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PODCAST LIVE TODAY – Old Battles Place will have 94 units and now THE “CORRIDOR OF CHAOS”. 232 Apartments, 77 single family houses and 16 commercial units.


Baldwin County is under siege from unbridled development. In certain areas such as Fairhope and Daphne the development and approved projects are popping up faster than corn. Judges and Attorneys are developers and the City Council that appointed them, now approve their developments. Thousands of houses and apartments will change the landscape radically in just a few years.


The Fairhope City council just put the final nail in their re-election coffin.

Without any public participation at council meetings or any community engagement, the Fairhope City council bullied the community into a 2.65 million dollar land purchase for recreation. This property will remain vacant for years and required the council to raid city accounts in order to purchase the property.


Traffic will be overwhelmed due to limited added roads and insufficient impact fees from development. Schools will see class sizes balloon out of control and portables will become permanent while politicians brag about recreation land. Quality of life will become more stressful and the threat of a housing crash will become real.


CATALYST , The Good ole Boys, are going to try and regain control in Fairhope. The present council is the biggest threat to that takeover. If they are successful, Fairhope will go into a backward spiral that they will not recover from.

The Ripp Report, Baldwin County legal Eagle and the Backstory Podcast are committed to informing the general public with information the politicians are hiding or lying about.

Baldwin County ,especially Fairhope needs candidates to replace the self serving council. Please consider public service, what we have now is CATALYST.

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6 Comments on "SATURDAY APOLOGY"

  1. I am selling my house while the market is still high. The housing market is overheating and the fools that bought in the new neighborhoods and overpaid for the balsa wood structures will be holding the bag

    • Truland and DR Horton will just build more with the Catalyst Council’s money, er, I mean BLESSING. I men’s Christian conservative blessing.
      The Baldwin voters will lick up the term “Christian conservative” like a thirsty dog.

    • I work for a homebuilder and I hope this goes on forever. I got tired of not making money
      Screw you elites. We have to live too

      • So jack nominated the judge.
        The judge gets his development with jacks help.

        Counts his fat stacks.
        His rap sheet.
        Police report. ?

      • Poor thing! You should have been making money for the past 10 years. If you haven’t. You haven’t been getting paid enough or doing shitty work. Screw you, the home builder you have been underpaid by and the horse you are riding. You must be getting screwed too!

  2. This podcast is excellent.
    Thank you kind sir.

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