November 10th is the Marine Corp Birthday and November 11th is Veterans Day. On these two days I always reflect on my fathers career in the Army, where he served during WW II and later retired as a Colonel. I think of my first cousin, Freddie, who was killed in Vietnam, while I was in Vietnam. His death impacted my extended family, who has dearly missed him this last 52 years. I think of a high school buddy and fellow Marine, Boogie, who was haunted throughout his life with the experiences of the 1968 Tet offensive and battle of Khe Sahn. I think of John, Iraq War, a multiple amputee, who is embarrassed at how the Veterans Administration has treated him. I think of another Veteran, of Iraq, Willy, or Will Boy. Willy was like a son and his death drove home the meaning of heartache. They were Veterans, they took an OATH, gave their lives, body parts, or were mentally wounded for life. They were VETERANS, not suckers and loser’s, not draft dodgers, VETERANS.

I often ask myself how the hell I made it out of Vietnam. I did have kidney cancer, agent orange, and 14 shoulder operations with number 15 coming up Jan 8th. My VA claim is 53 years old and to this day I am fighting for previous claims. I tell you this because thousands of veterans are tied up in VA claims. They served but they are remembered only one day a year. Where are the politicians, judges, elected officials and concerned citizens the other 364 days a year?

This year I find myself wondering what has happened to the Democracy of the US. Not only the United States but Alabama and Fairhope. I see people supporting elected officials that have betrayed them. I see people believing things that are so untrue that it defies logic that anyone would believe it. I see people questioning our constitution, science, education and even common sense, instead believing social media and quoting it as if it were gospel.

In Alabama, number one in political corruption, the Judiciary is corrupted from the municipal courts to the Alabama Supreme Court. They all took an oath, that they have betrayed, however consider themselves “Christians”. These judges and attorneys today will take part in the remembrance of our veterans, for political points, not for the veterans service. Think of the hypocrisy!

Have we the citizens of the United States, forgotten just what Veterans Day represents? Are we so split down the middle in our thinking that we have put money and party before Democracy? Have we forgot the Veterans that gave their lives to preserve democracy? Today we remember the Veterans and celebrate a holiday. The problem is tomorrow we will remember the holiday and forget the veterans.

I celebrate these two days with pride and fully understand their history and measure. As a citizen of the United States I respect our flag and democracy. Democracy, is for all, and democracy is not easy, but our Constitution is our guide and when we question that, we are all losers.

Democracy is what the United States created and the world tries to copy. The presidential election and covid have divided us even more. Some people refuse to believe covid is real or the results of our Presidential election. Those same people do not understand democracy or the true meaning of Veterans day. Democracy starts with caring for others, when we care less about other people, in the U.S. and other countries, then we are turning our back on democracy.

Democracy is not easy, but it survives by the citizens of the country accepting tough challenges. In the past we accepted expert opinion, education, science and history. Our elections have been reported to the public by AP news since 1848. So here we are in 2020 saying a process we have practiced for 172 years is wrong.

As a Veteran and a Marine I salute all the present and past, men and women, that have served in the United States Armed Services.

As an Independent, I accept the Presidential results and foresee Biden topping 300 in electoral votes and more than 5 million popular votes.

As a concerned citizen I hope people will accept the dangers of covid and the fact that our consumer economic confidence will not reappear until covid is under control.

As a resident of Alabama I recognize the fact that our state is dead last in almost every category except political corruption, where we are number one. Baldwin County is the most corrupt county in Alabama and will remain so as long as it’s citizens have their heads in the sand.


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  1. You are democrat you old fool. Biden won’t sniff 300.
    He is a fraud and so are you

  2. Thanks for your service.
    I am surprised you don’t have problem with the
    Way the election was conducted. You cannot convince me
    The election was not stolen. Will treat Biden the same way the
    Democrats treated Trump.

    They are finding lots of fraud….in every state. It’s not over you say biden 300 electoral votes!!! DiBlasio’s daughter slips and says biden stole the election….
    Democrats Send Operatives to Start Violence at Rally in Atlanta — Watch Live

    And so much more stop watching CNN commie news network

    • From the Pennsylvania lawsuit | November 12, 2020 at 9:49 am |

      THE COURT: In your petition, which is right before me — and I read it several times — you don’t claim that any electors or the Board of the County were guilty of fraud, correct? That’s correct?

      MR. GOLDSTEIN: Your Honor, accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step. And it is rare that I call somebody a liar, and I am not calling the Board of the DNC or anybody else involved in this a liar. Everybody is coming to this with good faith. The DNC is coming with good faith. We’re all just trying to get an election done. We think these were a mistake, but we think they are a fatal mistake, and these ballots ought not be counted.

      THE COURT: I understand. I am asking you a specific question, and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?

      MR. GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present, no.

      THE COURT: Are you claiming that there or improper influence upon the elector to these 592 ballots?

      MR. GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present. no.

      THE COURT: Does it make a difference whether a claim of irregularity or technical noncompliance with the election code is made with or without an accompanying claim of fraud or improper influence?

      MR. GOLDSTEIN: It does not. I mean, to claim the technical defects are immaterial, which is in some sense some of the thrust of what the DNC argued, is really to misperceive what is going on in the election code. The election code is technical. These requirements are all technical. And some of them sit in that code for reasons that are a mystery for all of us. I mean, I sort of recounted for you my view of why the elector signing in his own hand is material. The DNC have their reasons for why they think it is material or immaterial. The fact of the matter is, it is in the code. The code is itself technical. Those technicalities are part and parcel of the law and a violation of the results in a ballot that can’t be counted.

    • From the Pennsylvania lawsuit | November 12, 2020 at 9:51 am |

      THE COURT: Before you begin, let me just start off with my questions. So there are subsets. There are 592 ballots which have been identified and segregated. You’ve identified, of that, 509 that have the voter’s address preprinted on the outer envelope, to the right of the voter’s declaration. There is a subset: 266 of those people put their addresses on the front of the envelope, not on the back, where probably it was indicated. Does that mean that for the other 243 of the 509 there’s no written address by the elector, there is just the printed address that the County put on the envelope?

      MR. McGARRY: Your Honor, for that number that you just said, the answer to your question is that in addition to having the printed address, there also is the bar code, Your Honor. And the bar code scans to the SURE system with a specific identification of the voter involved, which would include their address. But in terms of handwriting the address on the outer envelope, you are correct.

    • is less than 2 years old.

  4. Ripp you need to clear your head. Take a walk along the bay maybe.
    What are you going to do when Trump wins?

    Biden is not the President Elect of anything.
    Right now he lacks 270 electoral votes. Also, the electors have not met (December 14). Until then, ABC, CBS, Youtube, Google and your podcast and web page can say whatever they want. It’s hearsay.

    Now, you fight corrupt elections in Fairhope but cheer a corrupt election nationwide because you are such an anarchist it has blinded you. Your brain is not functioning correctly, I am afraid.

    For someone who fought and bled on a foreign soil I find it unfathomable that you would support a pedophile (just like a fairhope councilman) for president of the United States–one that also used his crackhead son as a middle man to bilk billions from china and the ukraine.

    Calling yourself an independent is more suspect and dubious than the new Fairhope Mayor calling herself qualified.

    I guess anything is possible in your jaded little world where the wholesale rigging of elections is okay if it feeds your ego.

    Maybe Donald’s tiny hands drive you nuts. Hey, it’s okay. He’s blessed with real manhood. A pretty wife. Loving kids who are well adjusted. 75 million Americans who have placed their abiding trust in him.

    Maybe there’s hope for you. Maybe there isn’t.

    One thing’s for sure. Biden won’t sniff 300 electoral votes.

    Trump tweeted on June 22nd that the democrats would try and steal the election and it would be the biggest scandal in the history of the world. He then moved control of the election process to the Department of Homeland Security. Trump was playing 3D chess while you and the demoncrats were and still are playing chinese checkers.

    So Trump knew they would use Hammer and Scorecard and a number of other fraudulent means to steal the election. Why did he allow it? In 2016 the man who designed the program–a patriot–disabled it, allowing Trump to win. There is a cabal of powerful military leaders aligned with the President and are working with him. They set a trap for your ilk and you walked unknowingly right into it.

    In a few days you will see Trump play his biggest “Trump” cards, which makes perfect sense, because the fake news media that crowned Sleepy Joe president of the MSM will only impugn every fraud revelation with impunity.

    But rest assured, what transpires in darkness eventually comes to light, and like your waning credibility, it will be the ushering in of something new, and better.

    Deal with it.

    • There sure are a lot of maybes and what ifs you have going there.

      Some great lines here:
      “Now, you fight corrupt elections in Fairhope but cheer a corrupt election nationwide because you are such an anarchist it has blinded you. Your brain is not functioning correctly, I am afraid.”

      ?? Do you know what the word anarchist means?

      “He then moved control of the election process to the Department of Homeland Security. Trump was playing 3D chess while you and the demoncrats were and still are playing chinese checkers.”
      3D chess. So, uh, chess. The election process is in the hands of the states. He can’t just decide to federalize it. Where are you getting this stuff?

    • “In 2016 the man who designed the program–a patriot–disabled it, allowing Trump to win.”

      You should look into the guy claiming to have made that “software”. Real stand up guy.

      “what transpires in darkness eventually comes to light, and like your waning credibility”

      So if the courts do not find evidence of any of this, will you admit you were wrong?

      Even if Qtard tells a good story about why none of this came about, which Qtard will, will you admit you were wrong? Would Qtard be credible at that point?

  5. Let’s face it. The Democrats stole the election by stuffing the ballot boxes. Until the Republicans start working the polls then the Democrats will tweak the elections
    Payback is a bitch

  6. I think Trump won.
    They stole it. My son is 9 and he even thinks so!

  7. James O’Keefe
    ANOTHER USPS worker just came forward regarding evidence of misconduct in the state of Pennsylvania. Inspired by Richard. Release tomorrow.

    Leviathan wants to crush us. They can’t stop the @Project_Veritas army of truth-tellers.


  8. Just watched Rudy Giuliani’s video. The one that crashed youtube after it
    was posted. Rudy G. brought down five Italian mob families formally known as cosa nostra. Watch the whole video for yourself.

    It sounds like a lot of states (PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ) at a minimum are going to flip to Trump after these lawsuits fully make their way to the US Supreme Court.

    The main premise is that all of these states have election law written that if a mail in ballot is processed without both a Republican & Democrat observer then it is not a valid ballot and it’s vote does not count. Philadelphia alone has about 600,000 votes in this category. Pittsburgh has about 300K. Detroit in the hundreds of thousands. Can’t recall Milwaukee, Las Vegas, or Phoenix as I think he just said there should be enough to flip those.

    He describes how at least 10 Dem cities all followed the exact same game plan (like it was orchestrated), shutting down on election night because Trump was getting a big lead, locking out the observers, bringing in 100s of thousands of votes and processing them, and in many cases since they didn’t have time to completely fill out the ballets, then the only vote is for Biden and no down ticket votes.

    He said that have about 50 sworn affidavits where folks who witnessed this will testify under oath, plus at least one witness that will testify how this was all planned out and they had widespread training how to commit the fraud, and how they actually started the fraud with mail in votes prior to election day.

    Just invalidating mail in ballets that had no observers flips PA, MI, WI, NV and AZ. He didn’t mention GA, but the same could be said for GA.

    This isn’t the only type of fraud cases in the Trump team’s arsenal, i.e., Dominion software, Hammer, etc. Rudy said more to come over the next few weeks.

    If the Supreme Court just follows the constitution and election law as written in each state, most or all of these swing sates should most definitely flip to a huge Trump win.

    • Did Gulliani take out any of the Russian Mafia? Or just their major competition? The affidavits were recently revealed in court. They were all complete jokes. Show me one that isn’t.

  9. Pennsylvania lawsuit | November 12, 2020 at 9:53 am |

    Look at what they are actually suing for. Less than 600 ballots. All minor technicalities. Why aren’t they bringing up all the stuff you are talking about?

  10. I love it when people go on the record,Just hide and watch how this shakes out

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