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Fairhope is playing Russian Roulette in court and the city council has not said a word to the general public. The gun is cocked and aimed at the head of the Fairhope council, the absolute worst in 20 years, who is asleep at the wheel.

Tim Kant’s past bad deeds are catching up with Fairhope. First was the Dyas, Triangle, lawsuit. The Mayor, Timmy, and the then council, Boone and Burrell, who were present, pulled a fast one on the city taxpayers. They claimed to settle the lawsuit and the purchase of land, as a “WIN”. This was an absolute lie and cost Fairhope 11.25 million dollars. On top of that the council pledged to the sellers that they were going to build a park. This all turned out to be total B. S. The land remains vacant to this day.

Fairhope to assume entire cost of Dyas Triangle settlement – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope to assume entire cost of Dyas Triangle settlement – Lagniappe Mobile

The city of Fairhope is preparing to incur another $5.75 million in debt to meet the terms of a legal settlement to purchase the Dyas Triangle, a 108-acre property at the city’s front door that has been the subject of periodic litigation for more than 40 years. In October, Mayor Tim Kant and the Dyas …

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Please remember Fairhope just went through a referendum vote to change the government from at large to districts. The present Catalyst Council said they represented everyone in town, not true they are for special interest, Catalyst, and keeping the citizens in the dark.



AND SOME SHOULD NEVER BEEN SCHEDULED The proposed change of government for Fairhope started out with good intentions and then went completely off the rails. SKUNKED What started out to be a “Fresh…

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Tim Kant’s legacy lives on, bogus lawsuits, that cost the city millions while the council spins false narratives, never accepting any responsibility themselves. The Dyas lawsuit could have been settled for under a million dollars. Mayor Kant drove that price to 8.25 million and a 3 million dollar legal bill from attorney O’Rear. What an appropriate name for an attorney that shafted Fairhope.

For almost 11 years the city has been engulfed in yet another lawsuit that the present council, has been kicking the can down the road, never attempting to settle or resolve the issue. This lawsuit began before any of the council or present mayor were in office. However this council has made no attempt to advise the citizens of Fairhope, that they have made no attempt to resolve the issue. Just like the Dyas lawsuit this lawsuit could have been settled for 10% of what it may end up costing Fairhope.

High court rules against Fairhope in development suit – Lagniappe Mobile

High court rules against Fairhope in development suit – Lagniappe Mobile

Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled against the city of Fairhope last Friday in a lawsuit accusing city leaders of targeting a property owner by adopting multiple city ordinances that have delayed development in a wetland area for 11 years. The case was brought by Charles K. Breland in 2013 but has roots stretching back to 2001, …

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I hope you read the above article, written 2 years ago. This particular article touches on many legal issues that most citizens are unaware of. Fairhope City Council has no leadership in fact they are guilty of dereliction of duty. They have yet to deliver an approved budget. Their excuses vary from not having enough time or not understanding the budget! How can they represent us all and not deliver a budget? Do ya think they run their households or personal business, 3 months behind? Delay in the budget and ignoring the pending litigation, is costing the taxpayers, plenty, and the council is 110% responsible.

Unlike the Dyas lawsuit, Fairhope may be looking at 10 million in damages and the property owner, Mr Buddy Breland, will be able to proceed with the project, if Fairhope loses. The Ripp Report has spoken with Council President Jack Burrell and Councilmen Robinson and Conyers, trying to encourage them to reach some sort of settlement, all to no avail. Breland has given many options to the council, all have been ignored. Attorney fees are in the millions, taxpayer money, yet the council continues to allow the situation spiral out of control.

Make no mistake the Breland case is the sole responsibility of the Fairhope City Council. Last week the case took another step in court, with none other that former Mayor Kant taking the stand. He turned red as a beet and stumbled numerous times in his answers in court. Kant admitted in court that the regulations that held up Mr Breland were put in place, “after the fact”.

Kant has always used lawsuits to beat people back and it works about 90% of the time, until you run into a Breland, Dyas or Ripp. Kant used our insurance company to cover those costs and even that resulted in yet more lawsuits by the city’s insurance carrier. One insurance company dropped the city as a carrier due to the unethical practices of city hired attorneys and the mayor.

Fairhope settles with former insurer over ‘Dyas Triangle’ legal fees – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope settles with former insurer over ‘Dyas Triangle’ legal fees – Lagniappe Mobile

Four years and $1.6 million later, the city of Fairhope reached a settlement agreement Nov. 7 with the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation (AMIC) over the reimbursement of attorneys fees charged to litigate a lawsuit over a rejected retail development. Mayor Tim Kant said the tentative settlement will leave the city on the hook for $500,000, …

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Fairhope City Council is playing Russian Roulette with the chamber full. If they do not settle the case and the appeal process favors Mr Breland, taxpayers are going to cover the mistakes of a failed council.

Is this the “at large” council you voted for? It is the same council that continues to cost the city money on lawsuits, that they create or turn a blind eye too.


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  1. Too bad Breland and Dyas Did not run with the Catalyst Crowd like Pribble and DR Horton

  2. Leonard Faulk | December 6, 2018 at 6:49 am |

    Stupid is as it does.
    Who is the sh*tty council prez?

    Starts at the top. And runs downhill.

  3. Jim from Tuscaloosa | December 6, 2018 at 2:08 pm |

    That was not the last time they pulled the insurance scam.

    • Jaded in Fairhope | December 6, 2018 at 3:07 pm |

      Well what do you think insurance is for? Do what you want while “serving” in government and if you get sued then just have the ole insurance policy bail you out.

      See, it is like this: Do what you want, get sued, file a claim, repeat. Repeat until you make enough money and retire. Soon somebody will name a building after you.

      • Courtney Thompson FH | December 7, 2018 at 6:28 am |

        Robert Brown enjoys his dream home after a 600k art center contract…he is a city councilman and on the arts center board.

        If the clown from our hometown is making that kind of “JACK” as a first time city council person then one logically must assume that Burrell the ringleader is making some serious “JACK!”

        Think airport lemmings. Fairhope citizesn best get involved soon. The trends are negative fast.

  4. Tim Kant did a great job.

  5. The Fairhope Council do not care. They all ran for personal gain and power.

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