Here we go again, a lot of hot air and no results. Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance, BCEDA, sounds important doesn’t it? The CEO Lee Lawson sure can blow smoke when it comes to the mega site or when he is recruited by politicians that want a “third party” to back up one of their schemes.

The Ripp Report was present when Mr. Lawson was asked by the Fairhope City Council to render support for the Fairhope Airport and K-1 School. The interesting thing is the general public get 3 minutes to speak, Mr Lawson was allowed all the time he needed, or till he ran out of breath. On both occasions their was more BS than fact. It was a political show to bolster failing elected officials.

Mr. Lawson should consider writing fiction, especially when it comes to the mega-site.

Booming Baldwin continues to lead state economically – Lagniappe Mobile

Booming Baldwin continues to lead state economically – Lagniappe Mobile

While there were no mega deals developed for Baldwin County in 2018, the county did enjoy another stellar year of growth in manufacturing and retail as the county’s economy continued to boom. Baldwin County was number one in the state in incoming business, workforce talent attraction and job growth for the year. “By all economic …

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“Lawson hopes 2019 will be the year for that “mega” deal for the county’s Mega Site on Interstate 65 near Bay Minette. The site, Lawson said, was a finalist for the Toyota-Mazda complex, which went to Limestone County near Huntsville, and has been in the conversation for several other large projects”.

About Us – Baldwin County Alabama Economic Development Alliance | BCEDA

About Us – Baldwin County Alabama Economic Development Alliance | BCEDA

The Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance is a partnership of local public and private professionals, leaders, and officials. Providing opportunities for businesses in Baldwin County.

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“We are truly an alliance in Baldwin County, being funded and supported by our county government, 14 municipalities, 5 Chambers of Commerce, 8 Industrial Development Boards, and over 100 privately owned businesses. We have 17 voting members on our board of directors, of which each of our 5 Chambers of Commerce appoints three members in staggering terms. Additionally, our board consists of two ex-officio members, which are a rotating Mayor and County Commissioner each year.”

Baldwin County is out of control when it comes to growth however BCEDA, along with it’s members appear to be in high gear when it comes to growth.



I apologize that The Ripp Report missed the last two Wonderful Wednesday’s, we should be back on schedule by the first of the new year. Baldwin County has 14 municipalities, 14 Mayors…

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Warm weather and inexpensive housing has brought thousands to Baldwin county with many thousands following. We can expect that our quality of life will be degraded, traffic will become a nightmare and schools will not be able to be built fast enough to keep up with demand.

BCEDA has the support of the developers, Most of the business or development coming to Baldwin County has not one damn thing to do with BCEDA.

The Ripp Report does hope a buyer for the Mega-Site comes along, however each year, we hear, “this is the year.” When it does sell, let’s hope it actually brings in some of the lost revenue and does not become a subsidized sale that yields little, except to the purchaser.



Mid term elections will again bring up all the advantages of the Baldwin County Mega site. Politicians, county commissioners and their hacks, all on board with the annual round of promises that the…

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The Mega Site purchase, 34 million plus lost interest and lost opportunity, probably represents closer to 50 million today. Baldwin County infrastructure has suffered and the late Baldwin County Commission, along with the School Board passed a 1% tax, without a public vote, to make up some much needed infrastructure money. We took money from the schools for needed county infrastructure while ignoring school infrastructure. How smart was that? Thank the Tax man Chris Elliott.



The Ripp Report has written about the Baldwin County Mega-site numerous times. In May last year we had an update on it’s sales status, nothing new. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT In 2012 the Baldwin County…

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The BCEDA is promoting the mega-site as being “shovel ready.” Guess what you need the shovel for!

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  1. Catalyst Christians have taken over.
    Progress in the name of Jesus.
    Praise Bentley.
    Praise Pittman.
    Praise Elliot.
    Pass the ammo.

    • If none of these bastards are not in jail, then why wouldn’t anyone run for office to screw the citizens of all branches of government. We allowed this to happen and so it’s the so called norm now. Kay Ivey screwed our education pact funds up so badly (fact!) while she was treasure of Alabama. She F’d it up so bad that she is now governor (little g) idiots don’t get capitalization. This is a message for everyone. Think of all the (now it would be called (#metoo) sexual assault suits that he was either found guilty of or paid off. He has a beautiful wife. So what. Trip Pittman for gods sake should kiss all of our asses that he’s not in jail. Tucker Dorsey was headed in that direction but screwed up bible thumping and telling lies straight to people’s faces. Randy Davis should go to jail. As an attorney I will damn sure have my clients given the same treatment as he is being given. Finally, for now, Chris Elliott should have gone to jail and I have personally talked to several policemen that they have let him go when they knew he was behind the wheel drinking while over the legal limit. This is going to bite all you policemen and judges one day because you all have something to hide that my team will find out and bring against you if just a hint of an opportunity comes up. Jack Burrell, anyone that would actually let him participate in a meeting is about as stupid as one can be. Faihope Airport should be Faihope’s!!! Poor chairman of the airport authority. You are a spineless prick that I’m sure Jack Burrell takes your sorry ass behind the wood shed and whip you like the tiny man you have shown ALL OF US.

  2. Fairhope has enough infrastructure for 60k people. We will be fine.

    • Yeah for sure after we pay higher taxes. BCEDA needs to stop being a whore for Catalyst.

    • Fontleroy! Your as stupid as your name says you are. Dammit. You failed math several times and the best 2 years of school for you was the 5th grade!

  3. Useful idiot | January 16, 2019 at 7:57 pm |

    My experience with BCEDA and other “Economic” or “Advisory” councils is that they are a bunch of retired guys who couldn’t give up control when they retired and they didn’t take up golf or get a hobby. Their wives kicked them out of the house to make them get a life.
    Then some politician “appoints” them to some bullshit council and these retired guys now feel important again.
    Then these guys either hold meetings with chambers of commerce, bug the school board for attention, or serve as a useful idiot of some politician that appointed them. If a major outfit farts on camera and the news media is there, you will see one of these retired guys run after a TV camera like a dog after a meat wagon.
    I just wish they would have taken up golf when they retired or at least discover their grandkids

  4. Tiredoflies | January 17, 2019 at 5:20 am |

    We actually can hold more than sixty or seventy thousand based on professional estimates. All this to do about growth is silly. Everyone is moving here because it is wonderful. Close to beaches. Great schools. Great people (few minorities). Great roads (no crumbling like in MS and LA). Great outdoors. Great location. You can’t beat Fairhope. Ripp you have to give credit where it is due. Fairhope isn’t number one place to live in AL because of the ripp report. Don’t kid yourself. Email me when we are no longer number one and I’ll listen. Until then you need to find another hobby.

    • These same people who are moving in here and buying the cheaply built houses are the ones that are ruining Fairhope
      DR Horton snd Truland are building subdivisions that will bring crime and traffic. Then Fairhope will no longer be number one after the builders make their money at the expense of our town
      So “Tiredoflies” why don’t you leave and go back to the hellhole you made before you came here to ruin our home. Maybe tell your pimps at Catalyst you grew a conscious and no longer want to be their butt punk.

      • Good folk moving in. Not like Pritchard. No criminals. Just young families.

        • PeteB I am not questioning the families moving in. I am questioning the infrastructure that can handle the families as well as the true intentions of those who are allowing the overbuilding

        • Hey Pete,
          You must can hear or read. Watch the news once in a while. Used to be all Mobile. Now it’s about half and half. Dumbass. Please get someone to explain this to your family.

    • Tiredoflies, you must have enjoyed those two years of 5th grade math also.

    • Tired of Catalyst | January 18, 2019 at 2:35 pm |

      Hey Tiredoflies if yiu think this area can hold so many more people then why don’t you move to an area that has that many?
      I bet the reason why you don’t move is because you came here from an area that had that many people and you are one of those people that are behind overbuilding. You probably are one of the punks working for the pimps. I would ask how you sleep but the real question is how you sit down

    • Francis Ripp | January 19, 2019 at 1:22 pm |

      How about 100,000 ?

  5. James Newton | January 17, 2019 at 12:20 pm |

    Pig slop is also “shovel ready.”

  6. JUST WANT THE TRUTH | January 17, 2019 at 11:06 pm |

    HEY Ripp Report. Can you please tell me what profession does Jack Burrell work in and what company does he work for. He claims he’s an engineer. I think they call that in Mississippi, a lier and BSers. Please shed some light. Just would like to know.

    • Francis Ripp | January 19, 2019 at 1:24 pm |

      It has never been published he says he is an engineer however he is not listed as on. I suspect he is a sales rep.

  7. I bet Jack and Kevin are making bank off side deals like Brown

  8. Fairhope used to be nice.
    Not no more.

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