This is not a proven fact, it’s just a collection of puzzle pieces that needs to be looked into.

This is a long narrative but worth the read. One thing I think everyone will agree on is Alabama is the most corrupt state in the United States.

Everyone agrees a need for a bridge, they do not agree that a bridge should be built on the backs of Mobile and Baldwin County. The movers and shakers of the bridge do not understand that besides the toll, the general population has β€œno confidence” in them or the State’s leadership.

Enjoy the read, you may wish to save this and read it again in 5 years.

Most people think the toll bridge is the big story because it directly affects them financially, but I fear it may go much deeper than just the bridge. Because If the other part of the story is proven true, it could end up being the biggest scandal in Alabama’s history, and another battle lost in keeping our borders and sea ports around the US secure from foreign control.

One thing i have learned, is anytime politicians are hiding information from the people, wrong doing is surely going on. In the case of this I-10 bridge project, there are details we still don’t know about it, so its safe to assume they know there is something in the truth that they know will upset us even more than we are right now. The one detail they seem to want to keep hidden from us, are powers behind those P3 partner’s . If these entities, corporations or persons a willing to fork out 2.1 billion towards this project, its also safe to assume the rewards are going to be really really big. We have gone through decade’s of dealing with this bridge issue, and nothing has been done. Now all the sudden, we are in the middle of an all out blitzkrieg of political action, and the general public is being kept pretty much in the dark.

I would like for you to look into a project called “Project Pelican”. Project pelican was a scathing secret deal between the state of Florida, Washington politicians and the United Arab Emirates the goal of project pelican was to to lease Port Canaveral in Florida for 35 years. Project Pelican was done totally behind closed doors, and the public had absolutely no knowledge of it until they signed the lease making it a done deal. There were many politicians involved in this plot, including Obama, Hillary, and scores of Senators and Congressman. The signers of this lease were parties from the United Arab Emirates.

Now let’s look at the port of Wilmington Delaware, it has also been leased by the United Arab Emirates, but this lease was for 50 years. The UAE company signing these leases is called Gulftainer. Gulftainer is owned by the royal family of Dubai, and they control 40% of all container traffic in the mid east. As of now, they control 2 major ports on the east coast of the US

Now let’s go back in time to 2006. In 2006 our governor Bob Riley turned down a deal from the United Arab Emirates pertaining to the container terminal here in the port of Mobile. Did he turn it down because of national security concerns?, or maybe because 911 was so fresh in the minds of Alabamians, or maybe because his massive tax plan that was meant to “bring Alabama into the 21’st century” failed miserably. Maybe he needed that money for the major upgrades needed for the Port of Mobile, upgrades needed to facilitate the ship sizes and traffic anticipated in that deal, and that tax plan was voted down by the people of Alabama.

During his term, Bob Riley tried to impose the largest tax increase in the state of Alabama’s history. Unfortunately for him, this plan was thwarted by the voters with a crushing defeat. Towards the end of Riley’s governorship, he passed a bill giving 80 million dollars to the port of mobile as part of a 300 million dollar investment into the ports container terminal.

One has to ask, why would Bob Riley and “investors”, invest 300 million into modifying, and moving the container terminal farther south so it could handle ships that couldn’t even make it up the Mobile ship channel at that time? It makes one wonder if the state didn’t actually turn down the United Arab Emirates back in 2006, but maybe put the project on a shelf for a later date in the future…like today?


After watching this bridge controversy unfold, we have to question Kay Iveys involvement in this over the years.. I cant help but wonder if Kay Ivey was deliberately boosted into power to pass the high taxes needed to make such a port deal go down. It had to be done in such a way to minimize the risk of political fallout sticking to any republican candidate’s that may follow after her term. Notice how many of Ivey’s administration are ex Riley administrators? Notice how ex congressman Jo Bonner left a great job at the University of Alabama to become Kay Iveys Chief of Staff? Am i the only person to find that kinda strange? How about the fact that she ran for governor in 2010, only to mysteriously pull out of the race to run for the lieutenant governor’s position? Did Bentley’s victory get in the way of the port plan some how? How convenient wast it having Kay Ivey in that position after Bentley was “pressured” out of office by his fellow republicans? Did we possibly witness a political coup in our state?

We know Kay Ivey must have read Rileys book on what not to do when trying to pass a massive taxes in Alabama, because unlike Riley, she did not leave it up to the voters to vote on, when it came to this historical 10 cent per gallon gas tax, she passed it in the legislature. Just. Kay Ivey succeeded in passing the largest tax increase in Alabama history. I truly believe that Kay Ivey is a kamikaze governor, put in power for one reason only. She appears to be more or less a puppet controlled by other powers, to do a very unpopular task. Due to her age, she most likely will never run again, and because of that, she can get away with a lot of unpopular legislation without the worries of any reelection bid down the road.

Now back to this gas tax. You notice right after gas tax was shoved down the throats of the people, the first use of this tax revenue will be for the deepening, and widening of the Mobile Ship channel. They even had to change wording in the legislation to classify waterways as roads. You have to ask, with all the infrastructure needs for Alabama highways, why would the Mobile ship channel take priority over the I-10 Bayway bridge project? Lets ask ourselves, what is so important about that ship channel? Well if you do some digging, you will find out, thanks to Riley, the container terminal has been moved, and undergone major improvements to handle the large container ships. These ships are over 1000 feet long, over 150 ft wide, they as big as all get out, and they draw 50ft of water.

So again i ask, why does the ship channel project take priority over the I-10 Bridge Project? In order to facilitate these massive ships, you need deep water, and a much wider channel. What made us really suspicious was he I-10 Bridge Project went from a simple task of coming up with matching funds for a federally funded construction project, to a now whopping 2.1 billion dollar mega project, We have to ask ourselves why is this the case?

Well it all boils down to this P3 partnership scheme . It’s also funny how the state has decided to turn this into a toll bridge project instead of sticking with the original plan of an 80/20 split with the federal government. It’s also mysterious how they have padded the cost of this project with 50 years of maintenance for the bridge.

Now let’s think, if we go back and look at the Wilmington Delaware lease, Gulftainer leased that port for 50 years. And if we look at the port Canaveral deal, it was done in total secrecy, totally away from the public’s eyes, kinda like this deal has been going down here in Mobile. In fact, it’s almost identical other than Mobile has a lot more infrastructure issues to overcome, especially the bridge.

If you notice the state is making absolutely no attempt to get federal funding for this I-10 bridge project, And according to Bradly Byrne, ALDOT actually turned down federal funding.. It’s almost like they don’t want the federal government involved in it. I wonder why? President Trump has publicly shown disapproval of Gulftainer’s takeovers of American ports, so, how will Trump view funding for a major interstate project such as the I-10 Bridge and Bayway being provided by foreign nationals from the United Arab Emirates possibly masked behind a P3 partnership? How would they pull this off? Simple, the P3’s are simply investment companies. Anyone with enough money can invest with complete anonymity. The P3’s could insulate the real players in the port lease from the interstate bridge project. The source of the money for the bridge stays hidden behind the P3, and no ones the wiser.

Is this why Alabama was so secretive over this project? Is this why they hid the P3’s for so long? Is using P3 partners over federal funding a way to avoid government involvement? Do they fear the feds will throw a wrench into the lease deal? Is this why they appear not to care about public opinion? Is this why key legislation bills flew out of Montgomery at such a fast pace? Is Alabama in a race to beat any federal infrastructure legislation coning from Trumps administration? Is this why Kay Ivey coached the newly elected Republican Senators right after the primary as to hurry and pass the state gas tax and toll legislation needed to speed this project up?

I guess the 64,000 dollar question is, back in 2006, did Bob Riley actually turn down the United Arab Emirates? Like i said, being so close to the 9/11 attacks, plus opposition from the Bush White House, Bob had to have known at the time, the people of Alabama would not stand for an Arab government owned company taking over their port. But here it is 2019. The people have had plenty of time to forget about 9/11, plus its obvious, our present governor does not care how we feel. She can get away with anything as long as she has no intention of being re-elected.

Do we have our own project Pelican going on right under our noses here in Mobile Alabama? Are we going to wake up one morning and find out that the United Arab Emirates has leased our port for 50 years? Are these the investors behind the P3 Partners from Dubai? Or could it be one of the many shadow companies of Gulftainer? I know gulftainer has many shadow companies underneath it, they fall under the name of Crescent Enterprises.

We have to realize that they have already done this kind of thing in the state of Delaware and Florida, what would stop them from doing it right here? The United Arab Emirates wants port leases all around the United States. Alabama politicians are greedy. 2.1 billion dollars is nothing the people that have brought the world places like Dubai.

Could this explain why Kay Ivey is so dead set against the Amtrak coming through Mobile Alabama? Since Amtrak takes priority over all freight trains, Amtrak coming through Mobile would only delay the shipping of containers in and out of Mobile. When i see news articles talk about Mobile becoming a major city in the future, could it be because of a mysterious mega billion dollar container terminal deal? Could the political perpetrators of this deal have set the wheels in motion years ago, by moving the container terminal from downtown Mobile, to its location at Choctaw Point near Brookley? Ever wonder why Mobile is moving their airport assets to Brookley? It puts the airport practically next door to the container terminals. Well it surely make it more convenient for the container terminal to so close, that airport can handle much larger cargo aircraft than the regional airport in west Mobile, and you don’t have to truck containers across the miles of heavy city traffic 24-7.

You have to remember the reason they moved the Container Terminal from downtown mobile to its new location is because these massive newer container ships draw too much water to make it over the tunnels which are only a little over 40 feet below the river. So this proves that back when Bob Riley infused all this money into the new container terminal, they had a plan to bring these massive ships into the port of Mobile somehow, but the two things standing in the way of completing this project is the depth and width of the mobile ship channel, and of course lets not forget the two tunnels lying underneath the river, the gas tax will solve the channel problem, and a bridge, that super high
bridge, the 2nd highest cable bridge the United States could cure some of the tunnel issues.. Our 3 tunnel tubes shallowness force some ships to lighten their loads coming and going to clear the tunnels. That is unacceptable when competing with other ports. So don’t be shocked if the tunnels go away shortly after a new bridge is completed.

So its pretty obvious the State of Alabama has a deal with someone with deep, deep pockets that will front the billions needed to build this bridge project and modify the port, and it seems, the state is promising tolls to reimburse them for their investment over time. Is the backers the UAE? After connecting the dots, the only investors with this kind of money that makes any sense to me are our old friends from back in 2006, those guys from the UAE. They had an interest in Mobile long before Port Welmington and Port Canaveral.

We started digging up this story over 3 months ago. It has been pretty much ignored by multiple local and national media sources. One source calmed they could not connect Gulftainer to the P3’s. Well I never thought they would. The big story here is not just the I-10 bridge project, it’s the possible 20+ year conspiracy by the state to secretly lease our port out to a foreign country. The state has been funneling lots of money into the state docks over the decades, and as of the 16th of last month, named Richard Clark, the new deputy director of the Alabama Port Authority, a director directly connected to Gulftainer.

People keep wondering where did the BP and GOMESA money go, and I am sure if we had any good investigative media in this state, we might get some answers. Last I’ve heard 500+ million has been invested in the state docks alone, but we can only account for the 300 million back before Riley left office. If all this turns out true, how much of our money has been spent since the late 90’s bringing us to this point? I don’t believe this port deal and bridge controversy is just a coincidence. And I hope this toll does not distract us from the elephant in the room, in fact, if the toll issue goes away tomorrow, the bigger issue is not going away.

All the info is online leading to this story, I am shocked nobody uncovered it long ago. Even though this post is based on opinion and speculation, i feel a professional investigation is warranted. I really hope you guys do some digging on your own. I will provide some links to get you started.

>want the whole picture, just connect the dots for yourself






















Homeland Security / Dubai Ports Deal | Vanderbilt Television News Arc

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  1. Who are the parties of the P3 partnership?

  2. Baldwin County is for sale | August 25, 2019 at 11:00 pm |

    From the pieces of what you are telling, Alabama took the federal money and put it into the Port at the cost of the bridge so the Arabs could lead the port and make the residents pick up the cost of the bridge by putting a toll on the bridge.
    If this is the case then the politicians have sold us out to the UAE. These politicians are for sale and when they sell themselves they then sell us.

    • Trip and Chris Elliott say hey!

      • Hey Eagle Scout. The other day you posted a very bad curse word but you did not spell it out correctly and that helped. If you are planning to continue this or give opinions, whether right or wrong. How about using a different handle. We Eagle Scout are asking to please stop using Eagle Scout. I’m sure you will not pay attention and if you think you are an Eagle Scout? You would understand in the first place. Thanks for listening

  3. Paul Revere | August 29, 2019 at 12:13 pm |

    FYI… THE UAE houses more US NAVY ships than any foreign nation and is strategically crucial to presence in the Middle East. That and it was Saudi Arabia with ties to 9-11… With Hillary involved, and who was secretary of state at the time… go figure that as part of a deal to house US warships in their ports, that we as a nation negotiated a public/private partnership for a UAE based corporation to manage two US ports. They are a NATO ally.

    Ofcourse we could have just had congress appropriate the funds from the budget, right? I mean big government deficits were the way of the land under the Obama Administration, Right?

    Paul I challenge you to refute in lieu of delete my comments.

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