutzpah.

  12. big party at jack’s this weekend. underage kids, booze, pills, weed.

  13. Party at Jack’s!!

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