Freaky Friday is a repeat of Jan 1st. Please read carefully the post it is not fiction or a conspiracy theory.

Watch the video.

Please attend the Fairhope City Council meeting Jan 8th at 6:00 pm

In 2017 The Ripp Report covered many different political issues in Baldwin County. Many of these issues will travel into 2018 and raise their ugly head again.

Baldwin County has a mid term election coming up in Nov. 2018 and all four county commissioners are up for re election. They all need to be replaced, a clean sweep. Their last term saw no change in the white elephant, the mega site. The county has been saddled with a 32 million dollar debt that is being paid on the backs of county employees and taxpayers. It is time for a total change and four new commissioners.


In 2012 the Baldwin County Commission convinced itself that Baldwin County needed to spend 32 Million dollars on 2300 usable acres called the Mega site. South Alabama Mega Site – Shovel Ready in…


In Fairhope the city council spent a whole year obstructing the newly elected Mayor. In spite of their efforts the Mayor forged ahead pushing transparency and accountability as well as hiring a dozen new city employees. The council continues to dig a hole for itself while the citizens are becoming more aware of the negative consequences of their actions.


FAIRHOPE “CITIZENS CITIZENS CITIZENS” WAKE UP! Mayor Wilson told Jack Burrell, Council President, Airport Authority Board member and liaison to the city, and who also sits on the committee to select…


The council failed us in their first year the Mayor did not.

“Hardest Working Elected Official- Eastern Shore.”

Complete List — 2017 Nappie Award Winners – Lagniappe Mobile Thanks a Million (and a half)! 1,593,808 total votes were cast in the 2017 Nappie Awards! Oops, you guys did it again. We received the most…


Early on the Fairhope city council showed signs of limiting public participation and using silence as a weapon against anyone who challenged them. That is how Kant ran Fairhope, Kant is gone.


Every Fairhope City council meeting begins with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance. What irony, when the council president then explains to attending citizens that their right to speak is a…


What they did not count on is the Court of Public Opinion and that they are accountable for their actions and those actions will be made transparent. The Ripp Report will continue to bring exposure to those who abuse their elected or appointed office, regardless of their party affiliation.

Lawsuit alleges Fairhope Council President denied citizen’s free speech – Lagniappe Mobile

Lawsuit alleges Fairhope Council President denied citizen’s free speech – Lagniappe Mobile

From Jack Burrell’s view, Francis Paul Ripp has had plenty of opportunity to speak before the Fairhope City Council. “There’s been numerous times that I’ve let him go over the three-minute limit even if he was sitting up there wailing away on me,” Burrell said. “I’ve let him go. Numerous, numerous times.” But not this …




PRESS RELEASE:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION December 29, 2017 CONTACT: Francis P. Ripp Local Political Activist, Consumer Advocate, & Blogger Files Federal Lawsuit Against Jack…


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28 Comments on "REPEAT"

  1. You should read the resume of the attorney Ripp hired. What a joke, 2 DUI’s, one in 2011 and another in 2015, and the attorney was defeated 2 to 1 in city council seat he held for the past 30 years. Well, not completely true, he was removed from the council in 2011 for missing 90 days straight of council meetings was remove but reelected. Ths gentleman that Ripp has hired was fired as city attorney of Alabaster too. Oh, and Morris has admitted he is an alcoholic. Yeah, Ripp found someone to take a case that will not make pass go, this case is a farce. He graduated the high powered law school of The Birmingham School of Law, the school is not ABA accredited. But hey, you are who you hire!

    • Hey dumbass who only can throw people under the bus to make people think that Jack is a saint? Why don’t you have another drink and tell me that Jack Burrell has never treated anyone with disrespect and has been an asshole all his life. You want to bring up DUI’s. Guess how many times, hundreds of us Fairhope citizens have seen Jack Burrell, falling down drunk and can’t even speak while getting in his vehicle to drive home. Have another drink and throw some more stones on somebody else. You are just another dumbass who gets on their knees when Jack Burrel unzips his pants.

      • Peter F. Gusman | January 5, 2018 at 7:55 pm |

        I heard that about Burrell. Saw him at bone and barrell one night and he looked influenced. I think the guy is low rent. MS thru and thru.

      • This is the only attorney that would take a case like this, fools game. So you go and hire a self-proclaimed alcoholic that was kicked off the city council when he missed over 90 consecutive days, asked forgiveness but was not reinstated, ran for re-election and won, then another DUI and ran for re-election and lost, bigly. Lost his partner in a firm he had, no longer city attorney for any city, he is a solo guy now and thinks he can score quickly in a settlement. Alcohol is expensive you know. You are who you hire – just like everything else that this group tries, this too will fail. Top quality here, I say, this is top quality!
        Trying to make a federal case out of a municipal rule violation. But hey, if this all you have then, go for it. Can’t wait for a federal judge to toss this out like all the ethics complaints that get filed by this group!

        • Not this time punk | January 5, 2018 at 11:34 pm |

          Another Jack Burrell kneeler! Doesn’t matter who someone hires. If you cannot see how poorly Jack Burrell represents the true meaning of being a good Christian and just a good person then you are part of the problem too!!! Who really gives a crap about what attorney is representing Ripp. If it was Jesus was representing Ripp. You would still bitch about something. Let’s not worry so much about Ripp and the lawsuit. Let’s worry about how so many people are being mistreated as an individual and as a community by Jack Burrell! Not good!

          • Who are you calling punk son? You’re a tough guy on the internet. The Mayor is wanting to spend, spend and SPEND. The only people being mistreated is the citizens do the spending here within the city.

        • watch the video we are talking U S Constitution and your rights as a citizen of the US

        • Why should the judge find Mr. Ripp’s case lacks merit?

    • Anonymous says a lot. I always sign my name. Typical Tim Kant response, attack the messenger and the attorney, let’s see how far that gets ya.

  2. Georgia Orwell | January 5, 2018 at 9:46 pm |

    Where is the video that is referred to? I see links to articles but I am somehow missing the ‘video’. I am sure that it exists but, if one cannot view it, who will believe it?

    Burrell is toxic for Fairhope!

  3. I have a question, has anyone on this created a job here in Fairhope? Just asking…

  4. Tina Morrissey | January 6, 2018 at 6:34 pm |

    When are we going to get the soccer fields leveled? I heard Boone’s son did work on the soccer fields. This is a severe conflict! Why are all the men in town scared of Jack Burrell?

  5. So Birrell and his minions think the constitution is frivolous?

  6. Walter C. Evilwatcher | January 7, 2018 at 5:39 am |

    Time for a wakeup call. Has anyone been paying attention to what happened in Fairhope in 2016? Kant was defeated.

    Let that sink in.

    Remember that Ripp backed the current council and Mayor against the incumbents and Kant. Recall that Burrell had virtually no opposition. The young girl who ran against him was a placeholder put in there by Kant.

    Ripp defeated Kant and now we know that the five councilmen are punks for the machine that tells them all what to do. This machine is made up of either hicks-snedeker or catalyst members. It is a filthy group bent on ruining fairhope as long as they are rich afterwards.

    So now Ripp will get Karin relected and he will take out the fairhope council. Now everyone knows who the enemy is. Before it was not so easy to see. Karin, like Trump, has exposed the bad actors.

    God Bless Paul Ripp and may the Goobers never sleep lightly.

  7. Nacho A. Lopez | January 7, 2018 at 5:40 am |

    Is Jack scared of what Ripp might say about the airport?

    • Are any new industries coming to the Airport? Or is just for all the “BIG WHEELS “ in town?. It would be nice if after millions and millions of taxpayer dollars have funded the White Elephant that maybe the average guy could benefit from it?
      I know that will never happen.

      • A. Thompson claims Jack has brought in a band of queens from Asia who build plane parts and are great at leveling pro soccer fields.

  8. I am expecting the city council to pay for jack’s attorney tonight. Sad but that’s what I think they’ll do. They see Ripp as the problem, not jack.

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